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The following is a list of weapons in Pictlogica Final Fantasy.

Swords Edit

Spears Edit

Bows Edit

Staves Edit

Instruments Edit

Grappling Edit

Guns Edit

Knight Swords Edit

Daggers Edit

Katana Edit

Axes Edit

Rods Edit

Cards Edit

Throwing Edit

Waves Edit

Others Edit

Weapon Rarity Max Level Initial Stage Force Max Stage Force Element Level Up Materials
Christmas Tree
PFF Christmas Tree Icon
1 5 8 8
PFF Unknown Other Icon
2 10 0 0 None
Star Crystal
PFF Star Crystal Icon
3 15 0 0 None
Moon Crystal
PFF Moon Crystal Icon
3 15 0 0 None
PFF Unknown Other Icon 2
2 10 0 0 None
PFF Unknown Other Icon 3
3 15 0 0 None

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