The Luminous Puma is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Paradigm PackEdit

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Protect Initial Command Y
Shell Initial Command Y
Pressure II Initial Passive N
HP: +10% Initial Passive Y
Veil 3 Command Y
Enfrost 7 Command Y
HP: +16% 13 Passive Y
Shellga 18 Command Y
HP: +25% 24 Passive Y
Enthunder 30 Command Y
Protectga 40 Command Y

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG The Luminous Puma's card allows it to power up Forwards by 2000 Power in exchange for moving it to the Break Zone, or grant a Forward 5000 Power in exchange for two Earth CP and one Light CP.



Puma is a member of Felidae that contains the cougar (also known as the puma, among other names) and the jaguarundi, and may also include several poorly known Old World fossil representatives.

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Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

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