010 AFEdit

Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Talk to the man that gives you the map.
The eclipse is the result of Fenrir's premature appearance. What could be happening in the ruins?
The appearance of Time Gates? The fal'Cie wanted to meet you. A fal'Cie invasion? A miscalculation?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? Y Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Noel: But the eclipse is only happening here, right? Maybe all these gates that appeared are causing the distortion.
Serah: There's more than one gate in the ruins, isn't there?
Researcher: Ah, you've done your homework, I see. Yes, we've found multiple gates in the site.
Noel: Figures.
Researcher: Some areas may still be sealed off. We've yet to determine if those sections are safe.
Noel: The fal'Cie arrived two hundred years early to meet with a certain someone. Yes sir, that someone is you.
Researcher: So this entity crossed the boundaries of time and space just to meet with me? I suppose I can't discount the possibility.
Noel: Yeah, uh, please discount it. And find a sense of humor.
Noel: You don't think it came to attack us? Maybe to destroy Cocoon?
Researcher: So far, there've been no signs of hostility.
Noel: What's his story anyway?
Researcher: According to Pulse legend, the great Fenrir endlessly circles the sky in search for 'that which was lost'.
Serah: Are you sure your projections were accurate?
Researcher: Yes. After decoding the Pulse writings, we learned that an eclipse took place with predictable regularity every few centuries.
Noel: It seems the regular cycle has broken down. Either that, or somebody changed it.

"The future is overlapping the present sky?"

Noel: So what we're seeing is the sky two hundred years from now?
Researcher: Essentially, yes. Well, a hundred and ninety years, to be more precise.
Serah: Different eras are tangled together...
Noel: Looks like it. And we need to go to the future if we want to untangle them.

"A moogle conspiracy!"

Serah: You don't think... Could the moogles be staging an invasion into the human world?
Mog: I see you are onto our fiendish plans!
Researcher: This can't be happening! We have to organize a resistance immediately, and prepare to face this new threat!
Noel: Wow. Are you guys enjoying yourselves?

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Noel before reaching the entrance of the ruins.
Why is the eclipse only happening here? Let's see what Noel thinks...
Your memories are off? An otherworldly invasion? Something in the ruins? Boredom?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? Y
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: Are you sure the eclipse was two hundred years from now? Maybe it's your memories that are muddled.
Noel: I'm sure. I remember the dates pretty clearly.
Serah: Then I guess it must be a paradox. Scary to think we can't trust our memories though.
Noel: If history changes, do our memories change, too? Say we change the past. The things I remembered... the things I should know... do I just forget them?
Serah: That kinda sounds like what happened with Lightning, right? Could that be why no one remembers what happened to her?
Noel: Maybe, but we can't know for sure. In any case, I remember everything since we first met. At least, I think I do.
Serah: A meteorite, a future weapon, and a giant fal'Cie... It's almost like we're in the middle of an invasion from another world.
Noel: It's not another world, it's the future world. Both the eclipse and Atlas are recorded in the history books. But then again, what about this? What if this place was never actually the past of my world at all?
Serah: Well then, I guess... you wouldn't be from the future. You'd be like a visitor from a parallel dimension or something.
Noel: Maybe it's possible, but I'm pretty sure Lightning told me that we could 'change the future'. Why would she toss me into some other, unconnected world?
Serah: Maybe there's something important hidden here.
Noel: The legends say the fal'Cie was looking for 'that which was lost.' Could be the thing its searching for is in these ruins.
Serah: Then, I guess we better start searching ourselves.
Serah: Oh! The fal'Cie was feeling bored! It was like, 'I think I'll try making just this part dark and see how it looks' or something like that.
Noel: Oh! The fal'Cie was bored! It's a cute idea, but I kinda doubt it.

"We're under attack?"

Serah: These paradoxes seem to be happening wherever we end up. Could someone be after us?
Noel: Or maybe the opposite is true. Whenever a paradox occurs somewhere, we get drawn there to deal with it.
Serah: Yeah, but why us? Is it like our Focus, or something?
Noel: I'm not sure. But maybe it was Lightning. She sent us on this journey so that we could solve all the timeline problems along the way.

"Cocoon is under attack?"

(Not visited Sunleth Waterscape)
Serah: Maybe these paradoxes aren't random events at all. Think about it. Someone could be targeting Cocoon.
Noel: Atlas did show up in the Bresha Ruins, and that's inside Cocoon. But this place is part of Gran Pulse.
Serah: The Academy is here, though. Maybe the target is some high-ranking official, or a valuable relic?
Noel: And whoever is after this offical, or object, or whatever, created the gates? Does anyone even have that kind of power?
(Visited Sunleth Waterscape)
Serah: Maybe these paradoxes aren't random events at all. Think about it. Someone could be targeting Cocoon.
Noel: If Snow hadn't been around, things certainly would've gotten ugly. And Atlas did show up in the Bresha Ruins. But this place is part of Gran Pulse.
Serah: The Academy is here, though. Maybe the target is some high-ranking official, or a valuable relic?
Noel: And whoever is after this official, or object, or whatever, created the gate? Does anyone even have that kind of power?

Live Trigger #3Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Hope twice.
Hope wonders if I have any questions about this world, now seven years in the future.
Has the Academy grown? Why is Alyssa here with you? Any progress on paradox research? Why are you so grown up?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? Y
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Noel: What about the Academy? How are things going?
Alyssa: I'd say the institution has grown considerably since the last time we met.
Hope: Our goal of creating a society independent of the fal'Cie is slowing but surely becoming a reality. We're seeing all previous opposition fade away, and people are coming together under the leadership of the Academy.
Serah: That's wonderful. It's good to hear our future is in safe hands.
Noel: So, what's Alyssa doing here?
Alyssa: I'm assisting the director with his research. We're analyzing the gate mechanisms and the paradox effect. Isn't that right, Director?
Hope: Thanks to Alyssa, we've been making rapid progress. It was her research that allowed us to calculate your exact arrival and point of entry.
Noel: Huh, I'm impressed.
Serah: Has the Academy figured out what the paradoxes are?
Hope: To put it simply, they're temporal overlaps.
Noel: The past and the future mixing together?
Hope: Exactly. I'd been studying possible connections between the paradoxes and the disappearance of my friends. But it was only recently that I realized something. That the phenomena transcended time.
Serah: Hope... you've been at this for years.
Hope: Yes, but now one of those friends is here in front of me. And the discoveries we've made will benefit not only the Academy, but the future of humanity.
Serah: Hope, why are you all so grown up now?
Noel: You can't seriously still need an explanation for that, can you!?
Hope: Well, Serah, you've traveled seven years into the future. And though it's been a relatively short period for you, I've continued to age at the normal rate. Does that explain things for you?
Serah: Oh, I know that. What I meant to ask was, why do you seem so mature for your age? I'm no scientist, but even I understand that 7 years have passed. Wow, did you really think I was that dense?
Hope: N-no, of course not! Please, you must believe I would never think that of you!
Alyssa: Nice save, Director.

"Are you the Academy leader?"

Serah: So Hope, what does it mean to be the director? Are you the leader of the Academy?
Alyssa: I would say he's one of the Academy leaders. But pretty soon, I'm sure he'll be taking charge of the entire institution.
Hope: I think my position is more about taking responsibility than taking charge. But someone has to shoulder that burden if the Academy is going to move forward.

"You boss around girls your own age?"

Noel: You're the boss around here, Hope? You guys seem about the same age.
Alyssa: Yes, but age has nothing to do with seniority. When I was still a trainee, Director Estheim was already leading a full team.
Hope: I wish she would stop making a big deal out of it, though.
Alyssa: But you've earned your position, Director.

Live Trigger #4Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Hope.
After meeting with me again, Hope seems lost in memories. What should we talk about?
Talk about the ruins. Talk about Sazh. Talk about Lightning. Talk about Snow.
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: This is some kind of ancient city, right?
Hope: The city of Paddra. Or so we believe. It was the center of a great kingdom built by a nation known as the 'Farseers.'
Noel: The Farseers? You're telling me there used to be enough of them to build this entire town?
Hope: According to our research, we believe they constituted an entire nation, a polity that was ruled by a seeress.
Noel: Can you see me now? Standing here in this place...
Serah: I wonder how Sazh and little Dajh are doing.
Hope: We've been out of touch. Sazh took Dajh to live on Gran Pulse, and he was flying airships the last I heard. Then suddenly, they both disappeared. I... I searched everywhere but never found them.
Serah: Look at us—all gone our separate ways.
Hope: Yes, and I can't tell you how much it means to have you here now. Sazh and Snow may have set off on different paths, but I've started to think that in the end, we're all headed towards the same goal.
Serah: Hope, do you still think my sister is trapped inside that crystal pillar?
Hope: I always had doubts. And it wasn't just me. Sazh had them as well.
Serah: Really? Sazh, too?
Hope: Yes. He couldn't believe that Lightning would just 'up and leave Serah like that.' After all, she was the one who said we shouldn't face things alone, that we should stick together.
(Not visited Sunleth Waterscape)
Serah: So, Hope, have you heard anything from Snow?
Hope: Nothing, I'm sorry to say. Not a single word. Not since he left on his mission.
Noel: No sign for him for ten whole years? Sounds like we're not the only ones traveling through time.
Hope: You might be right.
Considering Snow's uncanny ability to find trouble, he's almost certainly aware of these temporal aberrations.

(Visited Sunleth Waterscape)
Serah: Actually, Hope, we were able to catch up with Snow.
Noel: Just three hundred years in the future. If you can believe that.
Hope: I believe it. Good old Snow. I'm glad to hear he's alive.
Serah: He's alive, but he was trying to protect the crystal pillar by himself. The worst part was we had to leave without being able to tell him where we were going.
Hope: Have faith. I think I understand what Snow's going through. He's trying to save Vanille and Fang. Not to mention Lightning as well. We're only here today because they chose to bear the weight of a world.

"Talk about Hope's father"

Serah: How's your dad doing? Snow told me that he helped out Lightning and everyone, even when it wasn't the safest thing to do.
Hope: He's doing well. He actually worked with the provisional government to help found the Academy.
Serah: So your dad is pretty busy, huh?
Snow: Right up until he retired. Decided it was about time. He says it's in the hands of the younger generation now. My decision to join the Academy is my way of following in his footsteps.

"Talk about Team NORA"

Serah: For everyone else, seven years have passed since we started out. I wonder how they're all doing back in the village.
Hope: In New Bodhum? Oh, you mean Snow's friends, don't you?
Serah: Yeah. Oh wait! But don't tell me, please.
Noel: Yeah, you'll be going home. And Lightning'll be with you.
Serah: Right, back to my own time. And I don't think I want to know what happens in the future.

Live Trigger #5Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Hope after the Oracle Drive scene.
Hope has been analyzing the Oracle Drive and the images that appear to be Lightning. What should I ask him?
Tell us about the Paddra Ruins. Do you know of Valhalla? How does the Oracle Drive work? Who was the seeress?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Noel: Tell us about these ruins. What have you learned about Paddra so far?
Hope: We're still excavating, gathering clues, and putting things together, but Paddra was likely founded before the War of Transgression.
Serah: And that was, what? Six hundred and eighty years ago?
Hope: Yes. We've actually found records in an Oracle Drive that describe the conflict. 'The seeress gazed into the future, and saw a war that would occur after her own nation was destroyed.'
Noel: Hope... Have you ever heard of Valhalla?
Hope: I've seen the name in the Paddraean texts we recovered. A forgotten region, I think.
Serah: Was there anything more? That's the place where Noel met Lightning.
Hope: I'm sorry. We've only been able to decode fragments... The only other thing we've found is a reference to some 'invisible' or 'unseen' realm.
Serah: How are the images in the Oracle Drive recorded? Did someone film Lightning in the future?
Hope: Oh, no, these were not produced using a camera. The images were 'seen'. We believe the visions are recorded by someone in synch with the device.
Serah: Is that even possible?
Hope: They may have been assisted by a fal'Cie.
Serah: I wonder what kind of person the seeress was. What does she have to do with Lightning?
Hope: We're still not in a position to say. All we know is that each successive generation of seeress went by the name 'Yeul.' Anything else is pure conjecture.
Serah: What happened to her after the city was destroyed?
Hope: She either shared the city's fate, or left for good. In any case, her end was not recorded.

"You've got an interesting weapon"

Noel: You were using an interesting weapon back there. Is it one of the Academy's latest inventions?
Hope: I'd be the first to admit that there are many other weapons more powerful. I have a soft spot for the boomerang, though.
Serah: Let me guess. That's the weapon you used when you fought with Lightning and Snow, right?
Hope: It reminds me of a time I never want to forget.
Paradox Scope Active

"Sometimes, I hear voices..."

Voice: The conflict you have seen is a war that cannot be won. Only one who hails from the same tribe as the champion has a chance to defeat him.
Hope: Serah? Is everything okay?
Serah: Sometimes, I hear a girl's voice speaking inside my mind. But it's cryptic, like a prophecy.
Hope: A prophecy? Interesting. Perhaps you have a touch of Farseer ability.

Live Trigger #6Edit

How to trigger
Activate the Gate.
Noel seems troubled about something. He says it's personal. How should I respond?
Bothered by the moogle? Is it about the Oracle Drive? I won't ask then. Is it about the seeress?
Comedic response? Y Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: It's the moogle. He really bothers you, huh?
Noel: Is it that obvious? I look at his strange little face and I can't help but worry... I mean, what now!?
Serah: His face isn't strange, it's totally cute.
Noel: Totally cute. I'd go for 'unique.'
Mog: You shouldn't make fun of me, kupo!
Serah: Is it the Oracle Drive?
Noel: I guess you could say that, kind of. But not exactly.
Serah: In that prophecy... It was really Lightning, wasn't it?
Noel: Well, we can't be sure of that.
Serah: Okay, let's solve this paradox and find out. Sound good?
Serah: I won't ask then.
Noel: Sorry, Serah. I'm not trying to hide anything. It's just, that story about Yeul...
Serah: The Paddra seeress.
Noel: Back in the future, I knew a young girl with the same name.
Serah: Is that right?
Serah: Is it about the seeress?
Noel: That's right. Nice guess.
Serah: It must be so strange, to be able to see beyond your own present.
Noel: That reminds me of something Lightning told me. She said that from Valhalla you can see all of history.
Serah: If that's true, then the Paddra seeress and Lightning have seen the same things. Which means, Lightning already knows what's going to happen to us...

"Are you worried about the gate?"

Serah: Are you worried about the gate?
Noel: Sure, but if I am, I'm not the only one, right?
Serah: I guess not. I can't help wondering where it's going to take us.
Noel: Maybe ancient Paddra. Before it became a ruin.
Serah: Yeah. I guess we could go backwards as well as forwards. After all, we're already in the past as you're concerned.
Noel: Right.

"Who did the seeress serve?"

Serah: There was something I was kind of curious about. Who or what did the seeress serve? Did she answer to a fal'Cie?
Noel: The goddess. The seeress served the goddess Etro, as far as I know.
Serah: That makes sense. So, this Etro, is she still around now?
Noel: According to legend... 'The goddess surrendered everything to her beloved people. Her sacrifice made, she now rests in death's embrace.'

01X AFEdit

Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Noel.
Yeul said that if you change the future, you change the past. But what exactly does that mean?
Isn't that how it works? Is Caius behind the paradoxes? How can the future affect the past? Will it fix the Oracle Drive?
Comedic response? Y Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: If the future changes, the past changes, too? Isn't that how it normally works?
Noel: No, that's not how it works. Usually it's changes in the past that affect the future, and that's why this is so confusing.
Serah: Oh, right. Sounds like Yeul is the one who's confused.
Noel: Serah, please. Can you work with me on this?
Serah: You know, that Caius guy seems to know a lot about what's going on. Could he be the one who caused the paradox? And the eclipse?
Noel: No. He wants to protect the timeline, not change it.
Serah: It's a strange thing, trying to change history by yourself. This man...have you met him before? Do you know him?
Noel: A man called Caius...taught me how to fight. But that was in a different time, a different place. The face and the name are the same, but...
Serah: Maybe he's using the gates, just like us. Trying to protect history.
Noel: Then he has a lot to answer for. The Caius I knew left us behind, took off on his own. That was how I lost Yeul.
Serah: But I don't get it. I can see how the past can affect the future. But how does it work in reverse? Makes no sense at all.
Noel: Yeah, well. Damned if I know. Maybe hope or Alyssa can tell us.
Serah: I hope the Oracle Drive here has been fixed. I want to know if that really was Lightning that we saw in the prophecy...
Noel: We might not even get to see the recording. For all we know, Hope and Alyssa have already forgotten us.
Serah: Yeah, Everything that happened during the paradox might be gone—even their memories of it.

"What does Yeul know that we don't?"

Serah: I wonder what Yeul knows, exactly. I'm definitely going to find out if we see her again.
Noel: I hope we do.
Serah: Yeah, me too.

"Maybe that's the truth".

Serah: Most people think that events in the past effect how things change in the future. But maybe it's the opposite. When events in the future are decided, the past changes to fit that outcome. In other words, history is altered to make sure that future comes to pass.
Noel: If that theory is true, then should we be changing the future instead of the past? And when, exactly, is this critical age?
Serah: Good question. A time when events large enough to shape history take place? That would seem to make sense...

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Noel after the scene with Yeul.
I met another girl with the same name and face as Yeul from the future. What could it mean?
Does Yeul have a twin? Is Caius here, too? How am I the same as Yeul? Is Yeul the Farseers' seeress?
Comedic response? Y Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: Ah! I got it. The Yeul we just met, and the Yeul we met in Oerba are twin sisters!
Noel: Aren't those time periods a little far apart? How could they be twins?
Serah: Maybe one of them is immortal and always stays the same age!
Noel: Unlikely. I think you're trying too hard.
Serah: I wonder if Caius is around here too, like he was in Oerba.
Noel: If he does show up again, its going to mean trouble.
Serah: Uh-huh. Next time, I don't think he'll be so quick to let us go.
Noel: Yeah, fingers crossed there is no next time.
Serah: She said I was the same as her. I wonder what she meant by that.
Noel: She also said you can 'show others the way'.
Serah: It sounded like I'm supposed to do something. Like a mission or a destiny.
Noel: Maybe your job is to show us the true timeline.
Serah: You mean like what I'm doing now? Changing the future and all that?
Serah: She talked about 'tracing the timeline'. Could she be the one from ancient Paddra?
Noel: Paddra collapsed centuries ago. She can't be the same person.
Serah: Then maybe a distant descendant? But we were always told that no one lived down here on Gran Pulse.
Noel: Well, you and your friends survived all right, didn't you? by helping each other out.

"Why is Yeul here?"

Serah: Why do you think Yeul was here?
Noel: I think she came to check on us. It was like she was expecting us to show.
Serah: I guess she really is able to see the future. How else would she know to be here, at this time?
Noel: Yeah. She came to encourage us. At least, it seemed that way.

"Does Yeul know everything?"

Serah: Hey, Noel. Do you think Yeul can see any kind of future?
Noel: Not any kind. She can only see events that have a wide-reaching...
Serah: What's wrong? Are you okay?
Noel: I'm not sure.'s...I can't remember. I can't even recall what I was just saying... The memory is gone.

Live Trigger #3Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Hope after the scene.
How should you interpret the images shown by the Oracle Drive? You decide to ask Hope.
Will we meet Lightning again? Does the Oracle Drive show the real future? How do we save the future? Can we use the gates to change the future?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Noel: What do we have to do to find Lightning?
Hope: Solve the paradoxes. Correct the timeline. Restore history as it should have been. Then you will find Lightning alive. Of that, I am sure.
Noel: In that history, does Cocoon stay in the sky?
Hope: Noel, you were born into a different future. In our world, in our future, Cocoon survives. When the paradoxes are eliminated, Cocoon remains safe in the sky.
Noel: You're saying I was born into a future created by the warping of the timeline?
Hope: Yes, I believe so. My task is to save Cocoon.
Serah: And we have to travel across time to protect the future.
Noel: If we succeed, you'll be reunited with Lightning. I guess we know what we have to do!
Noel: Do the prophecies recorded on the device show the actual future, as it will happen? Some of the stuff is different from the history I learned.
Hope: The history of the future has yet to be written. We've already learned that when a paradox occurs, the images from the device become unclear and indistinct. In the same way, as the historical timeline shifts, your own memories become unsettled.
Noel: Makes sense. Sometimes, I find it hard to remember really important things. It's like a paradox is running inside my head.
Hope: The Oracle Drive records the true future, but sometimes that future is subject to change. Recordings and memory are both unstable. More than anything, this is evidence that history can be changed.
Noel: Listen, Hope. What are we supposed to do if we want to save the future?
Hope: The spacetime is twisted, and must be straightened. Find the largest paradox, and resolve the contradictions. Tell me, Noel, looking back from the future, what was the most dramatic event in history?
Noel: The fall of Cocoon, no question... Wait, do you think someone created a paradox to make that happen?
Hope: Assuming such a thing is possible. Then, yes, maybe. Again, hypothetically speaking, I wonder if the man that Lightning was fighting is involved.
Noel: If he is, we're in big trouble.
Hope: I shall try to avert the tragedy... Then, just maybe, you will have homes you can return to.
Noel: One thing I've been wondering... How do we know the gates actually go to the future. Maybe they're portals to other worlds, different to out own.
Serah: Yeah. Maybe we just moved between two parallel worlds, one that had an eclipse, and one that didn't.
Hope: Namely, in another world, a different Alyssa and I are still experiencing that eclipse. And if such is the case, the gates cannot be used to travel to our own future. No. The people of Paddra believed that there was only one true history. They taught that the goddess could grant life to a limited number of people. If true, this precludes the possibility of countless alternate worlds, populated by infinite numbers of people.
Serah: So there's no other world but this one, and only one real history. Right?
Hope: Yes, I believe so. The gates are portals to the future. Noel came from our future, not another world.

"Why is Lightning fighting in Valhalla?"

Noel: Why was Lightning fighting that battle? And why with him?
Hope: You saw the battlefield of Valhalla.
Noel: It wasn't like a fight between humans. More like...a war of the gods.
Hope: If Valhalla truly is a realm that lies outside time, then Lightning has probably ascended beyond normal human limitations. The images we saw may also suggest that their battle has come to an end.
Serah: It's over? You mean one of them has beaten the other?
Noel: The last thing I saw was Lightning diving into the heart of that meteor. But have faith. If anyone can win a battle like that, it's her.

"Do you know Caius?"

Noel: Do you know the man Lightning was fighting against? His name is Caius Ballad.
Hope: You know his name? Wait...did you say 'Ballad'? Where have I heard that before?
Noel: You do know him, then?
Hope: There are Gran Pulse legends that mention a warrior who existed long before the War of Transgression. His name was Paddra Ballad-Caius.
Serah: Caius? Could they be related?
Noel: A legendary warrior from Paddra? He could be from the same tribe as the Caius I know.