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Attacks with its sharp horn, and revives with Harvester.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Luridan is an enemy in the game Final Fantasy VI.


Luridans have high Defense and attack in groups. However, they know no particularly dangerous attacks and are not threat. Fira spells and Sabin's Rising Phoenix or Razor Gale work well.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (100%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Ram (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (66%) or Forest Healing (33%)
4th Turn: Attack (66%) or Meerkat (33%)
5th Turn: Attack (66%) or Ram (33%)


The Luridan is a brownie (or hobgoblin) that is rumored to inhabit the Orkneys Islands of Scotland.

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