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Artwork of the city of Luca.

Luca (ルカ, Ruka?) is a port at the southern tip of Spira's main continent in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Luca houses Spira's only blitzball stadium, and is the home of the Luca Goers, one of the best teams in the league. It is the second largest city in Spira, after Bevelle.


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Final Fantasy XEdit

FFX Blitzball Stadium Luca

Luca's Blitz Stadium.

Yuna stops by Luca on her pilgrimage for three reasons: one, it is the closest mainland port from Kilika; two, Wakka and the Besaid Aurochs are going to participate in the blitzball tournament; and three, Tidus may know someone in Luca, being a blitzball player.

After the S.S. Winno docks at the Luca port, Tidus is introduced to Grand Maester Mika and the newly ordained Maester, Seymour Guado. During his speech Seymour notices Yuna within the crowd. After hearing Auron has been spotted at the city's café, Tidus and Yuna head into the main town in search of him. In the café, Kimahri is distracted from his duty as Guardian when he is confronted by two Ronso, Yenke and Biran.

Auron at luca

Auron at the Stadium.

In his altercation with them, Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed who demand the Besaid Aurochs forfeit their opening game against the Al Bhed Psyches in exchange for her safe return. Lulu, Tidus and Kimahri cross the docks to rescue Yuna, and are met with Al Bhed machina. After destroying waves of enemies, they finally reach Dock 4, board an Al Bhed ship, and fight Oblitzerator on the deck. Yuna is rescued safe and sound, and the Besaid Aurochs win the game in the last thirty seconds.

The Aurochs proceed onto the final against the Luca Goers, where Tidus plays in Wakka's place, as he was injured in the last game. In the second half, Tidus leaves the sphere pool and lets Wakka play one last game of blitzball with his team. Proceeding the chaos in the stadium after the match, Auron asks to be Yuna's guardian, before also asking on Tidus's behalf.

After leaving Luca, the Save Spheres provide access to the Luca Blitzball Stadium from almost any location in Spira.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

FFX-2HD real Emotion

Yuna? performing in a concert.

Luca does not play a major part in the main plot of Final Fantasy X-2, although the Gullwings can find some items of value here. The game starts at a concert in Luca, seemingly held by Yuna, who is revealed to be an imposter that stole the real Yuna's Garment Grid in order to take on her appearance and ruin her reputation. Rikku and Paine decide to infiltrate the concert to get back Yuna's Garment Grid, while Yuna hides away in disguise.

Trying to keep a low profile, Yuna promotes 'her' concert and hands out balloons to people until she hears Rikku says the concert is starting in her communicator. After Rikku and Paine crash the concert, the fake Yuna tries to make a getaway.

Yuna the Moogle in Luca

Yuna in a moogle disguise, promoting "her" concert.

In pursuit, the two girls lose track of her and are confronted by Logos and Ormi. Relieved to finally get out of her moogle costume, Yuna joins Rikku and Paine in battle against Logos and Ormi. YRP then confronts the fake Yuna, who returns Yuna's Garment Grid and reveals herself to be Leblanc, leader of their rival sphere hunting group, the Leblanc Syndicate. After battling Leblanc, she and her two goons make a hasty retreat.

Later throughout the course of the game, Yuna participates in a TV interview with Shelinda, plays in a Sphere Break tournament, joins a new blitzball team (although the player can only manage the team this time rather than playing themselves), and follows a moogle (that only she can see) that leads her to remember the moments she had with Tidus in Luca two years ago.


FFX Luca

Inside the stadium.

  • Blitzball Stadium
  • Luca Cafe and Bar
  • Luca Streets
  • Luca Theater
  • Luca Harbor - Docks 1 - 5


O'aka XXIIIEdit

Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Echo Screen 50 gil
Equipment User Cost
Stunning Steel Tidus 3,050 gil
Rulebreaker Wakka 1,550 gil
Thunder Spear Kimahri 1,125 gil
Magic Ring Yuna 1,250 gil
Magic Bangle Lulu 1,250 gil
Red Armlet Kimahri 1,550 gil

Luca Square ShopEdit

Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Equipment User Cost
Warrior's Sword Tidus 150 gil
Enchanted Rod Yuna 150 gil
Power Ball Wakka 150 gil
Magical Mog Lulu 150 gil
Halberd Kimahri 225 gil
Metal Shield Tidus 250 gil
Metal Ring Yuna 250 gil
Metal Armguard Wakka 250 gil
Metal Bangle Lulu 250 gil
Metal Armlet Kimahri 250 gil

After gaining control of the airshipEdit

Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 500 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eyedrops 50 gil
Echo Screen 50 gil
Soft 50 gil
Power Distiller 100 gil
Mana Distiller 100 gil
Speed Distiller 100 gil
Ability Distiller 100 gil
Equipment User Cost
Nightmare Tidus 12,075 gil
Staff of Thorns Yuna 12,075 gil
Sleeper Wakka 12,075 gil
Dreamy Cait Sith Lulu 12,075 gil
Hypnos' Spear Kimahri 12,075 gil
Dozing Blade Auron 12,075 gil
Lights Out Rikku 12,075 gil
Lucid Shield Tidus 6,150 gil
Lucid Ring Yuna 6,150 gil
Lucid Armguard Wakka 6,150 gil
Lucid Bangle Lulu 6,150 gil
Lucid Armlet Kimahri 6,150 gil
Lucid Bracer Auron 6,150 gil
Lucid Targe Rikku 6,150 gil

Final Fantasy X-2 MissionsEdit

Chapter OneEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Note: This is not a compulsory mission, thus is not required to complete the game.

Retrace Yuna's steps during her impostor's concert in Luca. The truth is out there. Find it!

Chapter FiveEdit

Follow that MoogleEdit

Note: This is not a compulsory mission, thus is not required to complete the game.

There's a floating, fluffy, flying moogle. What more do you need to know? Chase after it!

  • Objective: Catch the moogle?
  • Unlock: Becomes available at the beginning of Chapter Five.
  • Reward: Episode Complete for Luca.


Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Enemy FormationsEdit

Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Chapter 1Edit

Sphere TheaterEdit

Luca Sphere Theater

The Sphere Theater.

At the Sphere Theater, various spheres are available that, when purchased, can be listened to or viewed at the theater's main hall. Music spheres provide most of the background music in their respective games, including selections not available on soundtrack releases.

Movie spheres allow for reviewing full-motion videos, pre-rendered scenes from their respective games, though subtitles are not available for the theater. Generally, the player must have encountered a given song or video before its sphere is available for purchase.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Music and Movie Spheres can only be purchased in their listed order. Buying every sphere in the theater in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster version earns the Theater Enthusiast trophy.

Music SpheresEdit

Music Spheres are 2000 gil each. After purchasing #M01—M68, #M69—M71 are available exclusively as a 40,000 gil "Special Music Sphere Set".

  • M01: Zanarkand
  • M02: Prelude
  • M03: Tidus's Theme
  • M04: Run!!
  • M05: Creep
  • M06: Battle Theme
  • M07: Enemy Attack
  • M08: Game Over
  • M09: Out Of The Frying Pan
  • M10: Victory Fanfare
  • M11: Leap In The Dark
  • M12: Underwater Ruins
  • M13: The Blitzers
  • M14: Wandering
  • M15: Besaid
  • M16: Spira Unplugged
  • M17: Phantoms
  • M18: The Trials
  • M19: The Summoning
  • M20: Braska's Daughter
  • M21: Yuna's Theme
  • M22: Good Night
  • M23: Decision On The Dock
  • M24: Movement In Green
  • M25: A Fleeting Dream
  • M26: Calm Before The Storm
  • M27: Face Off
  • M28: Grand Maester Mika
  • M29: Luca
  • M30: The Splendid Performance
  • M31: Auron's Theme
  • M32: Blitz Off!
  • M33: Mi'ihen Highroad
  • M34: Chocobo Jam
  • M35: The Travel Agency
  • M36: Seymour's Theme
  • M37: Moment of Truth
  • M38: Djose Temple
  • M39: Ridess The Shoopuf?
  • M40: Rikku's Theme
  • M41: Oui Are Al Bhed
  • M42: Guadosalam
  • M43: Thunder Plains
  • M44: Jecht's Theme
  • M45: The Burning Sands
  • M46: The Wedding
  • M47: Assault
  • M48: Tragedy
  • M49: Believe
  • M50: Servants of the Mountain
  • M51: Macalania Woods
  • M52: Via Purifico
  • M53: Bravely Forward
  • M54: The Unsent Laugh
  • M55: Seymour's Ambition
  • M56: Illusion
  • M57: Yuna's Decision
  • M58: Nostalgia
  • M59: Peril
  • M60: Launch
  • M61: Challenge
  • M62: Beyond The Darkness
  • M63: The Void
  • M64: The Truth Revealed
  • M65: Pursuit
  • M66: Gloom
  • M67: Patricide
  • M68: The Temple Players
  • M69: Hum of the Fayth
  • M70: Lulu's Theme
  • M71: Wakka's Theme

Movie SpheresEdit

Movie Spheres are 5000 gil each. While subtitles are not available, vibration is fully functional. All movies' music starts at their tops, so scenes that began in the middle of a song during gameplay will not begin in that same part of the track in the theater. Additionally, real-time elements will not be rendered in the theater (especially noticeable in Otherworld).

01: Zanarkand
02: We Called It "Sin"
03: Sinspawn
04: This Is It!
05: Blitzball!
06: A Summoner Is Born
07: Lulu's Contempt
08: Kimahri's Challenge
09: Fear On The Sea
10: Sin Arises
11: Sin's Threat
12: Futile Resistance
13: Failure
14: Kilika Dusk
15: The Dance
16: Luca Harbor
17: Let The Games Begin!
18: The Legend Lives
19: The Dark Aeon
20: No Better Plan
21: Judgment
22: Ex Machina
23: Sin's Wake
24: Reunion
25: Metropolis
26: Otherworld
27: Sin Sleeps
28: Homecoming
29: Dry Dock
30: Nayto Du Ku!
31: Leaving Home
32: The Glory Of Yevon
33: The Red Carpet
34: False Vows
35: Believe
36: The Spring
37: The Summit
38: The Last Chapter
39: Sinrise
40: Departure
41: The Approach
42: Terra Graviton
43: Gravity Sucks
44: Heaven's Fall
45: Vena!
46: Machina Redux
47: Sinfall
48: Evenfall
49: Face Off
50: Breaking Through

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Music and movie spheres can be purchased out of order (though they are automatically ordered when selecting them for listening/viewing), though some are only available in a New Game Plus.

Music SpheresEdit

Music spheres are 1000 gil each.

  • Mission Time!
  • Mission Complete
  • YRP, Fight! No. 1
  • YRP, Fight! No. 2
  • YRP, Fight! No. 3
  • Game Over
  • We're the Gullwings!
  • Anything Goes for Leblanc!
  • "Let me blow you a kiss."
  • Mt. Gagazet
  • Guadosalam
  • The Mi'ihen Highroad
  • The Gullwings March
  • Besaid
  • The Temples
  • Sphere Hunters
  • Macalania Woods
  • Luca
  • The Zanarkand Ruins
  • Kilika
  • The Thunder Plains
  • The Calm Lands
  • The Youth League
  • New Yevon
  • The Machine Faction
  • Mushroom Rock Road
  • The Bikanel Desert
  • Yuna's Theme
  • Rikku's Theme
  • Paine's Theme
  • "Remember that name well, loves."
  • Trois Souris au Chateau Leblanc
  • The Bevelle Underground
  • Bevelle's Secrets
  • Disquiet
  • Aeons
  • Discord
  • Turmoil
  • Chocobo
  • "Joost leave it tae us!" No. 1
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings
  • Labyrinth
  • Shleep Tight
  • Shuyin's Theme
  • The Farplane Abyss

Movie SpheresEdit

Movie spheres are 2000 gil each.

  • Real Emotion
  • The Gullwings Swoop into Action!
  • Side Effects
  • Yuna's Dream
  • The Colossus
  • In the Farplane Glen
  • 1000 Words
  • Vegnagun
  • Reunion
  • "See you next time, kiddies!"
  • Nightmare in the Den

Musical ThemesEdit

FFX Luca
Trouble with the audio sample?

The predominant musical theme in Luca is called "Luca". "Grand Maester Mika" plays when Maester Mika appears in Luca. "Decision On The Dock" is played when the party is pursuing the Al Bhed. "The Splendid Performance" is played just before the blitzball final.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Luca has a different theme song, though it is still called "Luca".

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain CallEdit

Luca Concert

Luca Concert.

The Luca concert stage appears in a Battle Music Sequence.

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Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy X-2Edit


Final Fantasy XEdit

  • The theme from Final Fantasy IX known as "Queen Brahne Appears - The Play Begins" can be heard in the FMV when the player first arrives in Luca, as the camera pans down one of the streets. Just before this, "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" from Final Fantasy VII can be heard.
  • Numerous areas of Luca have of words in Spiran script written on the backgrounds. The blitzball stadium has logos that spell "NK Travels" and "BBC" (possible in-game blitzball sponsor and TV network), the Luca theater has signs that spell "Gilventure", and the bar where Auron is thought to be has a menu with a list of items in Spiran script, including whiskey, beer, wine, cocktail and nuts.
    • When in Luca the first time Yuna tells Tidus she heard Auron is in a cafe and they set out to look for him. There is a location in Luca Square labelled "Cafe" in Spiran script, however the player can only enter the establishment with the sign that reads "Bar". Thus, Tidus and Yuna didn't find Auron because they looked from the wrong place.
  • Approaching dock number 4, a dolphin can clearly be seen swimming in the sea.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

  • Though the dialogue prompt reads "sphere theater", the location name in the main menu is given as "Theatre".
  • Blitzball Stadium serves as the final scene location for both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Despite the fall of Yevon, the banners around the Luca dock still sport the symbol of Yu Yevon.

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