Here are listed the solo mode opponents of Triple Triad available through the Final Fantasy Portal App application for mobile devices and the cards they hold. Opponents are listed sequentially as they appear in-game, and strength of their cards increases from opponent to opponent and then from a difficulty level to the next.

Cards of Lightning in easy mode are comparable with those of Warrior of Light in normal mode, but the step from normal mode to hard mode is a bit more challenging because opponents start to use exclusively rare 4 cards and the (really rare) rare 5 cards. Some opponents of the Japanese version hold slightly different decks and a comparison (side by side) with them is available here.

Each row of five cards represents a deck and the order of cards is the same as in the spoils screen. Decks are sorted by the total sum of their ranks, from top to bottom. Rare decks are sorted differently, mainly following the numeric order of the rare cards they house. The total sum of their ranks is merely a number and doesn't represent the real strength of a deck. In hard mode, that sum ranges from 115 (several opponents) up to 127 (Y'shtola) while the maximum value into normal mode is 112 (Vaan). The ranks sum of a card ranges from 10 up to 29, allowing the player to set up a deck featuring a grand total of 145, but on the other side leaving the player with an impractical deck.

Appearance ratio of a deck, in easy and normal mode, vary by the day with some decks more likely to appear in the morning rather than in the afternoon and vice-versa. Hard mode works a bit differently because of rare 5 cards, and while the appearance ratio of non-rare decks has no perceptible differences as time passes, rare decks can disappear even for several days or a week. Even when rare decks are available their appearance ratio can be low, like just once a day. This is said keeping in mind a regular use of Crystals—one every 15 minutes—for a rough total of 70 every day, but can be extended up to 96 in cases of sleepless play.

Opponents' decksEdit

Due to the amount of images, decks are divided into subpages based on opponent and difficulty mode.

Warrior of LightEdit


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