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Live Trigger #1Edit

How to trigger
Automatically triggers after the fight with Gogmagog.
My life shortens each time I see the future. What should I say to Noel?
You need to take responsibility. What happens after death? I still want to change the future. Did Caius know?
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
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Serah: Will you take responsibility?
Noel: I don't know how to make it up to you.
Serah: No, I don't mean for what's happened. I mean for what will happen. Make sure I make it as far as Lightning. Please. From now on, that'll be your job.
Serah: Tell me. If I die, what will happen to me?
Noel: Whenever Yeul died, she was reborn over and over. But I don't know if it'd be the same for you.
Serah: Guess we'll never know.
Noel: Serah.
Serah: It's okay. No matter what, I'll keep going. Just you watch. I promise. If we hurry, we just might do it in time. Then I wouldn't have to have any more visions. I'm going to believe that I get to Valhalla. What else can I do? Which means, this conversation is now over.
Noel: Okay. I'm going to make sure you get there.
Serah: I understand, Noel. But it doesn't matter. I've already made my decision and we're going to change the future.
Noel: But, Serah...
Serah: Lightning sent me a message from Valhalla asking me to do just that. So, Let's change the future. Together.
Serah: I wonder. Does Caius know about this?
Noel: I think so. He must have known it long before we saw him that first time.
Serah: It wasn't coincidence that we kept meeting him. I think maybe he was trying to throw us off the trail. If he was, he was wasting his time.

"I already knew"

Serah: Well, I kinda did. Caius had already said as much. And you always looked so worried when I saw events from the future. But you couldn't remember why you should be worried, right?
Noel: Right. I just... I knew it bothered me.
Serah: Even so, I chose to come this far—it was my decision... There's no reason you should feel guilty.

"I want to do this"

Serah: My mind's made up. If my life is the price for saving the future, then I'm prepared to pay it.
Noel: You can't sacrifice yourself like that. There's still a way. You stay alive, and we'll find your sister.
Serah: All right then. I'll follow you, Noel. And we'll find her, together.

Live Trigger #2Edit

How to trigger
Examine the Oracle Drive, after completing storyline visit.
Caius is a warrior infused with the power of the goddess. Do you have the courage to turn your back on the goddess and destroy him?
I can do this. I don't want to kill anyone. I don't know. I can't.
Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N Comedic response? N
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Serah: It must be difficult to hear them.
Noel: They're testing me. I can't have any doubts if I'm going to kill Caius.
Serah: Is it something you have to do?
Noel: Caius.. he's protected by the power of chaos. To overcome that power, he must be defeated by another Guardian like me. So yeah...
Serah: The only person left who can stop you.
Noel: Pretty much. I'm afraid there's no other way around it.
Serah: That wasn't what they wanted to hear?
Noel: Was I not ready for this?
Serah: Did we give the wrong answer?
Noel: Is it me? Am I not good enough?
Serah: The voices...they're gone.
Noel: I'm sorry I failed you.

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