The following is a list of statuses in Final Fantasy XV. In total, there are 62 statuses that can affect a party member, one being exclusive to Noctis, one being exclusive to enemies, and four reserved for chocobos.

List of positive statuses from foodEdit

Positive statuses from food are persistent over time and are displayed in blue at the bottom center of the screen with a meter showing how much time is left. They affect the whole party. Food can be procured at camp by selecting a recipe for Ignis to cook, or by paying for meals at various restaurants. Purchased meals' effects last a fixed 24 hours. Food cooked at camp lasts until sunset. The Aftertaste, Lingering Aftertaste, and Persistent Aftertaste nodes in the Exploration nexus of Ascension increase the duration of camp meals to the sunrise of the next day, the nightfall of the next day, and the sunrise of the second day after, respectively. Food buffs don't expire when fast forwarding time at havens. Food effects are often incremental, using an effect multiplier to grant enhanced stat buffs.

Immune, Critical Boost (as Sharp), Fresh, and Prime were the only four food statuses to appear in Episode Duscae.

Attack BoostStrength +10 per level
Increases attack by 10n.
Magic BoostMagic +10 per level
Increases magic by 10n.
Defense BoostVitality +10 per level
Increases defense by 10n.
Spirit BoostSpirit +10 per level
Increases spirit by 10n.
HP BoostMax HP +50 per level
Increases maximum HP by 50n.
Regen BoostHP Recovery Rate +25% per level
Accelerates HP recovery by 25n%.
EXP BoostEXP +10% per level
Increases experience points earned by 10n%.
Perception BoostItem drop rate +10% per level
Increases enemy item drop rate by 10n%.
Critical BoostCritical Rate +10% per level
Increases critical hit rate by 10n%.
Patch notes: Called 'Sharp' in Episode Duscae.
FlameproofFire Resistance +10% per level
Increase fire resistance by 10n.
FrostproofIce Resistance +10% per level
Increase ice resistance by 10n.
StormproofLightning Resistance +10% per level
Increase lightning resistance by 10n.
PoisonproofImmune to Poison
Prevents poison.
ToadproofImmune to Toad
Prevents toad.
Death-DefyingImmune to Instant Death
Prevents instant death.
ResilientImmune to all status ailments besides Instant Death
Prevents most status ailments.
ResistantImmune to Fire, Ice, and Lightning elemental damage
Nullifies fire, ice, and lightning attack.
FreshStrength +50, Magic +50, EXP +10%
Boosts all stats and increases EXP earned by 10%.
PrimeStrength +75%, Magic +75%, EXP +50%
Greatly boosts all stats and increases EXP earned by 50%.
BraveheartStrength +500, Magic becomes 0
Greatly increases strength, but reduces magic to 0.
MagemasterMagic +500, Strength becomes 0
Greatly increases magic, but reduces strength to 0.
Last StandMax HP reduced to 10%, Strength and Magic +500
Significantly increases strength and magic, but drastically reduces maximum HP.
ClairvoyantAlways land critical hits
Guarantees critical hits.
Equalizer+2% damage per level for level difference between attacker and higher-level target
Increases damage dealt based on the level difference between the party and enemies.
EnduranceSprinting does not reduce stamina
Unlimited sprint.
TechnicianFor Noctis: +100% to tech bar fill rate; for allies: +100% levelling rate and always land critical hits for techniques
Accelerates the replenishment of the tech bar.
Line BoostFishing line HP Damage -5% per level
Decreases damage to fishing line by 5n%.
ChocobolsterChocobo Stamina Decrease Rate -5% per level
Decelerates chocobo stamina depletion rate by 5n%.

List of positive combat statusesEdit

Unlike food effects, these last only for the duration of combat, and are set to a specific value determined by the means of applying them rather than by a multiplier. They are shown in green next to the name of the empowered party member.


Increases HP recovery rate.


Increases Strength.


Increases Vitality.


Increases Magic.


Increases Spirit.


Imbues weapons with Fire and increases Fire spell damage.


Imbues weapons with Ice and increases Ice spell damage.


Imbues weapons with Lightning and increases Lightning spell damage.

Carbuncle's BlessingEdit

Increases Strength and Vitality. Carbuncle is summoned in Easy Mode to revive the player if they die once per battle.


Triggers automatic evasion of all attacks.


Negates all MP costs.


Accelerates MP recovery rate.


Doubles Strength and Magic, but reduces Vitality and Spirit to 0.


Increases Critical Hit rate.


For Noctis, doubles the rate at which the Tech Bar fills. For allies, doubles the growth rate of Techniques and enables the use of stronger versions of Techniques (the screen flashes yellow rather than green).

Phoenix's FavorEdit

Significantly accelerates HP and MP recovery rate.

List of negative combat statusesEdit

Negative statuses last only for the duration of combat. They are shown in red next to the name of the afflicted party member. Like positive combat statuses, they are set to a specific value determined by the attack or other means of applying them rather than by a multiplier


If a party member falls to 0 HP they become critical and can no longer fight, and move slowly, making running away from enemies difficult. Damage taken in this state damages the party member's max HP, and if their max HP becomes 0 they are Down. Max HP also slowly depletes over time until the party member recovers. Noctis will recover from Danger over time, but his allies will not. Party members in Danger can be restored to battle condition by healing them with items or magic or via the Rescue command.

If Noctis falls into Danger status during Armiger Unleashed, the Armiger is cancelled.


If a party member's max HP falls to 0 they are Down. If the player character gets Downed it spells a Game Over unless he is revived within a few seconds. Downed party members can be saved with Phoenix Downs. Allies who were Down at the end of battle are revived with 25% max HP after the battle is over. Some enemies have Instant Death attacks that instantly put a character to Down without them entering Danger status first, such as the Coeurls' blaster attack they use when lying down. Safety Bit and Ribbon accessories, as well as the Death-Defying food buff, protect against Instant Death.

This status was called Knocked Out in Episode Duscae.


Reduces Strength.


Reduces Vitality.


Reduces Magic.


Reduces Spirit.

Broken (Neutralized)Edit

Reduces Strength and Magic due to a broken body part.

Broken (Defenseless)Edit

Reduces Vitality and Spirit due to a broken body part.


Continually drains HP. It can be cured with Antidotes.


An upgrade to Poison, it deals more damage over time, but is otherwise handled similarly.


For the player character, it reverses the player's directional controls and makes him change weapons at random. For allies, it causes them to attack both friend and foe. If Noctis is AI-controlled and confused, he will warp around randomly and fall down. Confused characters do not speak. Cured by Smelling Salts.

The status exists only for player characters, but when fought as a training partner, Prompto's Starshell can inflict the status on Noctis.


Turns the afflicted into a toad. Cured by Maiden's Kiss and protected against with Toadproof food buff and the Moon Pendant accessory. Toads can't do anything but move around. The status expires on its own after a time. The flashlight ion the character's attire that comes on in dark still appears to work even if the character is a toad.

The toad model is also used for Sania Yeagre's quests.


Removes all other status and makes them invincible, but unable to act. Cured by Gold Needle.


The afflicted is frozen in time and unable to act. It wears off fast, but the character recoils as they come out of the status.


Deals Fire damage over time, but eventually fades.


Deals Ice damage over time, but eventually fades.


Deals Lightning damage over time, but eventually fades.


Enmity is increased to the afflicted unit.


All stats are reduced.


Inflicts damage over time with intense heat. Distinct from Burnt, which is caused by coming into contact with open flame.

List of positive chocobo statuses from foodEdit

Like with the party, chocobos can be fed at camp. These statuses are likewise displayed in blue.


Increases chocobo stamina. It is applied by feeding chocobos Mimett Greens.


Increases chocobo top speed. It is applied by feeding chocobos Curiel Greens.


Increases chocobo jump distance. It is applied by feeding chocobos Reagan Greens.


Increases chocobo stamina, top speed, and jump distance. It is applied by feeding chocobos Sylkis Greens.

Other statusesEdit


Libra is exclusive to enemies and is considered neither positive nor negative. It is displayed in white. To apply Libra to an enemy and reveal their stats and damage type defenses, the player can lock onto an enemy and scan it to fill a radial meter, or they can buy the Analyze node in the Teamwork nexus in Ascension, which allows Ignis to attempt to reveal the info by using the skill for a chance of success rather than length of time. Enemies have a value representing the number of seconds a scan takes which doubles as a resistance to Analyze and can even have immunity to Libra.


If Noctis uses up all of his MP, he enters Stasis. In the Episode Duscae demo, he is momentarily stunned, then for the next few seconds unable to gain any MP, therefore unable to defend, warp or use abilities. In the final game, Noctis does not reel from entering Stasis and can continue fighting with normal attacks at no penalty, but cannot phase or warp-strike, and will reel if any MP ability is attempted. MP regeneration halts until Noctis stops attacking for several seconds, or takes cover. Stasis can be recovered in this manner or with MP items. Point-warping refills MP and can be used to avoid Stasis. The Static Edge node of the Combat nexus in Ascension significantly increases damage dealt while in Stasis, making it potentially advantageous in certain situations. Stasis does not have an icon, but is shown on the MP bar with the word "Stasis" in large letters surrounded by a pink effect.



  • The special edition guide book lists Enfeebled as Mollified throughout its entirety.
    • The book also lacks an entry for Serene. It uses its icon with the name Sharp and a description for Libra.
      • The book is entirely lacking an entry for Phoenix's Favor, but has two extra entries for statuses called Riled and Roused, which grant an additional 50% to Strength and Vitality, respectively.
  • At a whopping 68 statuses in total, this is the greatest number of statuses in any single-player title of the franchise.
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