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Final FantasyEdit

  • Cards No. 001 to No. 007
Number Card Image & Name How to obtain
No. 001 001a Warrior 001b Warrior 001c Warrior
No. 002 002a Monk 002b Monk 002c Monk
  • Normal mode

Warrior of Light (x4), Bartz (x1), Cloud (x1), Shantotto (x2).

No. 003 003a Thief 003b Thief 003c Thief
  • Normal mode

Warrior of Light (x8), Cecil (x2), Squall (x1), Vaan (x2).

No. 004 004a Red Mage 004b Red Mage 004c Red Mage
Red Mage

Collect six different FFI Cards.

No. 005 005a White Mage 005b White Mage 005c White Mage
White Mage
No. 006 006x Black Mage
Black Mage
No. 007 007a Warrior of Light 007b Warrior of Light 007c Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light
  • Hard mode

Rare deck : Warrior of Light (x1).

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