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Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Talk to Hope three times.
Hope has traveled 400 years into the future. What should I ask him?
How did you travel to the future? Did you find out anything about Lightning? Why did you decide to build a new Cocoon? What's going to happen to the pillar?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
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Noel: How did you get here, anyway? This time capsule of yours, it doesn't work like a gate, does it?
Hope: In simple terms, we just put ourselves to sleep. For about 400 years. The device cannot actually travel through time, so there's no going back to the past.
Serah: That must've been a tough call.
Hope: It was a choice to wake up to a strange world centuries in the future. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have second thoughts.
Noel: What about your family? You'll never see them again.
Hope: That was no longer an issue for me. My father had already passed away by then. I had no one to leave behind.
Serah: So, have you learned anything else about Lightning since then?
Hope: Actually, I had this dream. While I was asleep inside the capsule, I could hear Lightning talking to me.
Serah: You heard her!?
Hope: I'm sure it was your sister's voice. She told me I had made the right choice; that I was on the right path.
Serah: Lightning... She's still looking out for us, isn't she?
Noel: Huh. So Lightning knows what will happen in the future? I don't need her to hold our hands or anything, but is it too much to ask for a little sisterly advice?
Alyssa: If she gives too much information to you, it could change the path of history. You could think of her silence as a sign that everything is going as planned.
Hope: That's just the way Lightning operates. Only those who hold onto their resolve and find their own path through time have the right to change the future.
Noel: No compromises, huh?
Serah: I think Lightning is preparing for a battle, and she doesn't know what the outcome will be. When that time comes, she'll need people at her side that she can rely on.
Noel: What made you decide an entirely new Cocoon? What's wrong with the one you have now?
Hope: Cocoon is the world Vanille and Fang sacrificed themselves to save. We did the best we could do to restore it. But with the way it was designed, it could only be maintained with the power of a fal'Cie.
Noel: It can't be kept afloat by humans...
Hope: Correct. We might utilize the power of a real or artificial fal'Cie to make it work, but is that the kind of future they were trying to protect?
Serah: Well, not Vanille, that's for sure.
Hope: I came to the same conclusion. And that's why we drew up the plans to construct a new Cocoon.
Serah: So, tell me. Is there really no way to stop the crystal pillar from breaking?
Alyssa: These 400 years haven't been kind to it. At this rate of erosion, we can expect the pillar to topple within the next century.
Noel: The prophecy can't be stopped?
Hope: We're doing what we can to minimize the damage. In the meantime, we'll complete the new Cocoon, and conduct a full-scale evacuation. Our project will provide a new home for the human race.
Serah: When the pillar finally breaks, what will happen to Vanille and Fang?
Hope: We'll save them. The pillar's fall will be catastrophic, but it's also the one chance to free our friends.
Serah: I hope it works.
Hope: As do I. I miss Fang's strength, and Vanille's smile.

"How's the Academy looking?"

Noel: So the Academy just keeps getting bigger huh? I'm sure you guys must be right at the center of things, helping them run the city.
Hope: Right now, the Academy also effectively doubles as the government. all out efforts must be focused on surviving the future disaster.
Serah: Then, does that mean you're in charge, Hope?
Hope: I'm here more of an advisory position. As far as this age is concerned, I'm just a curious relic from the past, I don't want to ruffle any feathers.

"What if Cocoon falls?"

Serah: Hope, just out of morbid curiosity... What would happen to Pulse if Cocoon actually fell?
Hope: The results would be catastrophic. From that height, the impact would devastate all life on Pulse. That's why the speed of the fall needs to be controlled. We planned to slow the rate of descent an achieve a 'landing' in stead of a 'crash.'
Noel: That'll still cause a lot of damage.
Hope: It's unavoidable with that much mass. So before Cocoon falls, we need to evacuate anyone who might be at risk to a safer location.
Serah: A safer location? You mean, off the ground?
Hope: That seems to be the best solution. As well as being a new home, our man-made Cocoon will also provide refuge from the coming disaster.

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Examine the gate.
Caius could be waiting on the other side of the gate. Are you ready to face him?
I'm ready. N/A N/A Not quite yet.
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
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Serah: Let's go. We don't have anything else to do here now. If we have to fight Caius now, then so be it. I'm ready.
Noel: Alright then. Let's go do it.
Serah: I'm sorry. I'm not ready. Not quite yet.
Noel: Okay, let's head back to the city.