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The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy XV. Stats apply to both party members and enemies.

List of statsEdit


The party member's level determines their HP and MP. Party members obtain EXP from felled monsters, but cannot use it to level up unless they rest. By setting up a camp at a safe location or staying in a caravan the player can apply the EXP earned to level up the party. If the party stays at a caravan they cannot cook food for buffs, among them buffs that boost EXP earned from monsters, but receive EXP at an expedited rate. Forgoing resting allows for low level challenge playthroughs.


HP determines a unit's health. If Noctis runs completely out of HP it is Game Over, but simply falling to 0 HP doesn't yet knock one out. If a party member falls to 0 HP they enter critical stage and can do nothing until rescued by a party member, or using an item to heal. If the party member takes damage while in this state, it lowers their max HP. If their max HP falls to 0 they get knocked out. In the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, Noctis can summon Ramuh when he is at 0 HP.

HP can be restored by curative magic, items, and Rescue command used at a 0 HP party member.


MP is expended when performing several actions such as defending, warping, casting magic and using abilities from weapons and Armiger Arsenal. When Noctis runs out of MP, he enters a state called Stasis, in which he won't be able to move until he gets his MP up.

MP refills automatically or through the use of items. If Noctis warps to a safe location, the rate his HP and MP heal is augmented.

Noctis can use Armiger Arsenal when at full MP. The state continuously drains MP but greatly enhances Noctis's battle capabilities.

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