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Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Alyssa's Duplicate twice.
Caius and Yeul headed to the top of the tower. Why?
They've come to tell us a secret. There's treasure here! She came to hide something. To protect time.
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Serah: Noel, do you think Yeul came here to tell us some kind of secret? Maybe the forbidden history that's supposedly locked up in this tower...
Noel: Trying to look on the bright side, are you? Still, you might just be right. If it means protecting the true timeline, the seeress is bound to help us.
Serah: I've got it. They're here for some kind of treasure! There must be all kinds of stuff in this tower.
Noel: I think they've got more important things to do.
Serah: Hmm. Maybe she came to hide something that she didn't want us to know. Some secret about the timeline, perhaps.
Noel: Yeah, it's possible, I guess... No, wait a second. Remember, the future Yeul sacrificed herself so we could make it here to this tower, in this time. Why would a seeress from the future work against us in one of her own past lives?
Serah: All the Yeuls see the same timeline, and all of them have the same goal. They'd always cooperate. No matter what time period they are from.
Serah: Is she trying to protect time? To protect history? Do you remember? That's what Caius said to us that time we met him in Oerba.
Noel: Yeah, well, if that's why Yeul is here, we're in bug trouble. Caius said he entombs us in this tower and seals the forbidden history, right? What if that's the true timeline, and Yeul is here to make it happen?
Serah: She's already seen what is going to happen to us here.
Noel: Right, Caius said we were distorting history, throwing the timeline into confusion. If he's right, we've gotta be stopped.

"Yeul is cute, isn't she?"

Serah: Yeul is a pretty girl. Those green eyes make her look like an angel.
Noel: She comes across as kind of distant and cold, but you should see her face light up when she smiles. We had a lot of good times once, but...
Serah: Noel, what are you talking about?
Noel: Ah, sorry. I was just... remembering things, how they used to be. But enough of that. We have to figure out what Caius and Yeul are doing here.

"Maybe it's not them"

Serah: Have you considered that maybe they are fakes? Yeul and Caius, I mean.
Noel: It's true that there was something different about the Caius we met in Academia. But as for the Caius that has come here... I don't know. If he's traveling with Yeul, my bet is they're both the real deal.

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Automatically triggers when going to Floor 52.
Noel doesn't think Caius is behind this mayhem. Then who is?
It has to be Caius. Why don't you think it's Caius? This is just like a murder mystery! What about the AI?
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Serah: I'm still putting my money on Caius as the bad guy. I can't prove it right now. But I bet both Yeul and Caius are waiting on the top floor.
Noel: I don't buy it. Even if Yeul is here, it's in her role as a Farseer. She would never agree to this kind of cruelty. Plus this is not like Caius at all. He doesn't stand by and talk while others do the work for him.
Serah: I hadn't thought of that. Last time he attacked us right away... ...and now he's hiding behind the fal'Cie and the artificial intelligence.
Noel: Yeah, he's leaving everything to the machines. Something's not right.
Serah: What makes you think it isn't Caius?
Noel: In the age I come from, the seeress is forbidden to do anything that changes history. Caius is a Guardian—he wouldn't break that law. And then there's...
Serah: Then there's what?
Noel: There was another reason, I'm sure of it. I can't believe this. I must've left all my important memories back in the future, under a rock or something.
Serah: Wonder what it was. I hope you remember, but I'm starting to get worried about you, Noel.
Serah: This... this is just like a murder mystery! Let's start the investigation. First off, we question the lead witness and search the scene for clues. Then we narrow down the suspects and dismantle their perfect alibis!
Noel: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think we're getting off track.
Serah: Couldn't the culprit be the artificial intelligence itself? What if something the humans created found a mind of its own?
Noel: So you're saying , a machine learned to think for itself? Huh. Then it wouldn't need anyone at the controls, would it?
Serah: We should search for the AI mainframe. Maybe we'll find out what's really going on.

"Could it be the fake Caius"?

Serah: I bet the mastermind is a fake Caius. The man we met in Academia is really a duplicate, like Alyssa.
Noel: Nice theory. The only snag is if duplicates actually act under their own free wills or not. There could still be someone else behind all this.

"Someone Unexpected!"

Serah: In these kind of cases, it's always the one you least expect. So it must be-
Noel: Hold it right there. You're gonna accuse Mog again, aren't you.
Serah: Wh-what!? No! Of course not!
Noel: Really, Serah...

Live Trigger #3Edit

How to trigger
Triggers during fight with Proto fal'Cie.
The Proto fal'Cie keeps regenerating. What's the battle strategy?
Throw Mog. Scream at Hope. Lure out the original. Keep fighting until it disappears.
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Noel: It must have a core it regenerates from. If we can attack that directly...
Serah: Mog! You gotta help us. Search the fal'Cie for its weak point! You can do it!
Mog: No good, kupo!
Noel: Poor little guy...
Serah: Er, sorry, Mog...

(After the boss battle)
Serah: There must be something we can do.
Noel: Mog can't solve everything for us.
Serah: The machine is manipulating the past. But then...there's no reason we can't, either. Please. I hope you're watching this.
Noel: Huh?
Serah: Hope! Can you hear me!? I've got a bone to pick with you. These machines you built...
Noel: Serah!
Serah: ...are driving me nuts!
Noel: You did it, Serah.
Serah: But, I didn't do anything. At least, I don't think I did.
Serah: I got it. It's not reaching through time and reviving itself—these are all just test copies of the Proto fal'Cie.
Noel: Okay, so you're saying the original hasn't shown itself yet? It does seem to be a little different every time we fight it.
Serah: Right? And if that's true...
Noel: We just have to keep taking out copies, until only the original fal'Cie is left. Let's do this!

(After the boss battle)
Noel: I'm starting to think there is no 'original' fal'Cie.
Serah: I guess my theory was wrong.
Serah: There must be a limit to how many times the fal'Cie can revive itself. If we defeat it enough times, we can exhaust its supply of energy!
Noel: I like it. Let's give it a shot.

(After the boss battle)
Noel: This isn't right!
Serah: We can't outlast it.