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XI This is a list of support abilities from Final Fantasy XI. Gained at certain job levels and with Merit Points. Can be enhanced via Equipment.

Traits Edit

Traits Gained by Level Edit

Traits Gained by Merit Points Edit

Job Points Edit

Job Points can be assigned into several categories per class, mostly enhancing existing abilities.

  • Warcry Effect
  • Aggressor Effect
  • Chakra Effect
  • Counterstance Effect
  • Afflatus Solace Effect
  • Afflatus Misery Effect
  • Mana Wall Effect
  • Magic Accuracy Bonus
  • Composure Effect
  • Magic Attack Bonus
  • Steal Recast
  • Mug Effect
  • Cover Duration
  • Shield Bash Effect
  • Souleater Duration
  • Weapon Bash Effect
  • Reward Effect
  • Pet Attack Speed
  • Pianissimo Effect
  • Song Accuracy Bonus
  • Barrage Effect
  • Shadowbind Duration
  • Meditate Effect
  • Seigan Effect
  • Ninjutsu Cast Time
  • Ninjutsu Accuracy Bonus
  • Spirit Link Effect
  • Wyvern Max HP Bonus
  • Elemental Siphon Effect
  • Avatar and Spirit Physical Attack
  • Chain Affinity Effect
  • Learning Chance
  • Quick Draw Effect
  • Ammo Consumption
  • Repair Effect
  • Deus Ex Automata Recast
  • Waltz Potency
  • Flourish I Effect
  • Stratagem Effect I
  • Stratagem Effect II
  • Swordplay Effect
  • Swipe Effect

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