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??? AFEdit

Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Tipur after changing the weather to Sunny with the machine.
A flan-devouring monster is behind the storm. What's going on?
Is it connected to the flan at Sunleth? Let's kill it and find out. It's a paradox. What do you think, Mog?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? Y
PS3: Triangle Xbox 360: Y PS3: Square Xbox 360: X PS3: Circle Xbox 360: B PS3: X Xbox 360: A
Noel: If there are flan here... ...I'll bet you my favorite bow that there's some connection to the giant flan back in Sunleth.
Serah: Maybe the flan that are being swallowed by the monster here are being sent through time to Sunleth.
Noel: It's a definite possibility.
Serah: So we should go check it out, right?
Noel: Instead of standing around here, let's go kill that thing. I mean, I am a hunter, after all.
Serah: Do you have any idea what's going on?
Noel: Sure. There's no way a regular monster could cause that storm and consume so many flan. A paradox must be involved.
Serah: So we should go check it out, right?
Noel: Yeah. It could be the paradox. It's the only way to explain the monster.
Serah: Maybe the creature's mouth itself is a rift in time.
Noel: Could be. We're going to have to take it down to find out for sure.
Serah: So we should go check it out, right?
Noel: Mog, help us out here.
Mog: Hmm... If he really wants to enjoy his food... he should chew it properly before he swallows, kupo!
Noel: Really?

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