This is a list of characters that appear in Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV has dossiers on each character in the Archives, and Final Fantasy XV: Comrades has a Characters section in its equivalent.

Playable charactersEdit

Party membersEdit

Party members were made directly controllable in battle in the main game in the 1.20 patch. They are also directly playable in their DLC episodes.

Guest charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit



Other charactersEdit



  • Josef - A glaive in Kingsglaive Base Camp in the Windows and Royal Editions who gives the player a quest to demolish imperial bases.


Unseen charactersEdit

  • Mors Lucis Caelum - Regis's father and Noctis's grandfather.
  • Aulea - Noctis's mother who died when he was an infant.
  • Melba Aurum - Cindy Aurum's late mother, and the daughter of an affluent family
  • Mid Sophiar - Cid Sophiar's late son and Cindy's father.
  • Oric Gambell - A hunter who wrote Oric's Culinary Chronicles.
  • Sylvester Yeagre - Treasure hunter and Sania's grandfather who made the Scraps of Mystery.