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An exceedingly rare sword obtained in Final Fantasy IX.

Very rare items have appeared in most Final Fantasy titles since Final Fantasy IV. These are items that are not permanently missable, but instead are so rare that they require the player to expend copious amounts of time and/or effort to obtain. Some rare items exist as initial equipment. They cannot be bought in shops, and in many cases are not freely stolen in battle. In some cases, these may be given away by non-player characters in a sidequest. Regardless of how they are acquired, selling or dropping a very rare item is generally not advisable. Before the inclusion of achievements, obtaining rare items was sometimes used as a form of trophy collecting.


Final FantasyEdit

The Teleport Stone appears in the Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary and iOS versions, and teleports the party out of a dungeon. It is an extremely rare item, dropped by Purple Worms.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

2D versionsEdit

  • Skeleton- and Ogre-type monsters may drop the Giant's Glove, the best gauntlet. Ghost-type enemies, whom skeletons often accompany on Mount Ordeals, may also equally rarely drop the Cursed Ring, arguably the worst item, but with a situationally useful effect.
FFIV SNES Mind Blast

The rare Mage summon (SNES).

  • Rydia's four hidden summonsGoblin, Bomb, Mage, and Cockatrice—are extremely rare drops from monsters of their corresponding types. Whether or not these drops are linked with specific monster formations is not known, though the chance of an occurrence is always 1/256 with the required monster(s) present.
  • Only two copies of the Prison Garb exist, and both come equipped on Cid and Rosa when each joins the party mid-game. While they are ridiculously weak, they resist Sleep. If lost, they cannot be reacquired.
  • Two of Kain's spears, the Wind Spear and Gungnir, are initially equipped when he joins the party in the middle and late game. These cannot be reacquired if lost.
  • Arguably the best un-equippable weapon, Sheila's kitchen knife (meat cleaver) is one-of-a-kind and requires the player to embark on a sidequest to get the Sylph summon. While short, this quest pits the player against random monsters with nasty status attacks and requires one of the party's two smaller airships.
  • The best regular axe, the Rune Axe, can only be won from Construct-type enemies, such as the Armored Fiend.
  • The best regular bow, the Artemis Bow, can only be won from a Moonmaiden/Dark Sage formation in the Lunar Subterrane and Lair of the Father. The arrows are far more common, however.
  • The Staff of Silence, the best regular staff weapon for mages, can only be won from summoner-type enemies, such as Summoners in the Passage of the Eidolons.
  • Dragon-type enemies in the Lunar Subterrane may drop the Dragon Whisker whip or the Dragon Lance, both best in their class in a regular game.
  • Tails, other than the Rat Tail, are very rare. The Pink Tail can only be dropped from a Flan Princess, itself a 1/64 encounter in a specific room of the Lunar Subterrane.
  • The Deathmask in the Crystal Palace drops the Glass Helm.
  • Behemoths have a small chance of dropping the Power Sash, the best light armor for physical fighters.
  • The Dark Matter can only be stolen from the final boss. It is useless in the 2D versions, but in 3D versions, it can be used to fight the strongest enemy in the game.

3D versionsEdit

  • Rainbow Pudding, needed to advance the Namingway quest, drops with a 0.1% chance from any Flan-type monster. Without it, the Safe Travel Augment given by Namingway will be missable if the quest is not completed before the player reaches the end of their third game from New Game Plus.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

  • Mythril Nuts and Mythril Bolts, needed to reforge Calca and Brina, are rare drops from the Quarto Puppet. The monster is only found during a Waxing Moon in Agart Mine B4 (B2 in mobile versions). As this location is also only available during Rydia's Tale, the Nut and Bolt are missed if not acquired then.
  • Other forging and trade materials are also quite rare:
    • Only a few pieces of Kokkol Ore exist as treasure in Rydia's Tale.
    • As in Final Fantasy IV, tails, now colored, are very rare drops from specific enemies in specific places at specific moon phases, and often only during the individual Tales. There is a chance to collect one color tail per scenario from an appropriately colored enemy, but the player may collect as many as desired.
    • Only one chunk of Adamantite may be obtained per Challenge Dungeon

Final Fantasy VEdit


Final Fantasy VIEdit

  • Leather equipment, initial for Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan, cannot be reacquired if lost.
  • The first available Tintinnabulum in Mobliz is not particularly hard to pick up, but to get it requires the player to endure a slog of a quest for the storyline in which it lies. Sabin's party must first collect about 10,000 gil. Then, the player must talk to the bedridden soldier to get a request; deliver the request to the messenger service (and pay for it); rest; then pick up and read the next letter; and repeat. Some of these letters may require multiple trips to the inn before they show, but there is also a free bed behind the counter of the Relic Shop, which will help speed the fetch quest along.
  • Dried Meat, required to recruit Gau for the first time, seems in plentiful supply as it can be purchased in Mobliz while the world is in balance. It's also stronger than a Potion and weaker than a Hi-Potion, but at 150 gil, Dried Meat is a good bargain for recovering HP in the middle game. Once the player reaches the World of Ruin, however, Mobliz's shops are destroyed; thus, the only way to get Dried Meat is by winning it from a Blood Fang on the Veldt, which needs to be fought in Kohlingen territory prior to the apocalypse. If missed, Dried Meat becomes unavailable.
  • The defensive espers, Golem and Zone Seeker, are found in the Auction House, but both require a fair amount of luck with the auction's random number generator in that the majority of visits will yield a common accessory or a gag sequence. 30,000 gil are needed to purchase both; gil farming on the Veldt or in Imperial territory should not take long, but the transitions into/out of the Auction House could chew clock.
  • Of the many otherwise missable weapons in the classic versions, only the Ragnarok and Ultima Weapon exist in duplicate, stolen from Lady and Rest during the final battle. If the Ragnarok is not obtained through its usual method of the weaponsmith in Narshe, then the Lightbringer cannot be obtained; and thus stealing both swords will only benefit the player in two final battles. This does not apply to future remakes, as endgame progress carries forward for bonus dungeons.
FFVI IOS Curse Shield Dispelled

The curse dispelled from the Cursed Shield.

  • To get the Paladin Shield—the best shield—the player must un-curse the Cursed Shield by fighting 255 battles with it equipped. The Cursed Shield is the worst shield, inflicting numerous status ailments on the wearer, and making them weak to certain elements. To obtain the shield, the player must complete a lengthy dungeon to recruit Locke in the World of Ruin and go to Narshe with him to open the locked doors within the city. The shield is found inside the house up the stairs to the right of the relic shop.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

  • Initial weapons for seven of the nine playable characters cannot be reacquired if lost. The same is true of the Bronze Bangle armor that comes equipped on Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aeris.

Obtaining Omnislash early.

  • Cloud's Level 4 Limit manual, Omnislash, is notoriously difficult to get, since the player must first accrue enough GP to play in the Battle Square, then submit the chosen combatant to the game's slots system and enemy draws for Battle Points; the worse the character's handicaps and the more difficult the monsters fought, the higher the score should be.
  • Similarly, getting Aeris's Great Gospel is an arduous task: the player can only view the battle count by backtracking to the Old Man's House in a cave near the Mythril Mine. If the last two digits are an odd multiple of 11, the Sleeping Man will give Cloud's party a lump of Mythril, which must be traded to the man in the house on the cape near Gongaga, who holds the manual on the upper floor.
  • The Earth Harp and Desert Rose only drop from the superbosses, Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. They can be traded at the Kalm traveler. All items the traveler will trade for could be considered to be "very rare" as the Guide Book he also requests can only be morphed from a Ghost Ship which only appears at the entrance to the Junon Underwater Reactor. While the area can be revisited after the Reactor's events, the odds of a Ghost Ship battle are low.
FFVII Wutai Materia Cave WM

Materia Cave.

  • Some Materia are only available from the Materia Caves that require the lengthy and expensive chocobo breeding quest to reach. The ultimate summon, Knights of the Round, is only found in the Round Island that requires a gold chocobo.
  • If the player bought both Omnislash and W-Summon at the Gold Saucer Battle Square, had Cloud learn Omnislash, and acquired Cloud's Ultima Weapon, they can enter a special match only Cloud can participate in. The special match is harder than the normal battles, and the prize is the Final Attack Materia. This can be won only once. If the player participates and wins multiple special battles they will win trophy items, such as books written by Dio, Dio's autograph and the Masamune Blade.
  • Gigas drops the |extremely rare Earth Mallet, which the player can only obtain from the Gigas as long as they did not steal the Gigas Armlet first. The chance for Earth Mallet to be dropped increases if Gigas casts Quake3 at least once in battle.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit


Quistis's Shockwave Pulsar.

  • While many items are not "very rare" and some are missable, the Dark Matter needed for Quistis's Shockwave Pulsar Limit Break is potentially time-consuming, requiring 100 Curse Spikes refined by a level 100 Siren's Tool-RF under normal conditions. Tri-Face and its card are good sources, but both are rare draws in specific areas. Creeps also drop Curse Spikes, but do so far more rarely than Tri-Faces.
  • Heros and Holy Wars, if not stolen from certain enemies or modded from cards, require a ridiculously long chain of medicine refinement beginning with the aforementioned Curse Spikes. The player must have acquired Siren, Alexander, and Doomtrain. The following are also needed:
    • Siren and Doomtrain at level 100
    • Forbid-Med-RF
    • Tool-RF
    • Med LV Up
The exact number needed is 10,000 Curse Spikes for a single Hero, and 1,000,000 for a single Holy War, as follows:
10,000 Curse Spikes → 100 Dark Matters → 100 Shaman Stones (Siren)
100 Shaman Stones → 10 Hero-trials (Doomtrain)
10 Hero-trials → 1 Hero (Alexander)
10 Heros → 1 Holy War-trial (Alexander)
10 Holy War-trials → 1 Holy War
Thus, most players opt to modify Laguna's and Gilgamesh's cards for Heros and Holy Wars, and never see their "trial" versions that are only available via refining. Seifer, when fought as a boss, also has a small chance to yield a Hero or Holy War.
Occult Fan 4

Occult Fan IV.

Final Fantasy IXEdit


Rank S Medal.

  • There are many key items that are rare and require the completion of sidequests or minigames to obtain, such as the King of Jump Rope from the jump rope minigame, or the Athletic Queen from the racing Hippaul minigame, the various Mini-Figurines or the Strategy Guide for defeating the superboss Ozma that itself requires a long sidequest to reach and another to make vulnerable. Many key items have no purpose outside of boosting one's Treasure Hunter Rank. The award for the best rank, Rank S Medal, could thus be considered the rarest of all.
  • There are some rare Tetra Master cards. While not an item, achieving the highest card collector's rank is among the toughest quests in all of the Final Fantasy series for how long it takes to achieve.
    • Namingway is arguably the rarest card after Ozma, with only two chances to get it. One is found in Kuja's room in Desert Palace (near the teleporter, after Eiko has been kidnapped). The other chance is in Treno, during the card tournament. When the player is in control of Vivi, they are given the option of "going home", or staying in Treno. Choosing the latter will give Zidane a different opponent in the card tournament's second round, who holds the Namingway card.
    • The card phantoms in Memoria are invisible opponents the player can challenge if they press Square where a ! pops up. Some cards can only be won from them. Boco, for example, is a very rare card, only won from the phantoms, or, extremely rarely, from the Fat Chocobo in Chocobo's Paradise.
  • The Pumice can only be won from the superboss Ozma or synthesized at the superboss Hades's synthesis shop after defeating him from two Pumice Pieces, which are themselves hard to come by.
  • To get Quina's Gastro Fork the player must catch 99 frogs and then defeat an optional boss that has the most HP in the game.

Ocean treasure.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

  • The Wyrmhero Blade can be acquired via trading rare loot from three sidequests: Lu Shang's Badge (awarded for completing the Den Of The River Lord section of the fishing minigame), Godslayer's Badge (awarded for felling Yiazmat, Rank VIII Elite hunt), and Omega Badge (100% loot drop from Omega Mark XII; missable should players leave the area without collecting the loot icon).
  • If the player opens a "forbidden chest" in the original version, the treasure containing the Zodiac Spear disappears from the Necrohol of Nabudis. There is another treasure in Henne Mines that has a phenomenally low chance to yield the Zodiac Spear: it has 10% chance to spawn, 10% chance to contain an item, and when it contains an item the chance of it being the Zodiac Spear is only 10%, resulting in a 1/1000 overall chance (0.1%). There is a method, which lets the player get any rare treasure from a chest 100% of the time, by exploiting the console's predictable random number generator. In the Zodiac versions the player can get the spear from the Hunt Club sidequest or from Henne Mines with better odds than in the original.
  • The original version's best dagger, Danjuro, can only be obtained as a rare drop (3%) from the Rare Game monster Larva Eater, which itself is one of the toughest enemies to spawn. While it is possible to chain Larva Eaters to increase the drop chance of the dagger, the method required for doing so is complex and easy to mess up.
  • The Tournesol is the strongest greatsword, but requires an arduous quest of item hunting to make at the bazaar. While it appears that the sword needs only three respective pieces of loot to synthesize, those items must also be synthesized first, and the total eight pieces of loot required can be hard to obtain in numbers, as they can be hard to come by.

Seitengrat obtained.

  • In the Zodiac versions, there is a secret invisible treasure chest found randomly on the Airdeck of a Skyferry. Since the treasure is invisible, the player will only find it if they bump into it. The hidden chest will only spawn 1% of the time. There is an 80% chance the chest will contain 10 gil. Its normal treasure is nothing but Knots of Rust. However with the Diamond Armlet equipped, it can contain a Knot of Rust, or the rare treasure (5% chance), the Seitengrat, a new ultimate bow that has the highest attack stat, at 224. Ultimately the odds of finding the Seitengrat are 0.01%, or 1 in 10,000. If the player acquires the Seitengrat, an arrow will appear in the sky in the Cerobi Steppe suspended a few feet in the air.
  • In the Zodiac versions, Dark Energy is considered the most powerful offensive item, since it consistently deals 50,000 damage to any enemy within range. It can be purchased once from the Bazaar by selling Bat Wing x1, Grimoire Aidhead x3, and Grimoire Togail x3. It can also be acquired from treasures in Mt Bur-Omisace, Archades and Cerobi Steppe with the Diamond Armlet equipped. All of these chests respawn, but the chance of acquiring Dark Energy from them is low.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

  • Though not an item, the player version of the Ultima spell is very rare and easily missed. It can be learned by Ramza Beoulve, Alma Beoulve and Luso Clemens (in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions), who can learn Ultima in "Blue Mage style" in only a handful of battles.
  • Similarly, the rare summon Zodiark is summoned by Elidibus at the bottom of the Midlight's Deep, a bonus dungeon. To learn it, player units be a Summoner and get hit by Zodiark's attack and survive.
  • Midlight's Deep also has various items found with Treasure Hunter, including some of the ultimate equipment in the game.
  • The items found with Treasure Hunter from the one-time sidequest location Nelveska Temple are rare. Acquiring the items on the temple's pillars requires the character with Treasure Hunter to have Jump 4, as well as a large monster (dragon, Construct 8, etc.) next to the pillar as a step up, to reach them. The Nagrarock is inside the temple. The player needs someone with low Bravery to have a better chance at the better versions of the treasures.
  • The Masamune can be stolen from Messam Elmdore in the original version. It may also be thrown by high-level enemy Ninjas, meaning the player can catch it with the Sticky Fingers ability equipped. In the remake, Elmdore has the Safeguard ability, preventing his equipment from being stolen, but the sword can still be stolen from a Samurai working for Celebrant Bremondt Freitberg, and is still thrown by high-level Ninjas.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

  • From March 16, 2016, any characters not obtained in previous events or quests require rare Hall of Rites tickets to obtain. The same holds true of Memory Crystals that the player may have missed; and even then, the "missing" items may show up several weeks after the event that first made the item(s) available. The full list of optional characters can be found here.
  • In the global release, Soul Break equipment often falls victim to an extremely tight random number generator; while it is not entirely missable, getting desired equipment is often difficult and frustrating.
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