This is a list of armor sets in Final Fantasy XI.

As Final Fantasy XI is an MMORPG, new content is progressively being added to the game, and most content feature the introduction of new equipment as a reward. While stand-alone pieces of armor do exist, most equipment are introduced in armor sets and are graphically designed to match one another, although they do not need to be used together. Starting from Treasures of Aht Urhgan, the concept of set bonuses was introduced to encourage the use of armor sets.

As stats on equipment often scale according to level, players are required to gradually upgrade their gear as they progress across the levels in order to maintain gear that still provide substantial bonuses to the player at that level, or to maximise their characters potential at that given level for any particular task.

While better stats on new gear is a primary draw for players to attempt newly introduced content, armor sets also have aesthetic value and may be favored by players due to the way they look. This has led to a phenomenon known as "town gear", whereby players will equip specific gear for the purposes of showing it off while in town.

Every expansion pack that has been released for Final Fantasy XI has introduced new armor sets that often reflect the flavor of the expansion, and show the shift in focus of gear design, as new gameplay mechanics are continually being introduced through gear.

With the exception of Artifact Armor, series of armor sets are typically obtained through specific content that are restricted to a single expansion pack, and are thus categorized as such.


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