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Lunar Odin is an optional boss in the mobile and Steam versions of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is found inside a chest in the Depths of the True Moon, and a warning is given to the player should they attempt to open it. When beaten, the player is rewarded with the Ragnarok.


Battle Edit

Lunar Odin can KO the best defended party member in one hit. He has access to only few other spells and abilities, such as Holy as a counter to normal attacks, Haste as a seldom-used counter to Slow, Protect, Shell, and his signature Zantetsuken attack, which he will use momentarily after raising his sword arm to herald the oncoming strike. It causes high damage to all characters, even carrying the threat of knocking them all out, but unlike prior versions, he will never use it twice in succession.

Strategy Edit

Apart from casting Protect (Shell isn't as necessary) on the player's team several times, there isn't much one can do to survive his physical attacks. The party should keep up a strong offensive on while periodically pausing to revive and heal. It is possible to cast Slow on Lunar Odin, but he may cast Haste as a counter. Powerful magical spells like Thundaga and Holy are effective, and Bands between party members can deal lots of damage. Bands like Vibra Plus can deal up to 15,000 damage, but only with the Limit Ring equipped.

One strategy involves using Golbez with two white mages, preferably Rosa and Porom. Attackers should be Cecil and Kain. The party should start by taunting Lunar Odin with Golbez and casting Blink on him to render Lunar Odin's physical attacks useless. With Rosa, Porom and Kain it shouldn't be hard to keep a constant Blink on Golbez, since all three can cast it. Blink doesn't stop magic attacks, so Shell or Reflect on Golbez work to protect him from Lunar Odin's Holy. When Lunar Odin prepares for Zantetsuken, the party's HP should be high, somewhere around 3,000 HP. Protect can help and Zantetsuken can't be stopped with Blink.

Cecil's, Kain's and Rosa's Bands are effective. Sky Grinder and Trinity Crusade are good damage dealers and Effect Form bestows Protect, Shell and Haste.

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Etymology Edit

Luna means "moon" in Latin, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

In Germanic mythology, Odin (from Old Norse Óðinn) is a widely revered god. In Norse mythology, from which stems most of our information about the god, Odin is associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and is the husband of the goddess Frigg.

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