Since his appearance in the remake of Final Fantasy III, Luneth has gone on to represent this title in other works from Square Enix.

Series appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


An orphan raised by Elder Topapa in the remote village of Ur. Became a Warrior of Light with the Wind Crystal's revelation and is charged with saving the world. His strong spirit is unmatched.
—Character Description

Luneth is an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. He is depicted in his default Final Fantasy III outfit. His abilities are Ultra Particle Beam, Claw, Sword Dance and Multi Hit. His EX ability is Thundaga.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

Artniks Luneth appears in several character cards in Final Fantasy Artniks.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Luneth Warrior

Luneth appears as a recruitable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He is unlocked in Altar Cave on Classic in the storyline of Final Fantasy III as the First Time Reward.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


A young boy hailing from another world where tales are passed down of the Crystals and the Warriors of Light. Like Arc, Luneth is an orphan raised by Elder Topapa in the village of Ur. A very active boy with a strong sense of morality, he is definitely a leader type figure amongst the other children of the village. However, his recklessness can prove to be his weakness at times. On a fateful day, Luneth went to explore the Altar Cave and received a revelation from the Crystal enshrined within. Incredulous, yet willing, he then set off on a journey to save the world.
—In-game description (5★)

Luneth appears as a vision obtainable through summoning. A 5-6★ Rare Summon, his job is listed as Warrior, and his role is Physical Damage. His Trust Master reward is the Celestial Gloves accessory. He has no natural element or status ailments resistances. His awakening materials are the following: Prismatic Horn x20, Fairies' Writ x10, Rainbow Bloom x10, Calamity Gem x5, Divine Crystal x5


Luneth can equip the following weapon types: daggers, swords, greatswords and katanas.

He can equip the following armor types: light shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armor and heavy armor.

He can equip accessories.


In both rarities, Luneth has four ability slots, but no magic affinity.

Traits (Special - Active)
Ability Rarity Lv. Learned
Hit All 5★ 32
Cut Through 5★ 80
Advance 6★ 91
Traits (Special - Passive)
Ability Rarity Lv. Learned
Counter 5★ 15
HP +20% 5★ 52
Sword Master 5★ 64
Ur Pendant 6★ 1
Auto-Refresh 6★ 41
ATK +30% 6★ 72
Dual Wield 6★ 100

Luneth's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Drop Check*Maximum burst stone drops per hit
5★ 80 2807 (+240) 119 (+40) 112 (+24) 97 (+16) 88 (+16) 90 (+16) 4
6★ 100 3625 (+390) 155 (+65) 146 (+34) 127 (+26) 115 (+26) 117 (+26) 4
Limit Bursts

Luneth's Limit Burst is a damage and debuff-type ability. Strong Heart is a 1-hit attack that deals physical damage to a single enemy, and decreases its DEF for 3 turns.

Rarity Name Effect Cost
5★ Strong Heart Base (Level 1): Damage dealt (2.7x); DEF decrease (20%)
Max (Level 20): Damage dealt (3.65x); DEF decrease (39%)
14 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
6★ Strong Heart Base (Level 1): Damage dealt (2.9x); DEF decrease (30%)
Max (Level 25): Damage dealt (4.1x); DEF decrease (54%)
16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Luneth appears in several cards in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. He is shown in his CG Freelancer outfit, and other cards depict him in the jobs from the game.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game cards

Triple TriadEdit

Luneth appears on numerous Triple Triad cards in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.