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Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Triggers after fighting Royal Ripeness.
Snow's here because of something Lightning said in his dream. What else does he know?
Let's defeat the flan! Are Vanille and Fang okay? She's still alive! Was it really her?
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Serah: In any case, with Snow on our team, we can do anything, right? I bet we can even beat that giant flan!
Snow: Hey, Serah, you're comin' 'round to my way of thinkin'. Let's do it. Let's turn back... ...and finish that jelly bean off, once and for all.
Serah: Okay!
Noel: No! Have you forgotten already? We ran because it was too strong.
Serah: Are Vanille and Fang still safe? If the stories about Cocoon collapsing are true, we'd better hurry!
Snow: No worries. I got it covered. That's why Lightning asked me. She knew she could rely on me to protect them and the pillar—100%.
Serah: I'll help you!
Noel: So will I. There's no telling how many people will die if Cocoon falls.
Serah: You saw Lightning in a dream, too. That means it must be true. She is alive!
Snow: Yep, you were right all along, Serah. There she was, right in my dream. We talked and everything. So once I've made sure Vanille and Fang are safe, we can look for Light together.
Serah: Let us help you fight the monster! I won't abandon Vanille and Fang.
Noel: If that's what Lightning wants, we've got no choice.
Serah: In your dream, I wonder if it really was my sister that you met.
Snow: She told me not to worry about her. Said I had to protect Cocoon and look after Vanille and Fang. It may have been a dream, but it felt as real as you and me talking right now. She looked different, like a goddess out of a fairy tale.
Serah: Yes. That's how she looked to me, too. I guess it really was her.
Noel: Lightning gave me and Snow different missions. Does that mean that she can't do anything while she's in Valhalla?

"You're lying, right?"

Serah: Thank you, Snow. But you're lying, aren't you?
Snow: What? Of course I'm not lying. I-I could never hide anything from you, S-Serah, not... not in a million years!
Serah: Really? I know you're always trying to protect me. I wouldn't put it past you to make up a story, just to make me feel better. Sorry I doubted you. If you say you saw Lightning in a dream, then I believe you.
Snow: Oh, oh, oh! The dream! Yeah, I saw her all right. That was definitely Lightning. For sure.

"Why did she ask you?"

Serah: What I don't get is: if that really was Lightning in your dream... ... why would she be asking you for help?
Snow: Because she knows I can take on the tough jobs. I mean, Sazh ain't gettin' any younger and Hope's got a lot to deal with already.
Serah: But still, why just you?
Noel: Maybe she knew we'd be along to help out.

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Automatically triggers after defeating the Miniflan (Thundering Artefact).
Snow's friends are still trapped in the pillar. What should Noel ask him about?
Growing up, I heard the stories. Is Lightning in there, too? Who are Fang and Vanille? Feel like a song?
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Noel: In the future, there was a legend, about how the 'daughters of the goddess' saved Cocoon.
Snow: They would have been the first to tell you they weren't goddesses. Not the type.
Noel: Lighting is inside the pillar, too, right? At least that's what Serah's friends think.
Snow: So did I, at first. Now I know better.
Noel: Fang and Vanille, they were friends of yours? And now they're... sleeping inside that crystal pillar?
Snow: Yeah. They've turned to crystal.
Noel: You think they can hear us in there? What if you sang them a song, to let them know you're here?
Snow: Yeah, better not. If they could hear me singin', it would just end up giving 'em nightmares, trust me.

"There's a legend of the goddess"

Noel: We had a legend, back in my future. In answer to our pleas and prayers, the Goddess Etro blessed the daughters. She gave them the power to protect our world and hold us safe.
Snow: Protect our world? Hold us safe? Are you saying the legend is about Fang and Vanille? If that true, then it was the goddess Etro who saved Cocoon.

"They're your old friends, huh?"

Noel: They were friends of yours, back then? And they turned into the crystal pillar and saved Cocoon?
Snow: They're still friends.