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This is a list of armor sets introduced in the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack in Final Fantasy XI.

As the developers had decided that Lv99 was the final level cap for Final Fantasy, armor sets introduced in Seekers of Adoulin were designed upon the principle of incremental growth through armor. This led to the introduction of the Item Level system.

Virtually all armor sets introduced in Seekers of Adoulin are Lv99 gear with item levels.

Adoulinian ArmorEdit

The most basic armor obtainable in Seekers of Adoulin are the Adoulinian armor sets. They can be purchased at the Peacekeepers' coalition for bayld when certain coalition edification requirements are met. All Adoulinian armor thus far can be augmented using Coalition Grease at the Inventors' Coalition.

The lowest tier of such armor sets are the Karieyh Haubert, Orvail Robe and Thurandaut Tabard sets, which are item level 100. The 3 sets are categorized into plate armor, cloth and light armor respectively, with every job being able to wear at least one of the sets. A +1 version of the armor sets can be obtained at a higher edification level, and is item level 109.

The second tier of Adoulinian armor are the Gorney Haubert, Weatherspoon Robe and Shneddick Tabard sets, which are item level 106. The 3 sets are categorized in the same way as the first 3 armor sets, and can be used by the exact same jobs.

As all the current Adoulinian armor are named after one of the Twelve Orders of Adoulin, there are expected to be 12 distinct designs of Adoulinian armor.





Unlike with previous expansions, the Relic-equivalent armor sets for the new jobs from Seekers of Adoulin have to be crafted through a mini-quest as opposed to being obtained from Dynamis.