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XV The following is a list of items in Final Fantasy XV.


Recovery itemsEdit

The item menu is opened from the R2 button (on PS4), and with the right trigger (on Xbox One) during battle. Having the battle menu open pauses the battle so the player can take their time choosing the item to use. After an item is chosen Noctis will use the item when he is next "free," i.e. not fallen over or otherwise incapacitated.

  • Potion - Restores half of HP
  • Hi-Potion - Restores full HP
  • Elixir - Restores half of Max HP
  • Hi-Elixir - Restores full Max HP
  • Phoenix Down - Revives fallen ally and boosts recovery speed
  • Remedy - Cures Poison, Petrification, Confusion, and Toad
  • Superior Restorative - Gradually Restores HP
  • Antidote - Cures poison
  • Magitek Booster - Negates all MP costs
  • Mega-Potion - Fully Restores the party's current HP
  • Ether - Fully restores MP
  • Megalixir - Fully restores Max HP and MP for the whole party
  • Muscle Stimulant - Boosts attack
  • Mega Phoenix - Revives all fallen party members with full HP and boosts HP and MP recovery
  • Smelling Salts - Cures confusion
  • Reflex Enhancer - Allows Noctis to automatically dodge attacks
  • Maiden's Kiss - Cures Toad
  • Gold Needle - Cures Petrify





Auto PartsEdit

Leisure GoodsEdit

Key itemsEdit


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