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The Final Fantasy series has featured many antagonists, both minor and major, who serve as enemies to the player party throughout the game. Below is a list of the key antagonists from each installment.

List of antagonistsEdit

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Final FantasyEdit

  • Garland - The first boss of the game, he used to be a loyal knight, but he has betrayed Cornelia and kidnapped Princess Sara.
  • Four Fiends - Four Demons representing the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. They capture the four Crystals and steal their light, causing chaos in the world.
  • Chaos - The demon king, created when Garland merges with the essences of the four fiends. He is the one causing the time loop. Final boss of the game.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

  • Borghen - The Emperor's general and a former noble of Fynn turned traitor.
  • The Dark Knight - Maria's brother Leon, working for the Emperor.
  • The Emperor - The ruler of Palamecia. He comes back to life after dying by splitting his soul with the powers of Light and Darkness, thus becoming the rulers of Heaven and Hell himself.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

  • Gutsco - A rogue appears in the Subterranean Lake and has stolen one of the Dwarves' Horns of Ice.
  • Hein - A monster that cast a spell on the elder tree, causing it to float and renamed it Castle Hein. He also imprisoned and bewitched all of the Castle Argus's inhabitants in Castle Hein, as well as terrorizing neighboring Tokkul.
  • Xande - A pupil to the great Archmage Noah. Xande was given the gift of mortality from his master. However, he couldn't handle this, and so set out to get back his immortality.
  • Guardians of the Dark Crystals- A group of creatures sent by the Cloud of Darkness to guard the Dark Crystals of the World of Darkness and kill the Warriors of Light.
  • Cloud of Darkness - Appears whenever there is an imbalance between light and darkness, to return everything to a world of nothingness. Final boss of the game.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

  • Baigan - Baron's captain of the Royal Guards, who betrays his kingdom to gain more power.
  • Dr. Lugae - An insane scientist that follows Golbez, and performs experiments on humans to serve his own purposes. He turns Edge's mother and father into monsters.
  • Archfiends - The four fiends were Golbez's minions, each of which battled the heroes at least two times. Their names were inspired by names of devils in Dante's Inferno. They are Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, and Rubicante.
  • Golbez - Cecil's brother who was under the control of Zemus. Golbez took command of the Red Wings airship fleet attacked the world in an attempt to steal the Crystals and summon the Giant of Babil.
  • Zemus - A Lunarian who hates humans, and believes that the Lunarians should annihilate the humans and take over Earth. He can control people's minds, and after he dies, his hate manifests into a creature called Zeromus.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

  • Rydia? - a mysterious girl whom Cecil and his friends encounter while confronting an outbreak of monsters within the Sealed Cave.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

  • Mysterious Girl - a powerful girl who slightly resembles Rydia. She is gathering the eight Crystals for an unknown reason.
  • Kain? - the evil side of Kain Highwind who joins the Mysterious Girl in her plot to retrieve the Crystals.
  • Dark Knight - much like Kain's evil side, Cecil's has reappeared. He attempts to deceive Ceodore and his family, and kill the party.
  • The Creator - the original creator of the Crystals who seeded them on many worlds to create life, it has deemed the inhabitants of the Blue Planet as evolutionary failures that must be destroyed.

Final Fantasy VEdit

  • Gilgamesh - One of Exdeath's minions. He searches for Excalibur, but ends up with Excalipur instead.
  • Demons of the Rift - Thirteen powerful fiends sealed in the Void and released by Exdeath to destroy the Warriors of Light.
  • Exdeath - A warlock born of a tree infused with evil spirits. He wishes to take control of the Void and consume the world with it.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

  • Ultros - A wisecracking, carnivorous octopus whom the party encounters throughout the game. He follows them to get revenge for his rising number of defeats, as well as to try and devour them, but eventually gets a job working at the colosseum and gives up his chase.
  • Gestahlian Empire - Led by Emperor Gestahl, the Empire seeks the power of magic to control the world, and has developed Magitek as a result of their research into Espers.
  • Kefka Palazzo - An experimental Magitek Knight driven insane by his augmentation. Kefka develops a hatred of everything and begins acquiring power on his own while serving Gestahl.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

  • Shinra - The power company that controls the world. Shinra extracts life energy from the planet for profit and has conducted a series of genetic experiments involving this energy. Staff members include the Turks and President Rufus Shinra.
  • Professor Hojo - Shinra's top scientist and Sephiroth's father who conducted a number of experiments with Jenova's cells on his son, leading to the development of SOLDIER.
  • Jenova - The Calamity from the Skies, Jenova fell to the planet long ago and attempted to destroy it. Her cells are used by Shinra to create members of SOLDIER.
  • Sephiroth - The first and strongest SOLDIER, who was claimed to have disappeared seven years ago in an incident. Upon learning the origins of his birth in his mission's locale, he went insane upon his discoveries and now claims his birthright as an Ancient as the motivation to ascend to godhood through the destruction of the Planet.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit

  • Kadaj - A remnant of Sephiroth who embodies Sephiroth's insanity. He becomes Sephiroth after fusing with Jenova.
  • Loz - A remnant of Sephiroth who embodies Sephiroth's physical strength.
  • Yazoo - A remnant of Sephiroth who embodies Sephiroth's allure.
  • Sephiroth - the original antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, who is resurrected with the help of his three remnants. He now wants to crush Cloud's spirit and then find a new planet to call home, using the Planet as his vessel.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

  • Fuhito - A twisted scientist for AVALANCHE who is using the Materia embedded in the back of his commander, Elfé's hand to destroy humanity and return them to the Planet.
  • Zirconiade - an ancient Summon with the power to destroy the world.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

  • Professor Hojo - Having uploaded his consciousness into a large computer network, Hojo later fuses with the Deepground Soldier Weiss. He hopes to summon the Omega Weapon, to start life over again.
  • Tsviets - The leading warriors of Deepground. They have no idea that they are actually being controlled by Hojo.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

  • Dr. Hollander - A Scientist who worked on the Project G side of the Jenova Project that created Genesis and Angeal Hewley. Joined with his creation when Genesis defected from Shinra.
  • Angeal Hewley - A mentor and friend of Zack who joins Genesis in his rebellion against Shinra to cure himself.
  • Genesis Rhapsodos - A SOLDIER defector and product of the Jenova Project who is at war with Shinra and the world due to learning of his true birth and origins. Though he considers himself a monster that threatens the world, he ultimately wishes to fulfill the romance of the famous play LOVELESS and seek what is known as the "Gift of the Goddess".
  • Sephiroth - A SOLIDER 1st class who is driven insane by the revelation of his creation, spurred on by the words of Genesis about Jenova's true nature.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

  • Edea Kramer - A sorceress possessed by Ultimecia. Ultimecia uses her body to terrorize the world and search for Ellone using Galbadia's military.
  • Seifer Almasy - Squall Leonhart's heated rival and a SeeD candidate. Due to inappropriate protocol, Seifer fails the final exam, and his taste of failure leads him to become a Sorceress Knight and commander of the Galbadians under Edea.
  • Ultimecia - A sorceress from the future who possesses and manipulates people from the past in order to achieve time compression.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

  • Queen Brahne - The Queen of Alexandria and adoptive mother of Garnet, she was a sweet queen until Kuja corrupted her. She now seeks the power of the Eidolons to conquer the Mist continent.
  • Beatrix - The top general and most trusted warrior of the all-female army of Alexandria. Loyal to her nation without wavering convictions, she stands against any opposition as a powerful adversary.
  • Garland - The leader of the dead planet of Terra. He is using his Angels of Death to disrupt the Cycle of Souls in Gaia to create a homeland for lost people, living inside the Genomes.
  • Kuja - A Genome with a soul, he can be considered Zidane's older brother. As Garland's Angel of Death, it is in his nature to cause war and chaos. Upon learning of his mortality, he resolves that if he can't live, no one can.
  • Necron - A mysterious entity which appears after Kuja is defeated and seeks to return the world to nothingness. Final boss of the game.

Final Fantasy XEdit

  • Sin - A massive, whale-like beast controlled by Yu Yevon who's terrorizing the citizens of Spira.
  • Seymour Guado - A half-human, half-Guado maester who believes that the only way to end Spira's suffering is to destroy it and wishes to become Sin to achieve his goal of destroying all life. He is a major antagonist in the game.
  • Yunalesca - Yu Yevon's daughter and an unsent who gives Spira false hope through the Final Summoning to destroy Sin.
  • Jecht - Tidus's father with whom he has an antagonistic relationship. As Braska's Final Aeon he forms the current Sin. He is the first reluctant antagonist of the series.
  • Yu Yevon - The summoner who is worshiped by all of Spira. In reality, he is the source of all their troubles, terrorizing the world clad in his armor known as Sin. At the time Yuna's party defeats Sin once and for all, it is implied that Yu Yevon has become a mindless entity, as his only purpose is to continually summon Dream Zanarkand. Nonetheless, he is the true antagonist and final boss of the game.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

  • Leblanc - Founder of the Leblanc Syndicate, a rival sphere hunter to Yuna and the Gullwings, and a thorn in their side.
  • Shuyin - A blitzball player from Zanarkand 1000 years ago, now a vengeful unsent spirit. Consumed in malice and grudging contempt for a world without him and his lover, such feelings motivate him to use the massive powered machina weapon Vegnagun to destroy all of Spira.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

  • Shadow Lord - The Lord of the Beastmen, it was he who started the Crystal War and formed the Beastmen Confederacy. Main antagonist and final boss of the original Final Fantasy XI.
  • Kam'lanaut - A Zilart prince. Eald'narche's brother. He was seen to the public as a hero and founder of Jeuno's current state.
  • Eald'narche - The main Zilart prince, he wants to open the gates to paradise, and tried doing so by manipulating the Shadow Lord. Main antagonist and final boss of Rise of the Zilart.
  • Nag'molada - A member of the Armahrwn Society and a diplomat of Jeuno. His desire for the "truth" is what sets many of the bad events in motion in Chains of Promathia. He is unique as he is more of an anti-hero, until the final chapters.
  • Promathia - The Twilight God, and creator of the Beastmen. He punished the people of Vana'diel for trying to open the gates to paradise. Main antagonist and final boss of Chains of Promathia.
  • Razfahd - The young, misled vizier of Aht Urghan, his lust for power and control nearly leads to the second Ragnarok through Alexander's manipulation and revival. Main antagonist of Treasures of Aht Urghan.
  • Spitewardens - A group of undead souls who serve Lady Lilith.
  • Lady Lilith - A mysterious woman from an alternate future of Vana'diel. Her goal is to make her own dark future come to pass. Main antagonist and final boss of Wings of the Goddess.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

  • Ba'Gamnan - A bangaa bounty hunter that chases Balthier.
  • The Occuria - A race of ancient, godlike beings, also known as "The Undying", that seek to control the world and the course of history by giving power to those they favor.
  • Venat - A rogue Occuria, it believes that mankind should be able to forge their own history free of the gods, and uses the Archadian Empire to further this goal.
  • Dr. Cid - Balthier's father and a scientist of Archadia who, with the help of Venat, created the manufactured nethicite that allows Archadia to come to power.
  • Archadian Judges - The supreme enforcers of Archadian law in the world of Ivalice. Each wields extraordinary legal power in his or her own right over lower-ranked Archadian officers.
  • Vayne Solidor - The Emperor of Archades who murders his father to gain control of the Empire. He wishes to use the power of nethicite to conquer Ivalice and declare himself the next Dynast King.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

  • Cid Raines - A brigadier general working for the Sanctum, who was made a l'Cie by Barthandelus and whose Focus is to guide the main characters.
  • Jihl Nabaat - A cruel and intelligent PSICOM officer who views l'Cie as subhuman.
  • Yaag Rosch - A lieutenant colonel of the Sanctum who sees all l'Cie as threats to the peace and prosperity of Cocoon.
  • Barthandelus - The leader of the Lindzei fal'Cie and lord sovereign of Cocoon through his guise as the Sanctum's Primarch Galenth Dysley. His ultimate goal is to kill Orphan to open Etro's Gate at the cost of Cocoon.
  • Orphan - The fal'Cie that acts as the source for Cocoon's power, Orphan wishes to bring about the return of the Maker by summoning Ragnarok to destroy Cocoon so Etro's Gate would open, even if it means that it must die in the process. Final boss of the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

  • Caius Ballad - An immortal man who wishes to destroy Etro to negate time so he can save his companion Yeul.
  • Alyssa Zaidelle - A woman whose continued existence in the timeline is a paradox and who wishes to foil Serah and Noel's plan to correct the timeline, so she can continue to exist.
  • Adam - A sentient man-made fal'Cie who uses humans to preserve its own existence.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

  • Lumina - Created from Lightning's inner emotional turmoil and connected to the Chaos, Lumina is a playful prankster who interferes Lightning in her journey a number of times. In some of her encounters with Lightning, she causes some form of mischief, although at other times she helps Lightning.
  • Bhunivelze - The central deity of the universe, the creator of all fal'Cie who was in a deep sleep as his creations acted on his behalf. Upon awakening from his rest, Bhunivelze decides to create a new world and chooses Lightning as his servant to provide him with human souls.
  • Caius Ballad - Now kept alive by the will of Yeul, Caius resides in the Wildlands as her guardian, continuing to wait for when he can die.
  • Snow Villiers - Once an ally of Lightning and now the Patron of Yusnaan, Snow wishes to fight Lightning and die by her hand as punishment for failing to protect Serah.
  • Noel Kreiss - A former ally of Lightning now acting as a vigilante in Luxerion, Noel believes that he must kill Lightning to ensure a bright new future for the world.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

  • The primals - Powerful magical beings whose very existence drains the land of life.
  • Gaius Van Baelsar - Leader of Garlean Empire's XIVth Imperial Legion who leads an invasion of Eorzea fueled by the beliefs of his country. Originally spearheading an official invasion, after the instigation of the Seventh Umbral Era and amid growing political instability at home, he leads his own personal invasion with the XIVth Legion.
  • Nero Tol Scaeva - Head of Magitek research, a ruthless and cold man who is loyal to the Empire, yet is mistrusted because of his attitude.
  • Livia Sas Junius - Gaius's adopted daughter and his most fanatical follower.
  • Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina - A former mercenary and native of a country annexed by the Garlean Empire, awarded his current ranks by General Van Baelsar himself.
  • Nael Van Darnus - A ruthless man who feels that the empire's invasion of Eorzea is of divine intervention to save its people from their pagan ideals. He is eventually possessed by the will of the moon Dalamud.
  • Lahabrea - A skilled mage and leader of the Ascians, a secret society determined to bring about the resurrection of the dark deity Zodiark. To further his cause and remain secret, he possesses the body of Thancred for a time while manipulating Gaius into doing his dirty work. Final boss of A Realm Reborn.
  • Varis Zos Galvus - New emperor of the Empire, succeeded the throne from his late grandfather Solus Zos Galvus.
  • Nabriales - Another high-ranking Ascian, who abducted Minfilia when she refused to yield the Tupsimati to him.
  • Teledji Adeledji - Head of the Mirage Trust and member of the Ul'dahn Syndicate. Incited unrest in Ul'dah to push the Carteneau Reclamation Bill in a bid to seize the ancient superweapon Omega discovered under the Carteneau Flats.
  • Lolorito - Chairman of the East Aldenard Trading Company and member of the Ul'dahn Syndicate. Effectively the most powerful man in Ul'dah, and is has more-or-less taken control of the city-state government as of the start of Heavensward.
  • Nidhogg - One of the first brood, this great wyrm has led the Dravanian Horde in a bloody vendetta against the Holy See of Ishgard for the past thousand years.
  • Thordan VII - Archbishop of the Holy See of Ishgard, who seeks the power of the Primals to become a God-King.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

  • Iedolas Aldercapt - Leader of the forces of Niflheim, who invade the country of Lucis under the pretense of signing a peace treaty to steal the last crystal surviving in the world.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

  • Wiegraf Folles - Leader of the Corpse Brigade, a violent revolutionary group of civilian drafted warriors who were denied pay and reward after the brutal Fifty Years War who target the nobility of Ivalice as recompense for their actions. After the death of his sister, his grief and rage eventually becomes the motive for him to join the Knights Templar. Unable to move on and with obsession to rid of Razma as vengeance, this soon leads into him becoming the host for the Lucavi Belias.
  • Dycedarg Beoulve - Leader of the Order of the Northern Sky, one of the primary advisors to Duke Larg, and becomes controlled by Adrammelech.
  • Folmarv Tengille - Leader of the Knights Templar, he is being controlled by the Lucavi to resurrect their leader.
  • Saint Ajora Glabados - Worshiped as a saint, but with a view to summon the Lucavi.
  • Ultima - The Bloody Angel. Ultima is the leader of the Lucavi Demons.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

  • Llednar Twem - The personification of Mewt's anger and hatred.
  • Li-Grim - The incarnation of all the dreams that make up the world of Ivalice. She pretends to be Mewt's mom and grants him everything he wishes for.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

  • Khamja - A foreign syndicate, comprised of ruthless leaders with ties to Cid's past.
  • Illua - Leader of Khamja. An expert samurai, she carries her dark grimoire with one hand and a deadly katana with the other.
  • Ewen - A agile and secretive ninja, Ewen is a man of few words, preferring to let his katana do the talking.
  • Neukhia - A demon from the Rift, called by the twin Gran Grimoires. Final boss of the game.

Vagrant StoryEdit

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

  • Marshal Cid Aulstyne - The leader of the Militesi Empire. He sends his imperial soldiers and airships to invade the other nations in order to seize their crystals.
  • Brigadier General Qator Bashtar - The second-in-command of the forces of Militesi, a fervent supporter of his country and a skilled handler of Magitek armor.
  • Nimbus - A Militesi Primus l'Cie of great age whose only true goal is to fulfill his Focus.
  • Qun'mi Tru'e - A newly-created female Militesi l'Cie who takes on Class Zero during the war between their countries.
  • Gilgamesh - A Black Tortoise l'Cie who has lost sight of his Focus.
  • Gala: The former Emperor of Militesi, and one of the key figures who watch over Orience on behalf of its deities.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

  • Elgo - A Red Mage who joins the Warriors of Light on their quest to collect the shards of the world's crystal. He is later revealed to be the Avalonian Emperor himself. He seeks immortality, first from use of the world's crystal and then from the energy flowing from the world of Nil.
  • Four Generals - The four leaders of the Avalonian army. While three of them, Baugauven, Asmodai and Styx, are loyal to their roles, Vata first sought vengeance upon the Empire, which destroyed his home, then both fought and aided the Warriors in their quests.
  • Divine Generals - Three magical beings, Imperio, Shango and Cocytus, who are created from the bodies of the defeated generals in the wake of the world's crystal being repaired.
  • Cid - Commander of the Empire's air forces. It is he who orders the theft of the crystal from its temple.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

  • Raem - A monster born from the cataclysm that spread Miasma through the world. It feeds on memories.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

  • Cu Chaspel - A servant to Galdes, with ties to the protagonist Yuri and Chelinka's family.
  • Galdes - A leader, Hierophant of the Crystal Temple. Has a plan involving crystal users.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

  • Dark Lord - An evil king that once ruled over the land.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

  • Larkeicus - An ancient immortal archaeologist and inventor who has a plan to alter the past.

Final Fantasy Mystic QuestEdit

  • Vile Four - Four elemental monsters that serve the Dark King, they attack the four regions of the world and drain the Crystals of their strength.
  • Dark King - A green-skinned spider king in the guise of a human watching the world secretly from atop the Focus Tower. It is he who ordered the Vile Evils to drain the Crystals in an attempt to destroy the world.

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

  • Dark Lord - An evil tyrant who seeks the Power of the Mana Tree, so he can take over the world.
  • Julius - Found and raised by Dark Lord, Julius is actually the last citizen of the Vandole Empire. After learning this, he seeks the Power of Mana, so he can rebuild Vandole and use it to dominate the world.

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

  • Four Fiends - The Four Fiends are under the control of Ashura.
  • Ashura - Ashura is responsible for commanding the Four Fiends that antagonized the heroes throughout the story.
  • Creator - He had originally created humanity, the Tower, Ashura, and is the mastermind behind all the events that plagued humanity from the very beginning.

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

  • Ashura - Ashura became a god with MAGI and now rules Ashura's World. He wants to get the ultimate MAGI so that he can conquer the other worlds. Once the heroes defeats him, stating that his minions had already shrunk themselves and entered the body of the Ki to steal her MAGI.
  • Ninja - He raided the Guardian's Base and stole all the MAGI they had collected from across the worlds on behalf of the "new gods". Ninja kidnaps Lynn in order to lure Dad, he threatens to kill her, but Dad leaps at him into a portal. The heroes think that this marked the end of both but a short while later the lone Ninja reappears, taunting the heroes before engaging in a fight and is defeated.
  • Venus - She rules over her own city where she exiles anyone that didn't live up to her extreme standards of "beauty". The heroes stay in the city, but find out that they were lied to by Venus about the existence of MAGI in her world and they go hunt it down themselves. Much later when Venus shows no sign of stopping, the heroes confront the goddess and defeat her, freeing the inhabits of the city from her tyranny.
  • Echigoya - A criminal who smuggles bananas (opium in the Japanese version). When the heroes arrive in Edo World, they work with a Hana to try and stop his criminal empire but find out that he is in alliance with Sho-gun who granted him immunity to the law in exchange for great monetary reward. The heroes confront the two and Echigoya attacks alongside an impressive total of nine guards but is still defeated by them.
  • Sho-gun - A corrupt official who runs Edo World, he worked in alliance with the smuggler Echigoya to supply the world with illegal bananas (opium in the Japanese version). He planned on using MAGI to squeeze more money out of the townsfolk. After Echigoya defeat, they track down Sho-gun at his castle where they defeat him. He calls an unexpected "ally" in the form of his demonic-looking father, however Magnate is displease with Sho-gun's failure and kills him.
  • Magnate - The true mastermind behind the banana smuggling fiasco (opium ring in the Japanese version). However Magnate was not really concerned with this subplot, simply using it as a means to get MAGI. After disposing of his son Sho-gun, obviously displeased with his son's failure. He transporting himself and the heroes to the rooftop of Edo Castle where they engaged in a battle for control over their MAGI and was defeated.
  • Apollo - He seeks all the MAGI in the worlds, but waits patiently until the heroes collect them all but a single one which he keep safe. Once the heroes have accomplished this task, Apollo appears before them and demands they hand over all their MAGI to him which they eventually submit to. Apollo is confronted again in Central Shrine, he tries to obtain true godhood and they engage him in battle, however due to the level of power he absorbed he was able to take on a secondary form and rapidly began to melt until he violently exploded due to missing the 78th MAGI.
  • Arsenal - Due to Apollo's abuse of MAGI causes the Arsenal to become active. This powerful ancient security-system prepares to destroy the worlds in order to restore order. The heroes, aided by the goddess Isis, fought their way to the machine and destroyed it.

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit

  • Dogra - The heroes attempt to rescue Lara, a young girl who Dogra has kidnapped and brainwash into a servant, however after Lara was freed she joined the heroes and together they went deeper into the dungeon to confront Dogra himself.
  • Ashura - He used a strange disease to transform humans into monsters, stronghold is South Tower. The heroes went after Ashura when rumors persisted that he had some Talon Units, Ashura informed the heroes that the Units were no longer in his possession but fought them.
  • Chaos - Ruler over his own castle, he had stolen the Future Unit which the heroes needed to time-travel into the future. The heroes confronted Chaos, he informs them that their future was already doomed and now they were too before engaging them in a fight, but he was defeated.
  • Maitreya - She kidnapped a girl named Faye in order to force her to draw the Mystic Sword Xcalibr. The heroes pursued her to the tower atop a large mountain on Floatland, Maitreya wastes little time with pleasantries and attacks the heroes but is defeated.
  • Fenrir - He acts as the guard to Faye's prison within the North Maze in Pureland, the heroes faced him and defeated him.
  • Guha - Guha and the Buzi engaging in an argument, with him questioning why the Masters had to destroy other worlds while Guha argued it was not his choice to make and that it was the will of Master Xagor, the heroes interrupts them much to Guha surprise that people are able to oppose the Master's will and engaged the heroes in battle.
  • Dahak - A guardian who blocks the heroes' path in Southwest Ruins and attacks them on sight. The heroes manage to defeat him, but Dahak's image manages to live on via the power of Xagor. It is is revealed to be a slave to the Masters rather than a true antagonist.
  • Jorgandr - Battles the heroes after it summoned a large sandstorm that engulfed the Talon and subsequently caused it to crash. The monstrous Jorgandr proceeded to instantly attack the heroes on the ground but was defeated.
  • Agron - Guards the Barrier Machine in Eastern Ruins which prevented people from entering the Goht Region. The heroes confronted Agron in battle, attempting to slay him with the Mystic Swords but he informs them that he's protected from the swords because of the machine. Dion destroys the machine and a angered Agron attacks the remaining heroes, only to meet defeat.
  • Ballor - Acting as a guardian who blocks the path of the heroes in Xagor's Castle. He also acts as a messenger, informing the heroes of Xagor's true nature and mocks them before engaging them in battle. Even after his defeat, he mocks them with his dying words that Xagor was they are late and that Xagor is now invincible.
  • Xagor - The leader of the Masters and residing within a castle high atop Mt. Goht. He created the Water Entity, which was slowly flooding the World and unleashing monsters upon humanity.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

  • Servants of Chaos - The seven demons that were sent by Chaos to cause destruction throughout the world. Each of which battled the heroes two times. Their names were inspired by names of the seven princes of Hell from Christian demonology. They are Lucifer, Asmodeus, Mammon, Leviathan, Belphegor, Beelzebub, and Satan.
  • Chaos - The Demon King, Chaos was sealed inside the Star Chamber three hundred years before the events of the game. He is the darkness within the hearts of men and wishes to flood the world in darkness.

Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

  • Warriors of Chaos - The champions summoned by Chaos to combat the warriors of Cosmos in endless conflict.
  • Chaos - the God of Discord who seeks to destroy Cosmos, his right hand Garland has helped to engineer the chain of events to have Chaos seek to end all reality during the final cycle of the war.

Final Fantasy: UnlimitedEdit

  • Oscha - The Earl's right-hand man, one of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Herba - One of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Fungus - One of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Pist Shaz XI - One of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Soljashy - A new member of the Lords of Gaudium.
  • Earl Tyrant - A young child in control of Wonderland. A spoiled child, he is really the human embodiment of Chaos.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits WithinEdit

  • Phantoms - Alien ghosts that came to earth via a meteor crash. They attack humans out of pain and agony.
  • General Hein - A general who won't listen to Aki Ross about the phantoms, and will destroy them at any cost, even the world.
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