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Tidus's, Yuna's and Wakka's weapons.
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Weapons in Final Fantasy X can be obtained by purchasing them from the shops or received as drops from opponents. Weapon abilities can be customized to create new weapons. Weapon name is determined by ability priority, weapon model is determined by weapon name.

See also: List of Final Fantasy X Auto-Abilities

List of WeaponsEdit

Tidus's SwordsEdit

Tidus attacks by swinging a sword horizontally to the left.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
(Ultima Weapon)
Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Evade & Counter, and Magic Counter
Special weapon
Strength +5%*
Strength +5%, Strength +10%, Sensor, Waterstrike*
Taming Sword
(Breeder Sword)
Capture Sword 1
Crystal Sword All four elemental "Strikes" Sword 4
Excalibur Break Damage Limit Brotherhood
Ragnarok Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP Sword 5
Balmung Triple Overdrive & Overdrive → AP Sword 5
Save The Queen
Double Overdrive, Double AP Sword 5
(End of Heart)
Triple Overdrive Sword 5
Lionheart Double Overdrive Sword 5
Durandal Triple AP Sword 5
Ascalon Double AP Sword 5
Ambitious Overdrive→AP Sword 5
Hrunting SOS Overdrive Sword 5
Astral Sword One MP Cost Sword 5
Apocalypse Any four status "Strikes" Sword 3
Master Sword
(Blade Master)
All four Strength+X% Sword 2
Runemaster All four Magic+X% Sword 2
(Anathema Sword)
Magic Booster + 3×Magic+X% Sword 2
Arc Sword
(Arc Edge)
Half MP Cost Sword 3
Gilventure Gillionaire Sword 5
Any three elemental "Strikes" Sword 4
Helter-Skelter Any three status "Strikes" Sword 3
Vendetta Magic Counter + Counterattack or Evade & Counter Sword 5
Avenger Counterattack or Evade & Counter Sword 5
Prism Steel
(Prism Edge)
Magic Counter Sword 5
Mirage Sword Magic Booster Sword 5
Lifesaver Alchemy Sword 2
Sonic Steel
(Sonic Blade)
First Strike Sword 2
Vigilante Initiative Sword 2
Dance Macabre Deathstrike Sword 3
Largamente Slowstrike Sword 3
Gravestone Stonestrike Sword 3
Sidewinder Poisonstrike Sword 3
Nightmare Sleepstrike Sword 3
Mage Masher Silencestrike Sword 3
Darkstrike Sword 3
Knight Sword
(Knight Blade)
Any three Strength+X% Sword 1
Wizard Sword
(Wizard Blade)
Any 3×Magic+X% Sword 1
Double-Edge Any two elemental "Strikes" Sword 4
Razzmatazz Any two status "Touches" Sword 3
Deathbringer Deathtouch Sword 3
Stunning Steel
Slowtouch Sword 3
Basilisk Steel
(Break Blade)
Stonetouch Sword 3
Poison Steel
(Poison Sword)
Poisontouch Sword 3
Lullaby Steel
(Lullaby Sword)
Sleeptouch Sword 3
Muted Steel
(Mute Saber)
Silencetouch Sword 3
Twilight Steel
(Twilight Sun)
Darktouch Sword 3
Hunter's Sword
(Seeker Sword)
Sensor Sword 1
Flametongue Firestrike Sword 4
Ice Brand Icestrike Brotherhood
Lightning Steel Lightningstrike Sword 4
Liquid Steel
(Aqua Saber)
Waterstrike Brotherhood
(P Order)
Distill Power Sword 1
(M Order)
Distill Mana Sword 1
(S Order)
Distill Speed Sword 1
(A Order)
Distill Ability Sword 1
Variable Steel
(Variable Sword)
4-slot weapon with no abilities Sword 5
Force Saber Magic+X% and Strength+X% Sword 2
Baroque Sword 2 or 3 slot weapon with no abilities Sword 1
Sorcery Sword
(Sorcer Saber)
Magic+10% or Magic+20% Sword 2
Soldier's Saber Strength+10% or Strength+20% Sword 2
Rune Steel
(Rune Edge)
Magic+5% Sword 2
Enchanted Sword Magic+3% Sword 1
Fencing Saber Strength+5% Sword 2
Warrior's Sword
(Fighter Sword)
Strength+3% Sword 1
Slasher Piercing Sword 2
Longsword One ability slot Sword 1


Yuna's RodsEdit

Yuna holds her rods in both hands. She attacks her enemies holding a staff in her left arm and swinging the weapon horizontally to the left.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
Nirvana Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and One MP Cost
Herding Staff Capture Rod 1
Arc Arcana All four elemental "Strikes" Rod 4
Abraxas Break Damage Limit Rod 5
Heavenly Axis Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP Rod 5
Judgement Overdrive → AP, Triple Overdrive Rod 5
Seraphim Rod Double AP, Double Overdrive Rod 5
Rod of Roses
Triple Overdrive Rod 5
Nimbus Rod Double Overdrive Rod 5
Wonder Wing Triple AP Rod 5
Wing Wand Double AP Rod 5
Wonder Wand Overdrive → AP Rod 5
(Save the Queen)
SOS Overdrive Rod 5
Astral Rod One MP Cost Rod 5
Chaos Rod Four status strikes Rod 5
Power Staff All Str+??% Rod 3
Shining Staff
(Rod of Light)
All four Magic+X% Rod 2
Faerie Staff
(Fairy Tale)
Magic Booster, three Mag+??% Rod 2
Magistral Rod Half MP Cost Rod 1
El Dorado
(Rod of Mahoroba)
Gillionaire Rod 5
Tri-Rod Three element "Strikes" Rod 4
Wicked Wand
(Bad Messiah)
Three status strikes Rod 4
Nemesis Rod Magic Counter + Evade & Counter or Counterattack Rod 3
Defender Counterattack or Evade & Counter Rod 4
Prism Rod Magic Counter Rod 3
Mirage Rod Magic Booster Rod 2
Healing Rod Alchemy Rod 2
Wind Rod First Strike Rod 3
Conductor Initiative Rod 3
(Judgement Staff)
Deathstrike Rod 4
(Staff of the Fallen)
Slowstrike Rod 4
Calcite Staff
(Staff of Admonition)
Stonestrike Rod 4
Bizarre Staff
(Staff of the Ayakashi)
Poisonstrike Rod 4
Staff of Thorns Sleepstrike Rod 4
Reticent Staff
(Staff of Stillness)
Silencestrike Rod 4
Darkness Staff
(Blackberry Lily Staff)
Darkstrike Rod 4
Monk Staff Three Strength+X% Rod 3
Mage's Staff Three Mag+X% Rod 2
Dual Rod
(Twin Rod)
Two element "Strikes" Rod 4
Ominous Rod Two status touches Rod 4
Death Wand
(Necro Staff)
Deathtouch Rod 4
Entangling Rod
(Lag Staff)
Slowtouch Rod 4
Break Rod Stonetouch Rod 4
Belladonna Wand Poisontouch Rod 4
Lullaby Rod Sleeptouch Rod 4
Rod of Silence Silencetouch Rod 4
Rod of Darkness Darktouch Rod 4
Rod of Wisdom Sensor Rod 2
Rod of Fire Firestrike Rod 4
Rod of Ice Icestrike Rod 4
Rod of Lightning Lightningstrike Rod 4
Rod of Water Waterstrike Rod 4
(Power Rod)
Distill Power Rod 1
(Magic Rod)
Distill Mana Rod 1
(Speed Rod)
Distill Speed Rod 1
(Ability Rod)
Distill Ability Rod 1
Malleable Staff
(Adept Staff)
Empty 4-slot weapon Rod 4
Force Rod Magic+X%, Strength+X% Rod 2
Ductile Rod
(Grow Wand)
2- or 3-slot weapon Rod 2
Sorcery Rod Magic+10% or Magic+20% Rod 2
Full Metal Rod Strength+10% or Strength+20% Rod 3
Rune Rod Magic+5% Rod 2
Enchanted Rod Magic+3% Rod 2
Rod of Striking Strength+5% Rod 3
Rod of Beating
(Beat Rod)
Strength+3% Rod 3
Spiked Rod Piercing Rod 3
Staff 1-slot empty weapon Rod 1


Auron's KatanaEdit

Auron wields a katana in his right hand carrying them on his right shoulder. He attacks a target with a downward vertical slash.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
Masamune Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, First Strike, and Counterattack
(Demon-Sealing Tachi)
Capture Katana 4
(Art of War)
All four elemental "Strikes" Katana 2
Heaven's Cloud
(Ama no Murakumo)
Break Damage Limit Katana 4
Muramasa Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP Katana 4
Alkaid Triple Overdrive, Overdrive → AP Katana 4
(Overnight Blade)
Double Overdrive, Double AP Katana 4
Genji Blade
(Genji Katana)
Triple Overdrive Katana 4
Dragonkiller Double Overdrive Katana 3
(Beauty of Nature)
Triple AP Katana 4
(Beauty of Seasons)
Double AP Katana 4
The Nameless
(Nameless Sword)
Overdrive → AP Katana 3
SOS Overdrive Katana 4
Murasame One MP Cost Katana 2
Riot Blade
(Demonblade Indivisible)
Any four status "Strikes" Katana 3
Master Ogre
(True Ogre Sword)
All four Strength+X% Katana 4
Master Djinn
(True Demon Sword)
All four Magic+X% Katana 2
Matoya's Blade
(Unclouded Mind)
Magic Booster + 3×Magic+X% Katana 2
(Sword of Five Rings)
Half MP Cost Katana 2
(Millionaire's Tachi)
Gillionaire Katana 4
Any three elemental "Strikes" Katana 2
Any three status "Strikes" Katana 3
Ashura Magic Counter + Counterattack or Evade & Counter Katana 1
Kotetsu Evade & Counter or Counterattack Katana 1
Prism Blade
(Magic Mirror Sword)
Magic Counter Katana 1
Mirage Blade
(Demon King Sword)
Magic Booster Katana 1
(Philanthropist Sword)
Alchemy Katana 1
Sonic Blade
(Vanguard Tachi)
First Strike Katana 1
(Advancing Tachi)
Initiative Katana 1
Assassin Blade Deathstrike Katana 3
(Proper Order Tachi)
Slowstrike Katana 3
(Unmoving Tachi)
Stonestrike Katana 3
Venomous Blade
(Poison Fang Tachi)
Poisonstrike Katana 3
Dozing Blade
(Deep Sleep Tachi)
Sleepstrike Katana 3
Tacit Blade Silencestrike Katana 3
Dark Blade
(Avidya Tachi)
Darkstrike Katana 3
Ogre Blade
(Ogre Sword)
Any three Magic+X% Katana 1
Djinn Blade
(Demon Sword)
Any three Magic+X% Katana 2
Dual Blade
Any two elemental "Strikes" Katana 2
Chaos Blade
(Beckoning Death)
Any two status "Touches" Katana 3
Critical Blade
(Sixteen Sakura)
Deathtouch Katana 3
(Shadow Stitch)
Slowtouch Katana 3
Gorgon Gaze
Stonetouch Katana 3
Spider's Kiss
(Centipede Blade)
Poisontouch Katana 3
Peaceful Slumber Sleeptouch Katana 3
Soundless Scream
(Lesser Cuckoo)
Silencetouch Katana 3
Blurry Moon
(Hazy Moon)
Darktouch Katana 3
Hunter's Blade
(Polished Mirror Tachi)
Sensor Katana 1
Fire Blade
(Blazing Sun Blade)
Firestrike Katana 2
Frost Blade
(Icebound Blade
Icestrike Katana 2
Thunder Blade
(Lightning Flash Blade)
Lightningstrike Katana 2
Water Blade
(Moon Reflection Blade)
Waterstrike Katana 2
(Power Cultivating Sword)
Distill Power Katana 1
(Magic Cultivating Sword)
Distill Mana Katana 1
(Speed Cultivating Sword)
Distill Speed Katana 1
(Ability Cultivating Sword)
Distill Ability Katana 1
(Fata Morgana)
4-slot weapon with no abilities Katana 2
Basara Blade
(Vajra Tachi)
Strength+X% and Magic+X% Katana 2
Shimmering Blade
(Heat Haze)
2- or 3-slot weapon with no abilities Katana 1
Spiritual Blade
(Proficiency Tachi)
Magic+20% or Magic+10% ?
(Warrior's Tachi)
Strength+20% or Strength+10% Katana 2
Rune Blade
(Wizardry Blade)
Magic+5% Katana 2
Magic Blade
(Spell Blade)
Magic+3% Katana 2
War Blade
(War Tachi)
Strength+5% Katana 1
Knight Blade
Strength+3% Katana 1
Piercing Katana 1
Blade One ability slot Katana 1


Wakka's BlitzballsEdit

Wakka wields blitzballs in his right hand. He attacks the enemy by throwing a blitzball at it. Blitzballs are all Long Range, the only weapons that can hit targets from a distance, making Wakka the only character in the game able to physically strike enemies that are otherwise out of reach to others (such as Sin's Fin).

Weapon Dominant ability Model
World Champion Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Evade & Counter, and Double AP
World Champion
(No Game)
Capture Blitzball 5
(Master Fourth)
All four elemental "Strikes" Blitzball 5
Grand Slam Break Damage Limit Blitzball 5
(One-Sided Game)
Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP Blitzball 5
(Clutch Shot)
Triple Overdrive, Overdrive → AP Blitzball 5
Tie Breaker
(Limit Breaker)
Double AP, Double Overdrive Blitzball 5
Winning Streak
(Chance Maker)
Triple Overdrive Blitzball 5
Scoring Spree
(Chance Getter)
Double Overdrive Blitzball 5
Triple Score Triple AP Blitzball 5
Double Score Double AP Blitzball 5
Rookie Star Overdrive→AP Blitzball 5
Buzzerbeater SOS Overdrive Blitzball 5
(Hyper Energy)
One MP Cost Blitzball 5
Penalty Master Four status "Strikes" Blitzball 5
Ace Striker
(Hard Attacker)
All four Strength+X% Blitzball 1
Ace Wizard
(Hard Magician)
All four Magic+X% Blitzball 1
Over the Top Magic Booster + 3×Mag+X% Blitzball 1
(Super Energy)
Half MP Cost Blitzball 5
Free Agent
(Top Guarantee)
Gillionaire Blitzball 5
Three elemental "Strikes" Blitzball 3
Triple Penalty Three status "Strikes" Blitzball 4
Turnover Magic Counter + Counterattack or Evade & Counter Blitzball 5
(Return Match)
Counterattack or Evade & Counter Blitzball 5
Prism Ball
(All Returner)
Magic Counter Blitzball 5
Mirage Ball
(Magical Passion)
Magic Booster Blitzball 5
(Drug King)
Alchemy Blitzball 2
(Pole Position)
First Strike Blitzball 2
First Goal
(Fast Break)
Initiative Blitzball 2
Sudden Death
(Red Card)
Deathstrike Blitzball 4
Timeout Slowstrike Blitzball 4
Stone Cold
Stonestrike Blitzball 4
Violation Poisonstrike Blitzball 4
(Dream Maker)
Sleepstrike Blitzball 4
(Silent Shock)
Silencestrike Blitzball 4
(Dark King)
Darkstrike Blitzball 4
Power Play
(Power Player)
Three Strength+X% Blitzball 1
Three Magic+X% Blitzball 1
Double Header Two elemental "Strikes" Blitzball 3
Double Penalty Two status "Touches" Blitzball 4
Rough Play
(Yellow Card)
Deathtouch Blitzball 4
Delay of Game
(Loss Time)
Slowtouch Blitzball 4
(Hard Rocker)
Stonetouch Blitzball 4
(Venom Attacker)
Poisontouch Blitzball 4
Dream Team
(Dream Play)
Sleeptouch Blitzball 4
(Sound Killer)
Silencetouch Blitzball 4
Blind Pass
(Dark Power)
Darktouch Blitzball 4
Sensor Blitzball 2
Fire Ball
(Fire Bomber)
Firestrike Blitzball 3
Ice Ball
(Cold Bomber)
Icestrike Blitzball 3
Thunder Ball
(Thunder Bomber)
Lightningstrike Blitzball 3
Water Ball
(Water Bomber)
Waterstrike Blitzball 3
(P Changing)
Distill Power Blitzball 1
(M Changing)
Distill Mana Blitzball 1
(S Changing)
Distill Speed Blitzball 1
(A Changing)
Distill Ability Blitzball 1
Empty 4-slot weapon Blitzball 2
(Stand Play)
Strength+X% and Magic+X% Blitzball 1
Switch Hitter 2 or 3 ability slots Blitzball 1
Trickster Magic+20% or Magic+10% Blitzball 1
(The Striker)
Strength+20% or Strength+10% Blitzball 1
Rune Ball Magic+5% Blitzball 1
Magic Ball
(Magical Ball)
Magic+3% Blitzball 1
Hyper Ball Strength+5% Blitzball 1
Power Ball Strength+3% Blitzball 1
Center Forward
Piercing Blitzball 1
Official Ball One ability slot Blitzball 1


Kimahri's SpearsEdit

Kimahri wields spears in his both hands with right being his main due to the pointing a spear at an enemy. He attacks an enemy with an upward slash.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
Spirit Lance
Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade & Counter
Spirit Lance
Taming Spear
(Nimrod Pierce)
Capture Spear 5
(Quatro Force)
All four elemental "Strikes" Spear 5
Gungnir Break Damage Limit Spear 5
Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP Spear 5
Gae Balg Overdrive → AP, Triple Overdrive Spear 5
Venus Gospel Double AP, Double Overdrive Spear 5
Highwind Triple Overdrive Spear 5
Berserker Double Overdrive Spear 5
Horn of the Ronso
(Horn of Ronso)
Triple AP Spear 5
Chariot Double AP Spear 5
(Lanze Reiter)
Overdrive→AP Spear 5
Kain's Lance SOS Overdrive Spear 5
Astral Spear One MP Cost Spear 5
Chaos Lance Four status "Strikes" Spear 5
Giant Spear All four Strength+X% Spear 2
Titan Lance
All four Magic+X% Spear 2
Eldritch Lance
(Anathema Lance)
Magic Booster + 3×Magic+X% Spear 2
Shamanic Spear
Half MP Cost Spear 5
Gillionaire Spear 5
Trident Three elemental "Strikes" Spear 3
Vicious Lance
(Bad Epitaph)
Three status "Strikes" Spear 4
Dragoon Lance
(Dragoon Spear)
Magic Counter + Counter Attack or Evade & Counter Spear 5
Rebel Lance
(Tsepech Lance)
Evade & Counter or Counterattack Spear 5
Prism Spear Magic Counter Spear 5
Mirage Lance Magic Booster Spear 5
Healer Spear Alchemy Spear 3
Sonic Lance First Strike Spear 3
Initiative Spear 3
Thanatos Lance
(Thanatos Lancer)
Deathstrike Spear 4
Net Spear
Slowstrike Spear 4
Rock Buster Stonestrike Spear 4
Venom Spike Poisonstrike Spear 4
Hypnos Spear
(Dream Spear)
Sleepstrike Spear 4
Mage Hunter Silencestrike Spear 4
Darkbringer Darkstrike Spear 4
Knight Lance
(Knight Lancer)
Three Strength+X% Spear 2
Wizard Lance Three Magic+X% Spear 2
Twin Lance
(Twin Lancer)
Two elemental "Strikes" Spear 3
Calamity Spear Two status "Touches" Spear 4
Matador Spear Deathtouch Spear 4
Web Lance
(Spider Spear)
Slowtouch Spear 4
Break Lance Stonetouch Spear 4
Snakehead Poisontouch Spear 4
Dream Lance
(Sleep Spear)
Sleeptouch Spear 4
Silent Spear Silencetouch Spear 4
Dusk Lance
(Dusk Lancer)
Darktouch Spear 4
Hunter's Spear
Sensor Spear 1
Heat Lance Firestrike Spear 3
Ice Lance Icestrike Spear 3
Thunder Spear Lightningstrike Spear 3
Tidal Spear
(Flood Lance)
Waterstrike Spear 3
(Power Hunter)
Distill Power Spear 1
(Magic Hunter)
Distill Mana Spear 1
(Speed Hunter)
Distill Speed Spear 1
(Ability Hunter)
Distill Ability Spear 1
(Grow Lance)
Empty 4-slot weapon Spear 3
Force Lance Strength+X% and Magic+X% Spear 2
Halberd 2- or 3-slot empty weapon Spear 1
Magic Lance
(Sorcer Lance)
Magic+10% or Magic+20% Spear 2
Full Metal Spear Strength+10% or Strength+20% Spear 2
Rune Lance Magic+5% Spear 2
Enchanted Lance
(Enchant Lance)
Magic+3% Spear 1
Striking Spear
(Strike Spear)
Strength+5% Spear 2
Heavy Spear Strength+3% Spear 1
Harpoon Piercing Spear 1
Spear One ability slot Spear 1


Lulu's DollsEdit

Lulu holds her dolls in her right arm. She attacks by stooping and placing the doll on the ground, whereupon the doll runs at the enemy and attacks it. Depending on which doll Lulu is equipped with, they'll attack the enemy in different ways.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
Onion Knight Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Magic Booster, and One MP Cost
Onion Knight
Trapper Mog
(Catch Mog)
Capture Moogle
Moomba Quartet All four elemental "Strikes" Moomba
Soul of Mog
(Moogle Soul)
Break Damage Limit Moogle
Space Soul Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP PuPu
Space Master Triple Overdrive, Overdrive→AP PuPu
Space King Double AP, Double Overdrive PuPu
Space Force Triple Overdrive PuPu
Space Energy Double Overdrive PuPu
Comet Cactuar
(Cactuar Comet)
Triple AP Cactuar
Star Cactuar
(Cactuar Star)
Double AP Cactuar
Lord Cactuar
(Cactuar Great)
Overdrive → AP Cactuar
Space Power SOS Overdrive PuPu
Magical Cactuar One MP Cost Cactuar
Chaotic Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Master)
All four status "Strikes" Cait Sith
Space Warrior
(Space Fighter)
All four Strength+X% PuPu
Space Mage
(Space Magician)
Four Magic+X% PuPu
Mana Mog
(Energy Mog)
Magic Booster + 3×Magic+X% Moogle
Cactuar Wizard
(Cactuar Mage)
Half MP Cost Cactuar
Space Bandit
(Space Money)
Gillionaire PuPu
Moomba Trio Three elemental "Strikes" Moomba
Abaddon Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Abaddon)
Three status "Strikes" Cait Sith
Vengeful Cactuar
(Cactuar Revenge)
Magic Counter, Counterattack or Evade & Counter Cactuar
Raging Cactuar
(Cactuar Strike)
Counterattack or Evade & Counter Cactuar
Prism Cactuar
(Cactuar Prism)
Magic Counter Cactuar
Booster Cactuar
(Boost Cactuar)
Magic Booster Cactuar
Medical Mog
(Rescue Mog)
Alchemy Moogle
Swift Cactuar
(Speed Cactuar)
First Strike Cactuar
Cactuar Spy
(Alarm Cactuar)
Initiative Cactuar
Wicked Cait Sith Deathstrike Cait Sith
Chronos Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Clock)
Slowstrike Cait Sith
Stone Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Stone)
Stonestrike Cait Sith
Toxic Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Venom)
Poisonstrike Cait Sith
Dreamy Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Dream)
Sleepstrike Cait Sith
Mute Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Mute)
Silencestrike Cait Sith
Dark Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Dark)
Darkstrike Cait Sith
Power Mog
(Powered Mog)
Three Strength+X% Moogle
Magician Mog Three Magic+X% Moogle
Moomba Duo Two elemental "Strikes" Moomba
Ominous Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Hell)
Two status "Touches" Cait Sith
Fatal Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Death)
Deathtouch Cait Sith
Late Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Slow)
Slowtouch Cait Sith
Fossil Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Break)
Stonetouch Cait Sith
Noxious Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Poison)
Poisontouch Cait Sith
Sleepy Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Sleep
Sleeptouch Cait Sith
Quiet Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Silence)
Silencetouch Cait Sith
Blinding Cait Sith
(Cait Sith & Blind)
Darktouch Cait Sith
Cactuar Scope
(Search Cactuar)
Sensor Cactuar
Fire Moomba
(Moomba the Fire)
Firestrike Moomba
Ice Moomba
(Moomba the Blizzard)
Icestrike Moomba
Thunder Moomba
(Moomba the Thunder)
Lightningstrike Moomba
Water Moomba
(Moomba the Water)
Waterstrike Moomba
(Power Mog)
Distill Power Moogle
(Magic Mog)
Distill Mana Moogle
(Speed Mog)
Distill Speed Moogle
(Ability Mog)
Distill Ability Moogle
Morphing Mog
(Freehand Mog)
Empty 4-slot weapon Moogle
Moomba Force
(Moomba the Force)
Magic+X%, Strength+X% Moomba
Variable Mog 2- or 3-slot weapon Moogle
Moomba Mage
(Moomba the Sorcer)
Magic+20% or Magic+10% Moomba
Moomba Warrior
(Moomba the Strike)
Strength+10% or Strength+20% Moomba
Rune Mog Magic+5% Moogle
Magical Mog Magic+3% Moogle
Buster Mog Strength+5% Moogle
Attack Mog Strength+3% Moogle
Stinger Mog
(Sting Mog)
Piercing Moogle
Moogle One ability slot Moogle


Rikku's ClawsEdit

Rikku wields claws in her right hand. She attacks her target with a leftside spin.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
Godhand Celestial Weapon
Default: No AP
1st Upgrade: No AP, Double Overdrive
2nd Upgrade: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Gillionaire, and Double AP
Iron Grip
(Capture Hand)
Capture Claw 4
Deus Ex Machina All four elemental "Strikes" Claw 4
Kaiser Knuckles Break Damage Limit Claw 4
Victorix Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Overdrive → AP Claw 4
Unlimited Triple Overdrive, Overdrive → AP Claw 4
Warmonger Double Overdrive, Double AP Claw 4
Overload Triple Overdrive Claw 4
Override Double Overdrive Claw 4
Golden Arm Triple AP Claw 4
Golden Hand
(Gold Finger)
Double AP Claw 4
Ironside Overdrive → AP Claw 4
Battle Freak SOS Overdrive Claw 4
Infinity One MP Cost Claw 4
Tempest Claw Four status "Strikes" Claw 4
Spartan All four Strength+X% Claw 1
All four Magic+X% Claw 1
Valkyrie Magic Booster + 3×Magic+X% Claw 1
Magical Rave
(Trigger Happy)
Half MP Cost Claw 4
(Gilgame Arm)
Gillionaire Claw 4
Rising Sun Three elemental "Strikes" Claw 2
Typhoon Claw Three status "Strikes" Claw 3
Untouchable Magic Counter + Counterattack or Evade & Counter Claw 4
Counterattack or Evade & Counter Claw 4
Prism Claw Magic Counter Claw 4
Mirage Claw Magic Booster Claw 4
Survivor Alchemy Claw 2
Vanguard First Strike Claw 2
Initiative Claw 2
Deathstrike Claw 3
Clockwork Slowstrike Claw 3
Colossus Stonestrike Claw 3
Manticore Claw
Poisonstrike Claw 3
Lights Out
(Rose Needle)
Sleepstrike Claw 3
Mage Husher
Silencestrike Claw 3
(Black Prince)
Darkstrike Claw 3
Iron Claw Three Strength+??% Claw 1
The Ogre
Three Magic+X% Claw 1
Dual Claw Two elemental "Strikes" Claw 2
Hurricane Claw Two status "Touches" Claw 3
Ninja Claw
(Sudden Death)
Deathtouch Claw 3
Clock Hand
(Lag Knuckle)
Slowtouch Claw 3
Break Knuckles Stonetouch Claw 3
Poison Claw Poisontouch Claw 3
Sleeptouch Claw 3
Tongue Holder Silencetouch Claw 3
Eye Poker
(Dark Finger)
Darktouch Claw 3
Hawkeye Sensor Claw 2
Hot Knuckles
(Heat Knuckle)
Firestrike Claw 2
Ice Claw
(Freeze Knuckle)
Icestrike Claw 2
Shocking Fist
(Electric Arm)
Lightningstrike Claw 2
Tidal Knuckles Waterstrike Claw 2
P-Claw Distill Power Claw 1
M-Claw Distill Mana Claw 1
S-Claw Distill Speed Claw 1
(Sphere Claw A)
Distill Ability Claw 1
Flexible Arm Empty 4-slot weapon Claw 2
Force Knuckles Strength+X% and Magic+X% Claw 1
Devastator 2- or 3-ability slots Claw 1
Magic Knuckles
(Magical Knuckle)
Magic+10% or Magic+20% Claw 1
Buster Knuckles Strength+10% or Strength+20% Claw 1
Magic Claw Magic+5% Claw 1
Magic Glove
(Magical Grab)
Magic+3% Claw 1
Buster Claw Strength+5% Claw 1
Buster Glove
(Buster Grab)
Strength+3% Claw 1
Barbed Knuckles
(Spike Knuckle)
Piercing Claw 1
Claw One ability slot Claw 1


Other WeaponEdit

Seymour StaffEdit

The staff Seymour wields during battle has a unique model, and it is simply named Seymour Staff.

Weapon Dominant ability Model
Seymour Staff Special weapon
Seymour Staff
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