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??? AFEdit

Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Speak to the first Yeul.
Serah's trapped in the shade of Valhalla. Yeul seems to know something...
Is this some sort of trap? What kind of world is Valhalla? How do I get out of here? Did I get trapped here alone?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: Is this a trap someone left for me? Has someone locked me in here on purpose?
Yeul: Yes. The broken key was your undoing. And your betrayer is one known to you. You heard her voice, I am sure of it.
Serah: A shade of Valhalla? What kind of world is Valhalla anyway?
Yeul: It is a place where all stands still. It is the future that follows destruction. A world where even time is no longer.
Serah: But how do I get out? Is there any way for me to escape?
Yeul: This dream is eternal. Is there a way to wake yourself from a dream that never ends?
Serah: Am I stuck here by myself? You said you're not really here, didn't you, Yeul?
Yeul: I exist long ago in your past, and now view your present as the future. Very soon, the vision will end.

"Are you the one who's been speaking to me?"

Serah: Sometimes I can hear a voice inside my head. Someone's been guiding me all this time. Was it you?
Yeul: The voice you've been hearing belongs to another of my incarnations. It is by the grace of the dreaming goddess that it reaches you.

"Is Lightning here?"

Serah: Will I meet my sister, Lightning?
Yeul: She is not here. The warrior resides in Valhalla, where she witnesses all that takes place. She sees, but she cannot send word to the world beyond her realm.

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Speak to the second Yeul.
The Goddess gave her servants the ability to see the future. What else does Yeul know?
How is she connected to Lightning? Is Noel a servant, too? What does a servant do? What kind of goddess is she?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Serah: My sister is also somewhere in Valhalla. What's her part in all this?
Yeul: The warrior? She stands guard over Etro's temple. She is unable to leave the Unseen Realm. And so, she turned to you for aid.
Serah: Is Noel Etro's servant, too?
Yeul: The goddess answered his prayers, and opened a portal through time. While he does not possess the farsight, he is chosen by Etro, and has his role to play.
Serah: If I'm a servant of the goddess, what am I supposed to do?
Yeul: Etro only gives, she does not command. The use of these powers is left up to you. Repair the timeline if you will. Or warp it beyond recognition, as your conscience allows.
Serah: What kind of goddess is Etro?
Yeul: She is a deity of the Unseen Realm. After gifting us with spirit, and empowering us with will, Etro was engulfed in chaos, and now drifts towards oblivion.

"Is Caius a chosen one, too?"

Serah: Is Caius one of Etro's chosen as well?
Yeul: He is a warrior who swore an oath to the goddess. Only the man destined to inherit Caius's power can still his Heart of Chaos.

"Did the goddess give us our magic, too?"

Serah: So the only reason I'm able to use magic is because I was chosen by the goddess?
Yeul: The magic that pulses through the land is a symptom of distorted time. The blessing of Etro is a different sort of power.

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