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Final Fantasy XEdit

Base setEdit

  • Cards No. 199 to No. 218
Number Card Image & Name How to obtain
No. 199 199x Wellspring Embrace
Wellspring Embrace

Create two hundred cards with different rank patterns.

No. 200 200a Killer Bee 200b Killer Bee 200c Killer Bee
Killer Bee
  • Easy mode

Firion (x1), Onion Knight (x1), Tidus (x2).

No. 201 201a Condor 201b Condor 201c Condor
  • Easy mode

Warrior of Light (x3), Onion Knight (x1), Tidus (x1).

No. 202 202a Sahagin Chief 202b Sahagin Chief 202c Sahagin Chief
Sahagin Chief
No. 203 203a Geosgaeno 203b Geosgaeno 203c Geosgaeno
  • Easy mode

Tidus (x1).

No. 204 204a Chocobo Eater 204b Chocobo Eater 204c Chocobo Eater
Chocobo Eater
  • Easy mode

Firion (x1), Tidus (x2).

No. 205 205a Bomb 205b Bomb 205c Bomb
No. 206 206a Coeurl 206b Coeurl 206c Coeurl
No. 207 207a Zu 207b Zu 207c Zu
No. 208 208a Larva 208b Larva 208c Larva
  • Easy mode

Tidus (x1).

No. 209 209a Malboro 209b Malboro 209c Malboro
No. 210 210a Ixion 210b Ixion 210c Ixion

Play a match with the Plus rule variation.

No. 211 211a Valefor 211b Valefor 211c Valefor
  • Easy mode

Tidus (x3), Shantotto (x1), Vaan (x1), Lightning (x1).

  • Normal mode

Warrior of Light (x3), Firion (x1).

No. 212 212a Wakka 212b Wakka 212c Wakka
  • Normal mode

Bartz (x1), Terra (x1), Cloud (x2), Tidus (x3).

No. 213 213a Tidus 213b Tidus 213c Tidus
No. 214 214a Yuna 214b Yuna 214c Yuna
No. 215 215a Rikku 215b Rikku 215c Rikku
  • Normal mode

Tidus (x4), Shantotto (x1), Lightning (x1), Y'shtola (x1).

No. 216 216a Tidus 216b Tidus 216c Tidus
  • Hard mode

Tidus (x1).
Rare deck : Tidus (x2).

No. 217 217a Auron 217b Auron 217c Auron

Collect ten different FFX Cards.

No. 218 218a Yuna 218b Yuna 218c Yuna
  • Hard mode

Rare deck : Tidus (x1).

Expansion setEdit

  • Cards No. 477 and No. 482
Number Card Image & Name How to obtain
No. 477 477a Kimahri 477b Kimahri 477c Kimahri
  • Normal mode

Tidus (x1).

No. 482 482x Auron

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