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Littlevili, a viera, is one of six special recruits in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Recruitment Edit

Littlevili has a 1-in-5 chance of joining Clan Nutsy after completion of Mission #043 Clan League, which itself is accessible after completion of the following Missions: #022 To Ambervale, Yellow Powerz, Blue Geniuses, Brown Rabbits, and White Kupos.

The last four must be done without surrendering or otherwise losing once. Unlike Mission #063 Missing Prof for Quin, Clan League is repeatable after completing the encounter side missions, therefore, Littlevili can be recruited at anytime.

Abilities Edit

Like all secret characters, Littlevili joins four levels above the average of the entire clan. Littlevili is recruited as a Sniper, and as a bonus she has two abilities already mastered: Doubleshot and Doom Archer.

Sharpshoot Edit

Sniper command. Strike at foe's gear, gil and life.

Skill Effect
Doubleshot Attack twice in quick succession. Half power for each attack.
Doom Archer Deals HP and MP damage equal to total HP lost. The damage dealt to each is randomly split.

Vili Edit

Vili, Littlevili's assumed older sister, is the leader of the Brown Rabbits and is also the leader in the Clan League. She is also a Sniper.