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Final Fantasy IIEdit

  • Cards No. 008 to No. 018
Number Card Image & Name How to obtain
No. 008 008a Guy 008b Guy 008c Guy
  • Normal mode

Firion (x2), Onion Knight (x4), Terra (x1), Squall (x1), Zidane (x1).

No. 009 009a Hilda 009b Hilda 009c Hilda
  • Normal mode

Firion (x1), Cecil (x1), Bartz (x1), Terra (x1), Cloud (x1), Squall (x1), Zidane (x1).

No. 010 010a Firion 010b Firion 010c Firion
No. 011 011a Maria 011b Maria 011c Maria
No. 012 012a Leon 012b Leon 012c Leon
  • Normal mode

Firion (x2), Bartz (x2), Cloud (x1), Squall (x1), Zidane (x1), Shantotto (x2).

No. 013 013a Firion 013b Firion 013c Firion
  • Normal mode

Firion (x2).

No. 014 014a Maria 014b Maria 014c Maria
  • Normal mode

Firion (x2), Cecil (x1), Bartz (x2), Cloud (x1), Squall (x1), Tidus (x3).

No. 015 015a Guy 015b Guy 015c Guy
  • Normal mode

Firion (x3), Cecil (x1), Bartz (x1), Zidane (x1), Tidus (x1), Shantotto (x1), Vaan (x2).

No. 016 016a Scott 016b Scott 016c Scott
  • Normal mode

Firion (x3), Terra (x1), Squall (x1), Zidane (x1), Tidus (x2).

No. 017 017a Ricard 017b Ricard 017c Ricard

Collect ten different FFII Cards.

No. 018 018a The Emperor 018b The Emperor 018c The Emperor
The Emperor
  • Hard mode

Rare deck : Firion (x1).

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