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Llyud RW
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Job classDragoon
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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Character
A warrior from the sky continent of Lemurés. He exhibits a curiosity not commonly found among the Aegyl, for which he is regarded as something as a curiosity himself.
Revenant Wings instruction booklet

Llyud is a playable character in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. A member of the reclusive aegyl race, he is rejected by his race for siding with outsiders. Filo seems to gain feelings for him after the party is stranded on Tswarra, Isle of the Lost.



Llyud's most prominent feature is his large feathered wings, which are the same shade of red as his hair. Llyud wears a gold-colored collar around his neck with a large golden beaded necklace with blue stones. He wears no shirt, wears brown gloves and dark blue trousers with a brown belt, and brown leather shoes.

Llyud at first appears unresponsive and cold due to having had his anima stolen by Feolthanos. In this state, he is passive toward the world events, something that can aggravate his comrades before they find the reason behind his unsympathetic nature. After the auraliths' destruction Llyud begins to gain back his lost emotions, and his true personality begins to surface.


He is still reserved, but shows great concern for his new friends and the fate of the world. This is an aspect that also troubles him; as Llyud begins to bond with his comrades he also begins to fear losing them and grieves over their losses. Llyud is curious and an adventurer at heart; it is partly this curious nature which makes him join Vaan, Penelo, Kytes, and Filo in the first place.


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We aegyl are not complete. We lack the heart that makes you humes whole.
Llyud RW CG

Several years before the start of the game, Llyud was constantly curious, traveling from island to island investigating different things, something that often got him in trouble. When the party first meet him Llyud is like the rest of his kind; withdrawn, emotionless, and rarely interacting with anyone outside his race. Llyud travels with another aegyl called Ansei to protect Lemurés from Ivalician sky pirates. Llyud and Ansei are attacked by monsters, but are saved by Vaan's party. He joins them to help Ansei and stays with them for the duration of their quest.

Llyud initially does not understand the emotional behavior of Vaan and his friends due to having lost his anima, but he stays with them to stop the Judge of Wings and protect his homeland. After the party's airship crash at the Isle of the Lost, Vaan demands Llyud to show some emotions for once. The party meets Velis, who befriends Penelo, but when the Judge of Wings appears, she turns Velis into a Yarhi and orders him to fight the party. Llyud coldly kills Velis and does not understand why Penelo is crying. When Llyud and the rest are sent to the Isle of Illusion, the Yarhi's homeland, Llyud begins to feel emotion as a result of being in a place where anima takes form.

His time with Vaan and company allowed Llyud to develop relationships with others and show moments of genuine emotion, giving him a soul his people lacked until Vaan and his friends gave it back by defeating Velis and ultimately Feolthanos. Along the way, fellow aegyl mock Llyud on how he makes friends with the hume race. When the sky continent of Lemurés crumbles in the end of the game, the rest of the party flies away on Balthier's Strahl back to Ivalice. Llyud does not follow his friends, but departs to look for a new homeland for the aegyl.


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Llyud can equip spears and types of amulets and medallions for armor. His status protection accessory protects against Confuse and his support ability accessory grants Auto-Float to his party.

Llyud has average stats in most departments, but excels in having high Vitality, bested only by Ba'Gamnan and Basch. He has good attack power and Speed, but lacks in the magical attributes.


Llyud's Job is Dragoon, though his abilities are unique amongst the other Dragoons of Ivalice Alliance games, dealing with Support abilities as well as attacks. Being an aerial unit, Llyud can move across obstacles and gaps on the battle fields. His Quickening, Fanfare, boosts all currently summoned ally Yarhi by giving them an extra level. It can be obtained by defeating Hashmal.

Name Level Description Image
Jump 3 Deal damage to all foes in range. RW Jump
Revive 7 Consume HP to revive one KO'd ally. RW Revive
Lancet 12 Drain HP from one foe to user. RW Lancet
Transfuse 18 Consume HP to restore HP to one ally. RW Transfuse
Vanishga 25 Render all allies in range invisible. RW Vanishga
Crimson Wings 33 Deal damage to foes in a line extending from the user. RW Crimson Wings
Infuse Spirit 42 Consume HP to raise all group attributes. RW Enfuse Spirit
Fanfare Fortify all friendly Espers. RW Fanfare

Material ShopEdit

See also: Sky Saloon

Llyud keeps a material shop in the Galbana Sky Saloon. He gains new stock when the player advances in the game and completes more chapters.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Llyud TCG

Llyud appears with a Thunder-elemental card.

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