The Lizardman King is a gargantuan reptilian fiend that appears at Daemon's Court in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is colossal in size and is equipped with pneumatic weaponry. The sanctum in which he resides seems to be some kind of a colosseum. In the central area of the Court, a pair of Coeurls will circle the players then dash to the large gate through which the King enters.

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The Lizardman King does not have any magical spells to cast against the player. Instead he uses his unique, quite painful weaponry. He can also lift his crossbow weapon as a shield, blocking physical attacks from in front of him. He has a few different attacks, and the sheer force they possess makes him rather powerful.

  • Auto-Spear - One of the two weapons' attacks, the spear will launch forward out of its container, severely damaging anyone it hits. This attack's range is rather limited, but it fairly fast and causes heavy damage. As soon as the King stops running and lifts his arm, run to his side to get out of range.
  • Whirl - Whenever caravanners get too close to the boss, there is a chance it will swing its arms and tail around, knocking back anyone in range. Unfortunately there is not much warning for this attack short of the boss not chasing the player suddenly.
  • Multi-Shot - In addition to blocking attacks, the device on the lizard's other arm can shoot five arrows in a spread out area. After the Lizardman King lifts the bow, it will fire arrows for a decent distance. From far off, it is possible to stand between arrows, but up close it is best to run behind the King while it loads the shot.
  • Scorch-Shot - In later cycles of the game the Lizardman King gains the ability to shoot a Fire arrow attack. It will appear just like the normal crossbow's attack, but it has a chance of burning anyone it touches. The damage is not the main issue of this attack; the danger is lowering the player's defense. Luckily, burning increases speed as well as decreasing defense, so avoiding attacks is easier.
  • Freeze-Shot - Starting with the third cycle, the Lizardman King will be able to use a variant to his crossbow, freezing players sometimes on top of damage. This might be considered the most dangerous attack in this fight, not because of the damage itself, but being frozen doubles the damage of the next physical attack. To be safe, equipping ice resistant equipment like an Frost Mail or having the Crystal Chalice's element being water might be advisable.

Support Monsters Edit

While the boss of this fight is strongest up close, its support monsters are long ranged based. The coeurls will run after the caravanners either clawing at them or casting spells at them. The skirmisher will run around the periphery of the area throwing its spears.

Unlike most battles, allowing the skirmisher to live can actually aid the party, so only pick off the coeurls. The boss himself is not overly difficult. Magic and long range attacks give you better chances of evading his arsenal, while circling the King while swinging your weapon constantly still leaves time to run from most of his attacks.

Strategy Edit

The real twist of this battle is the deadly saws which rotate around the center of the field. There are two red switches in the corners which, when pressed, will raise the blades out of the sand. This is to the caravan's advantage, as this trap will damage the Lizardman King if it wanders into the blades. The skirmishers which orbit the main battle can activate the blades, so leaving one alive throughout the battle can help kill the boss.

Standing on the switch can leave the player open to attacks, but using the Defend option on races other than the Selkie can negate damage while leaving the saws active. Other than that, this battle is all about circling the boss to evade its attacks and dealing damage as quickly as possible.

Be warned, as the blades can damage you as well. Yukes should stand back and cast either Thundara or Blizzara, while Selkies should equip their weapon with an element and focus on a ranged barrage. Lilties should do their best to smash the boss from behind to avoid most of his attacks. Clavats can mimic either the strategy of either a Yuke or Lilty, but make sure you stay alert enough to know which attack is coming from the king; side stepping to avoid a knock back is essential.

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Lizardman, Lizard Men, Lizard People, Reptilian, or reptilian humanoid comprise a common motif in mythology, folklore, science fiction, fantasy, conspiracy theories, ufology, and cryptozoology.