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Artwork of Lupine-type fiends.

Lupine (オオカミ, Ookami?, lit. Wolf) is a fiend type in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. They are canines that live all around Spira. They are often fast and somewhat powerful, but have low Defense, and are no real threat. They have no signature move carried throughout the species, though attack using their fangs, which can on occasions inflicts status ailments.

Other than color variations, differences within the genus include the thickness of fur and the amount of fur, and also the tongue. Some bear a long tongue that hangs from their mouth, while others keep it hidden. In Final Fantasy X-2, it takes 22 kills to Oversoul a Lupine-type fiend.



Lupine comes from Latin lupīnus, from lupus ("wolf"). It means of, or pertaining to, the wolf, or wolflike.

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