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Lunatic Pandora Laboratory 1
Lunatic Pandora Laboratory during a Laguna flashback.
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The Lunatic Pandora Laboratory (ルナティックパンドラ研究所, Runatikku Pandora Kenkyuusho?) is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. Its researchers are devoted to the study of the Lunatic Pandora and are responsible for finding the secrets within the structure.


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Laguna enacting a prison break.
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Seventeen years before the events of the game Laguna Loire and the Adel resistance movement moved the Lunatic Pandora from the site and dumped into the ocean to get sorceress Adel's attention, before luring her to the Sorceress Memorial. Having been deemed too great a threat to be used, the Pandora would remain dormant underwater until Seifer recovers it on Ultimecia's orders during the game.

Headed by Dr. Odine, the laboratory is located in the Great Plains of Esthar, just outside of Esthar City. During his attempt to rescue Ellone, Laguna had been captured trying to enter Esthar and worked momentarily as a slave in the laboratory before he staged a breakout and was recruited by a rebel faction to remove sorceress Adel from power.


Lunatic pandora lab present time

Outside of the laboratory has a draw point. This location has multiple different backgrounds in the game: during the Laguna flashback Lunatic Pandora is seen on the background. If visited before the Lunar Cry the sky is blue, and if visited thereafter, the sky is pink.

Lunatic pandora laboratory inside

The inside of the laboratory has control panels and an elevator that leads to the lab's underground section.

Lunatic pandora lab underground

The underground section is where Laguna used to work during his capture, alongside with moombas and other workers. This area can only be visited in the flashback.


Location of the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, indicated by the crosshair.
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The Lunatic Pandora Laboratory is located to the north of the Great Plains of Esthar. When the Lunatic Pandora was docked at the laboratory, it could be seen from as far as the Vienne Mountains.

FFVIII Lunatic Pandora Laboratory WM
The laboratory on the world map.
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  • The flashback sequence where Laguna works in the underground section of the lab has two possible versions. In one, the moomba will fall off the balcony, but be saved due to its safety harness. In the other, the moomba is about to fall, but is saved from falling in time.
  • The player can find the first issue of Weapons Monthly magazine during the Laguna flashback, which details the items needed for characters' ultimate weapons.

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