Here are listed the limited cards of Triple Triad available through the Final Fantasy Portal App application for mobile devices. Most of them were already included in the first release of the game, and are those from the achievements, here divided by Ltd.-type and Res.-type. Some more limited cards can be exchanged for points through the Final Fantasy Portal App's Shop, of which the first three were also already included in the first release, while others were added with expansions. Cards from the shop are Res.-type of rarity level three and four, and can be exchanged for 30 and 100 points respectively (in the Japanese version they cost 80 and 300 points respectively). For the 1st anniversary was introduced a 5* (Read as "5 stars".) Res. card, the first of its type to be available in the shop, for 180 points (450 points in the Japanese version) but discounted to 50 points (150 points in the Japanese version) until September 12th as part of the 1st anniversary gift set. Similarly, for the release of Final Fantasy XV another 5* Res. card were added, for the same points and with the same limited discount period in both English and Japanese versions.

Achievements cardsEdit

Res. typeEdit

071x Kain Illustration
071 - Kain Illustration
FFIV series
156x Sephiroth
156 - Sephiroth
FFVII series
157x Tifa
157 - Tifa
FFVII series
184x Seifer
184 - Seifer
FFVIII series
185x Squall
185 - Squall
FFVIII series
198x Vivi
198 - Vivi
FFIX series
199x Wellspring Embrace
199 - Wellspring Embrace
FFX series

Ltd. typeEdit

004a Red Mage
004 - Red Mage
FFI series
017a Ricard
017 - Ricard
FFII series
020a Geomancer
020 - Geomancer
FFIII series
034a Ingus
034 - Ingus
FFIII series
038a Ninja
038 - Ninja
FFIII series
040a Sage
040 - Sage
FFIII series
042a Onion Knight
042 - Onion Knight
FFIII series
061a Edward
061 - Edward
FFIV series
063a Porom
063 - Porom
FFIV series
076a Bomb
076 - Bomb
FFV series
091a Boko
091 - Boko
FFV series
102a Galuf
102 - Galuf
FFV series
104a Necromancer
104 - Necromancer
FFV series
106a Cannoneer
106 - Cannoneer
FFV series
107a Oracle
107 - Oracle
FFV series
115a Tonberry
115 - Tonberry
FFVI series
127a Setzer
127 - Setzer
FFVI series
128a Celes
128 - Celes
FFVI series
136a Celes
136 - Celes
FFVI series
148a Sephiroth
148 - Sephiroth
FFVII series
151a Yuffie
151 - Yuffie
FFVII series
178a Edea
178 - Edea
FFVIII series
181a Laguna
181 - Laguna
FFVIII series
195a Vivi
195 - Vivi
FFIX series
210a Ixion
210 - Ixion
FFX series
217a Auron
217 - Auron
FFX series
235a Fenrir
235 - Fenrir
FFXI series
238a Star Sibyl
238 - Star Sibyl
FFXI series
249a Gabranth
249 - Gabranth
FFXII series
255a Chocobo Chick
255 - Chocobo Chick
FFXIII series
274a Odin
274 - Odin
FFXIII series
305a Queen
305 - Queen
FF Type-0 series
306a Ace
306 - Ace
FF Type-0 series
307a Ace
307 - Ace
FF Type-0 series
308a Rem
308 - Rem
FF Type-0 series
311a Nine
311 - Nine
FF Type-0 series

Shop cardsEdit

006x Black Mage
006 - Black Mage
FFI series
193x Eiko
193 - Eiko
FFIX series
265x Hope
265 - Hope
FFXIII series
340x Tenzen
340 - Tenzen
FFXI series
390x Odin
390 - Odin
FFXIV series
408x Bahamut
408 - Bahamut
FF Explorers series
410x Rughadjeen
410 - Rughadjeen
FFXI series
426x Aerith
426 - Aerith
FFVII series
445x Tyro
445 - Tyro
FF Record Keeper series
453x Chocobo
453 - Chocobo
Adventures of Mana series
482x Auron
482 - Auron
FFX series
484x Soldier 1st
484 - Soldier 1st
Mobius FF series
496x Fina
496 - Fina
FF Brave Exvius series
512x Nanamo Ul Namo
512 - Nanamo Ul Namo
FFXIV series
549x Mishiva
549 - Mishiva
World of FF series
580x Noctis Lucis Caelum
580 - Noctis Lucis Caelum
FFXV series
606x Heavensward Thancred
606 - Heavensward Thancred
FFXIV series