200 AFEdit

Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Automatically triggers after collecting the artefact.
The paradox is solved and an artefact has appeared. But questions still remain...
Who is Caius? Why did Yeul appear here? Will this fix the Oracle Drive in the past? How much would the artefact sell for?
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Serah: That man, Caius. Who is he, exactly? I've seen his face my dream.
Noel: I thought I recognized him. But I don't think he's the man I used to know. He couldn't be here...not in this time.
Serah: That girl, Yeul, she seemed to know all about the Oracle Drive. Did she come to solve the paradox, too?
Noel: No. I think she came to... Wait a sec, I... Something's not right.
Serah: What? What's wrong?
Noel: ...Sorry. It's nothing. Just nerves getting to me. I thought maybe I was forgetting something really important.
Serah: Do you think we fixed the Oracle Drive that Hope found?
Noel: What happens to the prophecy recorded here should affect the one in the past. At least, I hope so.
Serah: I believe it will. I think all those drive things are connected across time and space.
Serah: I was thinking about this artefact we have. I wonder how much we'd get if we sold it.
Noel: I don't know how much it would sell for. It definitely cost us a lot. If we let it go, I doubt we could ever get it back.
Serah: Oh, of course, of course. We would never really sell it...

"Why were Lightning and I shown in the images?"

Serah: Those images we saw... Why does the oracle drive here show both me and Lightning in the recording?
Noel: It was from a time after Cocoon had fallen and come to rest on the crystal pillar. Right?
Serah: Do you think it might have something to do with Fang and Vanille? With them being born here in Oerba? And that's why Yeul was able to see those things?

"Why is there an Oracle Drive here?"

Serah: I didn't expect to find another Oracle Drive, at least not here anyway.
Noel: The gates mark places where fate and events are intertwined. The Oracle Drives have created a connection between the two locations.
Serah: The gates appeared because of the connection? So my village and Valhalla were linked because Lightning and I are sisters... right? Which means there must be a gate somewhere that will take me to her.

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Activate the gate.
Noel is upset about Yeul. He wonders why I don't ask him about her. What should I say to him?
It would be hard for you to answer. Sorry, I drifted off. I won't ask. It's personal.
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Serah: Seems to me that if I ask, you'd have a hard time trying to answer. I know what it feels like, not being able to explain how you feel. So, I won't ask.
Noel: Thanks, Serah. We'll talk about it soon.
Serah: Sure.
Serah: Hm? What's that? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.
Noel: Oh, that explains why you don't have anything to ask me...
Serah: No, I'm not going to ask you anything. You'll tell me when you're good and ready. Right? I can wait.
Noel: Appreciate it.
Serah: Sure.
Serah: Before we came here, you said it was 'personal stuff', remember? I'm a smart girl, I can take a hint. So I'm not going to pry.
Noel: Yeah, sorry... and thanks.
Serah: Sure.

"Do you want me to ask?"

Serah: Do you want me to ask? If you've got issues, I'm happy to help you through them.
Noel: Crying on shoulders isn't my style. But I appreciate the offer in any case. Thanks.
Serah: Sure.

"I'm curious but..."

Serah: If you're keeping secrets, then I admit I'm kinda curious. But if you don't want to talk about it, that's okay. Don't worry, I trust you have your reasons.
Noel: Thank you, guess I owe you one.
Serah: Sure.