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An orphan raised by Nina and Elder Topapa in the village of Ur. Adventurous by nature, his curiosity gets the better of him as he tumbles into a hole created by the great earthquake.
Final Fantasy III instruction manual.

Luneth is one of the main characters in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III. He is one of the Warriors of Light.



Luneth has long silver hair and violet eyes, and in his Freelancer outfit wears a purple turtleneck covered by a dark sweatshirt and a vest. He wears long pants, knee-high boots, and carries a fanny pack. His theme color is purple, shown in his Job armor, while his turtleneck collar is visible while robe-clad. The three buckles on his vest are used to distinguish his Job outfits from his allies'.


Luneth is described by Doga and Unei as the light of courage. Sure enough, his tendency to travel recklessly leads him to the Wind Crystal. In the opening FMV, Luneth is a Warrior, reflecting his bravery and will to fight and he will frequently jump into situations despite the dangers. He is cheerful and positive but can be too impulsive or blunt, leading his allies to scolding him.

Luneth and Ingus are shown arguing in the opening FMV, reflecting their opposite personalities, but while the party traverses a cave, Ingus saves Luneth from falling off a cliff. Luneth assumes the de facto role of leader, speaking on behalf of the team and motivating them to continue on their quest. His defending Arc from the bullies in Ur shows he is a leader-like figure among the children.

He is confident but not to the point of arrogance. Luneth is determined to fulfill his goals and keep his promises, getting upset when he believes he's failed someone. He treats everyone in an equal manner, including royalty, and has no qualms about helping strangers. He encourages those more timid than himself and that combined with his determined and more outgoing nature help him become a valuable pillar of support for the party.


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Luneth is an orphan raised in the remote village of Ur by the priest Topapa and his foster mother, Nina. Ten years ago, when he was very young, Luneth and his biological parents were dwellers of the surface world below the Floating Continent. While traveling on Cid Haze's airship they were engulfed in a thick, vast darkness and crashed on the Floating Continent. Luneth's parents were killed but Luneth survived together with Cid, who took him to Ur and gave him to the elder Topapa. Since then Nina and Topapa raised Luneth and Arc as their own sons.

Wall III 03

Luneth as a Warrior from the opening FMV.

At age fourteen, Luneth is exploring the Altar Cave when an earthquake drops him into a pitfall where he finds the Wind Crystal that chooses him as a Warrior of Light and instructs him to find the other three destined. He and Arc venture to Kazus, meeting Refia on Cid's airship, and then Ingus at Castle Sasune, both places cursed by the Djinn. With the help of Sara Altney, they defeat it. The Crystal declares the four to be Warriors of the Light and charges them to defeat Xande, a sorcerer who has flooded the surface world with darkness.

After solving the problems caused by Xande's servants on the Floating Continent, Luneth and the others travel to the surface world where the party teams up with Aria Benett, the last priestess of the Water Crystal. She and Luneth befriend as they retrieve the crystal's shard from the Temple of Water and travel to the Cave of Tides to restore the crystal itself. After she restores the crystal Aria protects Luneth from an ambush by the Kraken at the cost of her life. After the Kraken's defeat, she dies in Luneth's arms.

Luneth serves as the party's de facto leader, being the first to speak with the Crystal. After Xande and the Cloud of Darkness are defeated, he returns to Ur with Arc.

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Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

An orphan raised by Elder Topapa in the remote village of Ur. Became a Warrior of Light with the Wind Crystal's revelation and is charged with saving the world. His strong spirit is unmatched.
—Character Description

Luneth is an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. He is depicted in his default Final Fantasy III outfit. His abilities are Ultra Particle Beam, Claw, Sword Dance and Multi Hit. His EX ability is Thundaga.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

Luneth appears in several character cards in Final Fantasy Artniks.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Luneth Warrior
A young man raised by Elder Topapa in the hinterlands village of Ur. The Wind Crystal chose him to be a Warrior of Light destined to save the world. He has a strong sense of justice, and he won't back down to anyone.
—Character Profile.

Luneth appears as a recruitable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He is unlocked in Altar Cave on Classic in the storyline of Final Fantasy III as the First Time Reward.


Luneth is a Warrior of Light. Appearing as a Warrior, his combat role is Physical/Magic Hybrid.

It may be easy to overlook the entire cast of Final Fantasy III simply because the source game took 16 years to travel west; therefore, new players might not know who these kids really are. In Record Keeper, however, even the most obscure heroes count for something. Luneth is no exception. He is as capable a fighter as any represented in this game, and has strong Attack and Defense stats to back it up, plus a nice assortment of combat abilities and a broad weapon selection. Recent updates have given him the ability to use Spellblade skills, which is an asset against elemental foes. He can also make a good early tank if one is needed.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 204 11 10 7 6 7 20 20 65
10 793 28 32 15 13 17 20 20 68
50 3,417 105 107 58 54 63 22 22 85

Luneth can use Combat abilities through rarity rank 5, Spellblades through rarity rank 4, Support abilities through rarity rank 3, and Celerity abilities through rarity rank 3.

His initial Soul Break is Mark of the Warrior which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment raises user's Attack for a short time.


Luneth can equip the following weapon types: axes, daggers, hammers, and swords.

He can equip the following armor types: armor, bracers, hats, helms, and light armor.

He can equip accessories.

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Luneth appears in several cards in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. He is shown in his CG Freelancer outfit, and other cards depict him in the jobs from the game.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game cards

Triple TriadEdit

Luneth appears on numerous Triple Triad cards in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Other mediaEdit


The Onion Knight in Dissidia Final Fantasy has an alternate outfit that is directly based on Luneth. His hair becomes straight, long, and silver. His eyes become violet and his costume color changes, but takes on Refia's coloration, which is possibly in reference to the coloration of the Unnamed Hero Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Users in Square Enix Members Virtual World community can make their character appear as Luneth. Luneth's hair costs 100 crystals and his clothes cost 480 crystals.



Despite having been given to a male character in Final Fantasy III, Luneth is usually a female name derived from the Latin luna. Luna is the Latin, Italian, Russian and Spanish word for "Moon".


  • Luneth is the only player character in the game with a unique body armor. He is initially equipped with a Vest that cannot be obtained otherwise; however, it is the weakest armor in the game (together with the Rusty Mail), as it provides only minimal Defense and Magic Defense.
  • When the player fights the Iron Giant, Arc will yell out, "L-Luneth!"; however, if the player renames Luneth, Arc will yell, "L-[insert name here]!" instead of changing it to the appropriate first letter.
  • Unused text from the game has a brief disagreement between Luneth and Ingus. It's likely that the moment in the opening FMV where Ingus shoves Luneth depicts this scene.

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