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Gacha in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

Lottery systems, also known by the Japanese term gacha (ガチャ?), are a recurring element in select Final Fantasy titles.


Lottery systems add an element of random chance to the games in which they appear. Frequently, lotteries use a game's premium currency as a means for the player to acquire better units and equipment. Microtransactions can also be used to participate in a lottery; thus, lottery can be seen as a major revenue driver for a particular game.

Lottery systems are also frequently associated with loot crates found in free-to-play titles outside the Final Fantasy franchise, since loot crates are essentially paid packages of random items. Within the franchise, however, purchases of loot crates are not necessary to play a lottery game, but can sometimes improve the odds of drawing better items.

List of games using lotteriesEdit

King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-Edit

Uses a forked lottery system. Within any given event period, the player can participate in one of two gacha spins: one for units, and a second for weapons used by those units. Each requires an amount in Regalite to play.

Where a unit spin becomes available, it may be a standard spin (choice of 1 or 10) or a step-up spin (tiered spins with increasing rarity guaranteed per step up to a max of 250 Regalite for a 10-draw spin with one featured unit guaranteed). Any 10-draw spin may also award an event item for the duration of the event. Some draws are only available to players whom have purchased Prime Regalite; and even if this is not the case, regular Regalite takes precedence over Prime Regalite.

Further, 3⭐ units and above add their own subquests to the narrative, which are queued in the order each unit is drawn. 4⭐ weapons often have a powerful King's Might when fully forged to 5⭐. KK-WoDD-

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

While it is possible to draw one free piece of equipment per day beginning at 5:00 AM PST/13:00 UTC, such equipment is often of lower rarity than found in the lottery Relic Draw. Relic Draws rotate periodically with in-game events, offering a chance at 5⭐ and 6⭐ relics that could prove advantageous in high-difficulty stages. Featured Relic Draws require the use of accumulated Mythril stones or purchased Gems, with most guaranteeing one 5⭐ or better drop per draw.

Some events have used a game of roulette to award exclusive relics and rare materials. In such cases, the player needs to obtain gambling chips from an accompanying dungeon. Only the highest-value spin is displayed if multiple spins are bought. FFRK

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Gacha

Pulling a rainbow crystal in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The Brave Exvius gacha system is the most complex used in the series, and has been cited as an example of the business model. Non-story units are frequently subject to lottery, which in turn requires the player to use special summon tickets or accumulated Lapis. There are several varieties of lottery summon as well, each requiring a specific ticket type to perform a draw. Standard Rare Summon Tickets, for instance, will guarantee a 3⭐ or better unit. Guaranteed 4⭐ Rare Summon Tickets are also available, requiring completion of certain advanced events or other high-ranking tasks within the game.

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Mobius Final FantasyEdit

As a card battle game, relies on a lottery system to acquire ⭐3 or better ability cards for use in the player's decks. This lottery rotates every two weeks. Players can use magicite or stocked Summon Tickets to draw new cards, with a chance at obtaining a maxed ability card, a Job card, a Legend card, or any combination of these special cards. Summon Tickets may be dropped as area completion rewards, rare treasure chest rewards, Login Bonus items, or as part of the "Mobius Gift Box" loot crate available every 30 days from the last Gift Box purchase.

In addition, some lottery draws award special prizes when one signature card from a set (called a "batch") appears in a player's draw. These prizes may include accessories for Meia, multiplayer stamps, or special Echoes for a given event.

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