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XIV This is a list of support abilities from Final Fantasy XIV.


PVP TraitsEdit

  • Enhanced Aetheric Burst
  • Enhanced Aetheric Burst II
  • Enhanced Aetheric Burst III
  • Enhanced Attunement
  • Enhanced Aura Blast
  • Enhanced Aura Blast II
  • Enhanced Aura Blast III
  • Enhanced Axe Kick
  • Enhanced Axe Kick II
  • Enhanced Axe Kick III
  • Enhanced Between The Eyes
  • Enhanced Between The Eyes II
  • Enhanced Between The Eyes III
  • Enhanced Blast Shot
  • Enhanced Blast Shot II
  • Enhanced Blast Shot III
  • Enhanced Carnal Chill
  • Enhanced Carnal Chill II
  • Enhanced Carnal Chill III
  • Enhanced Detect
  • Enhanced Divine Breath
  • Enhanced Divine Breath II
  • Enhanced Enliven
  • Enhanced Enliven II
  • Enhanced Equanimity
  • Enhanced Equanimity II
  • Enhanced Farshot
  • Enhanced Farshot II
  • Enhanced Farshot III
  • EnhancedFetter Ward
  • Enhanced Fetter Ward II
  • Enhanced Focalization
  • Enhanced Focalization II
  • Enhanced Focalization III
  • Enhanced Full Swing
  • Enhanced Full Swing II
  • Enhanced Full Swing III
  • Enhanced Glory Slash
  • Enhanced Glory Slash II
  • Enhanced Ill Wind
  • Enhanced Ill Wind II
  • Enhanced Ill Wind III
  • Enhanced Impulse Rush
  • Enhanced Impulse Rush II
  • Enhanced Impulse Rush III
  • Enhanced Malmsight
  • Enhanced Mana Draw
  • Enhanced Mana Draw II
  • Enhanced Manasong
  • Enhanced Manasong II
  • Enhanced Misty Veil
  • Enhanced Misty Veil II
  • Enhanced Misty Veil III
  • Enhanced Mythril Tempest
  • Enhanced Mythril Tempest II
  • Enhanced Mythril Tempest III
  • Enhanced Night Wing
  • Enhanced Night Wing II
  • Enhanced Overwhelm
  • Enhanced Overwhelm II
  • Enhanced Overwhelm III
  • Enhanced Phantom Dart
  • Enhanced Phantom Dart II
  • Enhanced Phantom Dart III
  • Enhanced Purify
  • Enhanced Push Back
  • Enhanced Push Back II
  • Enhanced Push Back III
  • Enhanced Recouperate
  • Enhanced Recouperate II
  • Enhanced Report
  • Enhanced Report II
  • Enhanced Retrogradation
  • Enhanced Retrogradation II
  • Enhanced Retrogradation III
  • Enhanced Sacred Prism
  • Enhanced Sacred Prism II
  • Enhanced Sacred Prism III
  • Enhanced Skewer
  • Enhanced Skewer II
  • Enhanced Skewer III
  • Enhanced Somersault
  • Enhanced Somersault II
  • Enhanced Somersault III
  • Enhanced Stun Gun
  • Enhanced Stun Gun II
  • Enhanced Stun Gun III
  • Enhanced Tar Pit
  • Enhanced Tar Pit II
  • Enhanced Tar Pit III
  • Enhanced Testudo
  • Enhanced Testudo II
  • Enhanced Testudo III
  • Enhanced Thrill of War
  • Enhanced Thrill of War II
  • Enhanced Thrill of War III
  • Enhanced Weapon Throw
  • Enhanced Weapon Throw II
  • Enhanced Weapon Throw III
  • Enhanced Wither

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