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Lunar Leviathan
ルナリヴァイア (Runa Rivaia?)
TAY IOS Lunar Leviathan Bestiary
Level HP
99 1
Strength Defense
0 0
Magic Magic Defense
0 0
0 0
Elemental affinities
FFIV iOS Fire Icon FFIV iOS Ice Icon FFIV iOS Thunder Icon FFIV iOS Dark Icon
100% 100% 100% 100%
FFIV iOS Holy Icon FFIV iOS Earth Icon FFIV iOS Water Icon FFIV iOS Wind Icon
100% 100% 100% 100%
Projectiles Restorative Drain/Osmose
100% -100%Absorbs 100%Damages, supplies to the caster
Statuses and immunities
Poison icon ffiv ios Blind icon ffiv ios Silence icon ffiv ios Pig icon ffiv ios' Mini icon ffiv ios
- - - - -
Toad icon ffiv ios Stone icon ffiv ios Death Petrify icon ffiv ios Berserk icon ffiv ios
- - - - -
Confuse icon ffiv ios Sleep icon ffiv ios Paralyze icon ffiv ios Float Curse icon ffiv ios
- - - - -
Libra / Analyze Tornado
- -
Location Crystals: Depths
Type None
Steal None
Item dropped (0%) [100%]None
Abilities Blizzaga, Maelstrom, Glare, Curse, Constrict, Tidal Wave, Cursed Elegy, Doom, Bloodfeast, Protect, Shell

Lunar Leviathan is an optional boss in the iOS and Android versions of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is found inside a chest in the Depths of the True Moon, and a warning is given to the player should they attempt to open it. When beaten, the player is rewarded with the Hero's Shield.

Battle Edit

Lunar Leviathan mostly relies on Blizzaga and Maelstrom throughout the fight, and may counter attacks with Glare, Constrict, and Curse to inflict one of several status effects on several characters. His power is less than that of Lunar Odin, but he possesses higher Speed and more HP. However, also unlike Lunar Odin, Lunar Leviathan is highly susceptible to Lightning-based magic like Thundaga and Ramuh.

Strategy Edit

Cast the necessary status enhancements that that the player would normally in a battle like Protect, Shell and Haste, then cast Slow on the boss to hamper his attacking speed. Bring several (or perhaps only one) Black Mage(s) to the battle, Palom and Rydia being the best, and cast Thundaga as often as they are able to deal large amounts of damage. White Mages can cast healing spells as usual, particularly after Maelstrom is used, and casting protective barriers when their skills are not required.

Related enemies Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Etymology Edit

Luna means "moon" in Latin, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Leviathan (Biblical Hebrew לִוְיָתָן or לווייתן Liwyāthān) is a violent sea creature that is referred to in the Hebrew Bible as well as the Talmud and some other ancient Jewish texts. During the golden age of seafaring, the term Leviathan became synonymous with any large sea creature, sometimes describing whales. Bible scholars interpreted Leviathan to be either a demonic sea creature and an enemy of God.

The Talmud and other ancient Jewish sources refer to Leviathan more specifically as a sea serpent, sometimes with multiple heads capable of breathing fire, that was made on the fifth day of Creation. It is said that during the end of days, God will make tents, or sukkah, out of the skin of Leviathan for the righteous to live in. Some have speculated that Leviathan was based on a real animal, the most popular theory being the Kronosaurus and the Nile crocodile.

Leviathan is also one of the seven princes of Hell associated with the deadly sin Envy and Hell's gatekeeper in Christian demonology.

Being mentioned in the Final Fantasy series as the King of the Seas, its incarnation also appears to derive from the legends of the Shinto god Ryūjin or Owatatsumi, said to be the dragon god that reigns over the tides and the seas. This is further reinforced by the parallels of the Leviathan faith of Wutai in Final Fantasy VII, as Shinto also sees the worship of water dragon kami in Japan.

In some cultures it is believed Leviathan lives at the bottom of Mariana Trench.