The following is a list of achievements unlockable in the Windows Phone version of Final Fantasy.


Icon Name Task Achievement Points
FF WP icon Cross that Bridge Cross the bridge north of Cornelia 5G
FF WP icon Strike It Lich Defeated the Lich 5G
FF WP icon Marilith Ever After Defeated Marilith 5G
FF WP icon Airborne Acquired the Airship 5G
FF WP icon Get Kraken Defeated the Kraken 5G
FF WP icon Lay Out the Tiamat Defeated Tiamat 5G
FF WP icon Chaos in Disarray Defeated Chaos 10G
FF WP icon Monster Mash Defeated 100 monsters 5G
FF WP icon Monster Mayhem Defeated 1,000 monsters 10G
FF WP icon Monster Massacre Defeated 10,000 monsters 20G
FF WP icon Globetrotter Set foot in every monster-free town and castle 5G
FF WP icon 10K Took 10,000 steps 10G
FF WP icon 10% Gillionaire Acquire 100,000 gil 10G
FF WP icon Half-Minute Hacker Completed the 15 Puzzle within 30 seconds 10G
FF WP icon Mech Love, Not War Defeated Warmech 20G
FF WP icon Soul of KOs Completed entire Soul of Chaos 30G
FF WP icon Out of Time Defeated Chronodia in all forms 30G
FF WP icon Fast to the Finish Completed game within eight hours 10G