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Final Fantasy X-2 Enemy
ルールー (Rūrū)
Level HP MP
71 69,800 999
Strength Magic Defense
26 144 243
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
237 99 16
Evasion Luck
28 152
1500 1 2000
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
Absorb Absorb Absorb
Ice Gravity Holy
Absorb Absorb Absorb
Location Fiend Arena
Chapter(s) 5
Common Steal Turbo Ether
Rare Steal Elixir
Gil Steal 2500
Common Drop Turbo Ether x2
Rare Drop Black Lore
Bribe Amount {{{Bribe Amount}}}
Common Bribe None
Rare Bribe None
Abilities Magic Up, Fire Fury, Blizzard Fury, Thunder Fury, Water Fury, Demi, Flare, Ultima, Turbo Ether, Light Curtain, Lunar Curtain, Mega-Potion, Dispel
Blue Bullet None
Status Resist None
Status Immunity All but Breaks
Other Information Automatically starts with Spellspring.

Lulu is a boss fought in the International and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2 in the Fiend Arena in the Youth League Tournament. As a Black Mage, she casts powerful spells including Ultima and the elemental Fury spells (labeled T. Fire, T. Lightning, T. Blizzard, and T. Water).

She can be captured by placing an SP pod in Besaid anytime during a New Game+ playthrough.

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