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The following is a list of abilities from Pictlogica Final Fantasy.

Job Skills Edit

Name Miss Effectround Class Learned By
Overpower Each attack increases user's attack by 5% to a maximum of 50%. Warrior Lightning, Thancred, Ramza, Celes, Cloud, Noel, Tenzen, Rikku, Zell, Fran, Fang, Tidus, Tifa, Cyan, Ace, Vaan, Firion, Umaro, Kain, Mog, Yuffie
Warcry Each attack increases user's attack by 25% to a maximum of 100%.
Iainuki When attacking first, a preemptive attack dealing 80% more damage is initiated. Has priority over preemptively acting enemies. Samurai Lightning, Auron, Noel, Tenzen, Paine, Cyan
Cover 50% chance to take normal attacks in place of ally with lower physical or magic defense than yourself. 10% decrease in damage taken with skill active. Knight Bartz, Rosa, Seifer, Garland, Auron, Steiner, Kimahri Paine, Edgar, Beatrix, Warrior of Light, Squall, Agrias, Gabranth, Luca, Zidane, Golbez, Cecil, Snow, Delita
Sentinel 100% chance to take normal attacks in place of ally with lower physical or magic defense than yourself during Break. Prevents abnormal status.
Fell Sword Defeating an enemy recovers 20% of max HP for all allies Dark Knight Seifer, Garland, Paine, Gabranth, Ingus
Jump Attacking while break is active, initiates Jump dealing 40% increased damage. Dragoon Kimahri, Freya, Edgar, Fang, Cid, Kain, Mog
Heavy Slash Attacking last while break is active activates Heavy Slash. Deals double damage. Gladiator Garland, Gabranth, Thancred, Ramza, Faris, Cloud, Steiner, Warrior of Light, Tidus, Guy, Luca, Firion, Cecil, Ingus
HP Absorb Absorb HP from attacks that hit the enemy's weakness. (18% of damage dealt) Templar Freya, Edgar, Cid, Kain, Luneth
Flair X Defeating an enemy fills the RE gauge (RE gauge is refilled during break). Parivir
Steal Steals one item out of all possible drops at the end of a quest. Success rate: 50%. Thief Locke, Edge, Rikku, Yuffie, Izayoi, Balthier, Zidane
Blink When attacking first, a shadow clone is created (max. 1), allowing the user to avoid one attack before dissipating. Ninja Edge, Yuffie, Izayoi, Amarant
Mikage When attacking first, a shadow clone is created. Each of these clones grants an additional attack, and can avoid one attack before dissipating.
Mantra When in prayer memento, increases party's recovery rate by 40% and decreases damage by 20% for two turns. Monk Sabin, Freya, Yda
Focus When attacking last a charged strike dealing 40% more damage is dealt. Black Belt Auron, Sabin, Kimahri, Trey, Zell, Yda, Guy, Tifa, Cyan, Amarant, Luca, Snow, Yuri
Overpower X The first attack in break mode at 250% or higher in power memento will have a 2.8x multiplier and Rebirth: +5000 applied. Ravager
Chainspell Casts all subsequent copies of identical spell equipped in succession. Ability Charge: 90% of total set spells. Red Mage Vanille, Ramza, Celes, Seymour, Palom, Selphie, Papalymo, Tifa, Krile, Ashe, Kuja, Vivi, Yuna (130), Golbez, Rydia
Spellblade Spellblade of corresponding element is activated when magic ability is set in wisdom memento. Mystic Knight Bartz, Steiner, Beatrix, Agrias
Aura Increases effectiveness of user's white magic abilities. (180%) Defender Yuna (48), Maria, Porom, Eiko, Y'shtola, Cecil, Refia, Delita, Sarah
Enemy Skill X Initial attack once every 100% with prayer memento while break is active is one enemy skill, depending on the order of which party member's puzzle line was solved. Requires: 200% break gauge. Blue Mage
Benediction Charge needed for white magic abilities decreases by 15%. White Mage Vanille, Yuna, Lenna, Maria, Porom, Selphie, Y'shtola, Garnet
Holy Initial attack once every 100% with prayer memento while break is active casts Holy. Requires: 200% break gauge; target: single, with intensity of 155. Damage multiplier: 0.55 * white magic attack. Seer Lenna, Celes, Porom, Beatrix, Eiko, Y'shtola, Agrias
Mix Produces agent when two or more abilities are equipped in slots. Effects vary with filled slots. Success rate: 50%. Chemist Rikku, Edward, Mustadio, Garnet, Arc
Praise X Strengthens first and last attacking allies for 1 turn. (Power and intelligence: +65%, Rebirth +5000) Orator
Manafont Charge needed for black magic abilities decreases by 15%. Black Mage
Fast Cast During break mode, the rate of ability charge is doubled.
Flare Initial attack once every 100% with wisdom memento while break is active casts Flare. Requires: 200% break gauge; target: single, with intensity of 50. Damage multiplier: 0.7 * black magic attack. Magus Rinoa, Penelo, Palom, Papalymo, Krile, Ashe, Kuja, Vivi, Ingus, Arc
Arithmeticks Fills RE gauge when attacking in the order equal to number of tiles in your own row (RE gauge is refilled during break). Arithmetician Seymour, Papalymo, Refia, Delita, Arc
Comet If party member casts black magic, Comet is subsequently cast. Time Mage
Barrage When attacking first, 2~4 attacks are dealt in succession. Each hit deals 60% damage of normal attack. Hunter Bartz, Vincent, Seifer, Reno, Maria, Serah, Trey, Fran, Squall, Tifa, Laguna, Amarant, Mustadio, Ace, Vaan, Yuna (130), Luneth, Yuffie
Open Fire Unleashes area of effect attack on all enemies at beginning of battle. The lower the party's HP, the more damage is dealt. Defense ignored. Effect value: ~200. Cannoneer Faris, Cid, Setzer
Berserk Always in berserk state and deals 50% increased damage. Cannot specify target of attack. Berserker Rinoa, Vincent, Cloud, Tenzen, Fran, Fang, Zidane, Umaro
Brutality Attack inflicts weakness to lightning on enemy. Success Rate: 30%. Viking Reno, Guy, Refia
Aimed Shot Attack inflicts weakness to fire on enemy. Success Rate: 30%. Machinist Vincent, Serah, Trey, Laguna, Mustadio, Balthier
重ね撃ち Attack inflicts weakness to fire on enemy. Success Rate: 30%. When the same enemy is attacked, attack power and chance of inflicting weakness increases (up to 2 times).
Lightning Strike When attacking last unleashes barrage on all enemies at beginning of turn. (3 attacks at 30% attack power.) Carried out in addition to regular attack. Sniper Serah, Laguna, Ace, Balthier
Slots X When the party member attacks first during Break, they activate slots. Gambler
Astral Flow Charge needed for summoning magic abilities decreases by 15%. Evoker Seymour, Eiko, Terra, Rydia
Astral Conduit Charge rate for second casting of summoning magic is doubled
Bahamut Initial attack with power memento while break is active summons Bahamut. Requires: 200% break gauge; target: all, with base intensity of 150. Damage increases every 50%. Summoner Yuna (48), Garnet, Rydia
Dance Attacks are accompanied by various special effects from dances. Success rate: 75%. Dancer Lenna, Penelo, Izayoi, Mog
Throw X When the user scores a critical attack, they activate a Throw special ability. Juggler
Sing Sings various songs depending on equipped instrument at beginning of battle. Effect ends when attacked by enemy. Lasts 3 turns. Bard Edward, Cait Sith, Sarah

Gallery Edit

Enemy Skills Edit

Name Sortie Order Effects
Goblin Punch
Magic Hammer
White Wind
Seed Cannon

Mix Edit

Name Mode Effects
Bacchus's Wine
Protect Drink
Shadow Flare
Dragon Power
Drain Kiss

Slots Edit

Name Combination Effect
Mysidian Rabbit Any losing combination Restores 5% HP to party.
Prismatic Flash PFF Three Diamonds Magic damage to all enemies.
Toy Soldier PFF Three Crowns Physical damage to all enemies.
Lucky Girl PFF Three Hearts Increases Luck to the party.
Moogle Dance PFF Three Stars Restores all HP to party.
Random Summon PFF Three Bars Summons a random summon.
Game Over PFF Three Sevens Combines all effects except Random Summon and All Down.
All Down PFF 77Bar

Dance Edit

Name Effect
Sword Dance
Drain Samba
Weak Polka

Throw Edit

Name Effect

Premium Skills Edit

Name Effect Charge Rate Memento Type User
16 Hits Guy
Absolute Zero Kurasame
Amatsu: Tsukikage Tenzen
Angelo Strike Rinoa
Apocalypse Genesis
Ark Aemo
Arm Shot Mustadio
Attack Reels Wakka
Attraction (引力) Layle
Auto Crossbow Edgar
Auto-Potion Steiner
Awaken Ceodore
Banishing Blade Auron
Bahamut SIN Kadaj
Bear Killer Maat
Berserk XVI Leon
Big Bang Zemus
Big Throw Luca
Blaze Rush Lightning (#199)
Bless Fusoya
Blink XVI Maria
Blitz Sabin
Blood Fang Red XIII
Bluff Palom
Boco Bartz
Burning Cycle of Life (輪廻の炎) Garland (#215)
Burning Rave Zell
Burst Delta Trey
Bushido Tempest Cyan
Chakra Amarant
Chivalry Curilla
Cross Slash Cloud
Crush Armor Meliadoul
Cry Porom
Curse XVI Josef
Dancing Edge Thancred
Dark Flame Dark Knight Cecil (#237)
Desperado Laguna
Dice Cait Sith
Dirty Dancing Yuna (#130)
Dispel Vanille
Divine Guardian Eiko
Dolphin Blow Tifa
Double Jump Kain
Dragon Rydia
Drain Doga
Dynamite Cid Highwind
Earth Render Yda
Earthquake Cinque
Elpe Adelle
Energy Rain Tidus
Enfire Sazh
Enochian Papalymo
Fairy's Help (妖精の手助け) Echo
Faithra Hope
Feral Link (シンクロドライブ) Serah
Flare Garland
Flee Zidane
Flying Daggers Rem
Forest Nocturne Mog
Frost Wave Leonora
Full-Cure Selphie
Fulminating Darkness Basch
Fulminating Oblivion Gabranth
Gale Tsukinowa
Galian Beast Vincent
Grand Summon Yuna
Greased Lightning Yuffie
Great Wheel Kam'lanaut
Hades The Deathlord
Hallowed Bolt Orlandeau
Heaven's Wrath Ashe
Heal Salve Izayoi
Heavy Fogga Nabaat
Hecatoncheir Wrieg
Holy XVI Minwu
Holy Guardian Garnet
Holy White Magic∙Cura Beatrix
Ice Strike Edea
Imperial Authority Aphmau
Intercession Penelo
Jackpot Shot Ace
Job Change! Arc
Job Change! Ingus
Job Change! Luneth
Job Change! Refia
Judgment Blade Agrias
Judgment Grimoire Tyro
Lance of Atrophy Seymour
Last Crystal Core (最後のクリスタルコア) Sherlotta
Last Stand Eight
Legion of One Lightning (#239)
Life's Anthem Edward
Lifesiphon Noel
Magic Martyr Queen
Master Mime Bartz [DFF]
Meteor Shots Zack
Metsu Fujin
Mighty Guard Kimahri
Mirage Dive Locke
Momentum Paine
Moogle Krile
Mug Gil Marche
Negative Aura Sice
Ninjutsu Edge
No Mercy Seifer
Northswain's Strike Delita
Nullifying Dropkick Prishe
Paladin Force Cecil
Play Rough Shantotto
Power Break Luso
Power Eraser Rikku
Pray Rosa
Proudstorm Sarah [MFF]
Pulse of Life Aerith
Purification Cissnei
Pyroclasm Vaan
Raijin Special Raijin
Red Card Setzer
Rela Crystal Yuri
Requiem of Ruin Deuce
Rough Divide Squall
Arc Slash Wol
Runic Blade Celes
Sensual Dance Lilisette
Seraphic Ray Cid Raines
Shadow Fang Shadow
Shatterheart Fran
Shell XVI Gordon
Shield of Light Warrior of Light
Shock General Leo
Shout Ramza
Siphon Sword Machina
Siren Jornee
Sister Ray Rufus
Six Dragons Freya
Smite Fang
Soul Voice Sarah
Sparkstrike Lightning (#39)
Starfall X Emperor Mateus
Steel Ramza (#250)
Stellar Burst Eald'narche
Stoneskin Y'shtola
Supernova Sephiroth
Swarmstrike Ritz
Swordshower Onion Knight
Syldra Faris
Tachi: Kagero Ayame
Technical Cancel Shelke
Throw Ally Umaro
Thunder XVI Leila
Tides of Fate Balthier
Tornado Une
Trance Terra
Transience (無常紅吹雪) Jack
Trigger Finger King
Turk Light Reno
Twin Meteor Golbez
Ultima Kuja
Ultima Lahabrea
Ungarmax Barret
Unleashed Wrath Angeal
Vendetta Snow
Walk the Plank Lion
Waterga Fury Lulu
Weaponsmaster Firion
Wyvern Lenna
Yojimbo Morrow
審判の雷 Marshal Cid

Gallery Edit

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