The following list is based on a combination of in-game sources and fan conjecture - many enemy families have not been named or classified by official Square Enix material; the current classifications are merely placeholders.

A list of Seedkin enemies from Final Fantasy XIV, which consists of varying forms of plant life.

Spawn notes:

  • Standard = Enemy will spawn naturally without any prompt.
  • Boss = Powerful enemy that appears as a boss in the associated dungeon, trial, or raid.
  • Boss minion = Enemy will only spawn as part of a boss encounter, and will despawn upon the defeat of said boss.
  • Quest, levequest, FATE, guildhest, treasure map = Enemy will only spawn when prompted by the associated event.
  • Quest, levequest, guildhest or FATE boss = Powerful enemy that is the sole or primary target of a FATE, levequest, guildhest, or instanced quest.
  • Levequest wanted target = Powerful bonus enemy that occasionally spawns during associated levequests that is not part of the levequest's objectives, but drops valuable items.
  • Elite mark = Powerful enemy that will spawn as part of the Hunt, with its strength and spawn times and conditions varying based on its rank.
  • Enemies found in the Diadem hold ranks based on their difficulty, the ranks being I through V with an additional ★-rank signifying the toughest enemies.
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Primals - Spoken - Voidsent - Other

Belladonna - Biloko - Bulb - Chichu - Corpse Flower - Funguar - Goobbue - Korpokkur - Landtrap - Mandragora - Morbol - Morbol Seedling - Mossling - Ochu - Sabotender - Sawtooth - Sankchinni - Treant



 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Belladonna 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Boss


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Billowing Biloko 60 Diadem Rank V
Biloko 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard
Deep Palace Biloko 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 111-120 Standard
Palace Biloko 31 Palace of the Dead Floors 11-20 Standard
Polis Biloko 60 Aquapolis Standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Cork Bulb 29-32 Eastern La Noscea FATE*(Lv.32 "Cliff Hanger"), standard
Dark Matter Bulb 50 Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1 Boss minion*(Rafflesia)
Frenzied Bulb 5 Central Shroud Quest*(Lv.5 "Chasing Shadows")
Metshaldjas 32 Eastern La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.32 "Say My Name")
Polis Bulb 60 Aquapolis Standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Blooming Chichu 60 Sohm Al (Hard) Standard

Corpse FlowerEdit

 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Corpse Flower 59 Azys Lla Standard
Kirtimukha 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 111-120 Boss
Noctilucale 59-60 Azys Lla, Diadem FATE boss*(Lv.59 "Prey Online"), Rank IV*(Diadem)
Polis Corpse Flower 60 Aquapolis Standard
Rafflesia 50 Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1 Boss
Raskovnik 53 Sohm Al Boss
Spurge 35 Palace of the Dead Floors 11-20 Boss
Stench Blossom 60 Azys Lla A-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Demonstool 50 Lost City of Amdapor Standard
Divan Mold 28 Haukke Manor Standard
Eftstool 47 Aurum Vale Standard
Enchanted Funguar 4 Central Shroud FATE*(Lv.4 "One Enchanted Eve")
Faerie Funguar 16 East Shroud Standard
Forest Funguar 3-4 Central Shroud Standard
Fruiting Fungus 18 East Shroud FATE*(Lv.20 "Lazy for You")
Lordstool 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) Standard
Malevolent Fungus 50 East Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "You Have Selected Regicide")
Parasite Funguar 5 Central Shroud Quest*(Lv.8 "Parasite Cleave")
Polis Fungus 60 Aquapolis Standard
Prisoner's Delight 24 Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Standard
Stumbling Funguar 1-19 Central Shroud, East Shroud Levequest*(Lv.1 "Picking Up the Piercers", "Water, Water Everywhere", Lv.10 "Scent of a Roselet", Lv.15 "A Guest for Supper", "Stew for Two")
Sylph Bonnet 46-48 East Shroud FATE*(Lv.49 "Everything's Better"), standard
Toadstool 27-32 Central Shroud FATE*(Lv.30 "What's Your Poison"), standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Croque-mitaine 50 Middle La Noscea S-rank elite mark
Elder Goobbue 11 Middle La Noscea Guildhest boss*(Lv.10 "Basic Training: Enemy Parties")
Foaming Goobbue 52 Coerthas Central Highlands Quest*(Lv.52 "A Journey of Purification")
Frenzied Goobbue 6 Middle La Noscea Quest*(Lv.5 "Lurkers in the Grotto")
Frenzied Mossback 12 Middle La Noscea Quest boss*(Lv.5 "Lurkers in the Grotto")
Frostbitten Goobbue 28-43 Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest*(Lv.35 "Cower to the People", "Have a Nice Trip", "Pick Your Poison", "Just Making an Observation", Lv.40 "Yellow Is the New Black")
Goobbue 33 Eastern La Noscea Standard
Goobbue Farmer 30 Lower La Noscea Quest*(Lv.30 "Hungry Hungry Goobbues")
Highland Goobbue 35-36 Coerthas Central Highlands FATE*(Lv.36 "Whiteout", "Wish Upon a Star"), standard
Hoary Goobbue 50 Eastern Thanalan Quest*(Lv.50 "Flowers for One")
Insatiable Goobbue 36-40 Eastern La Noscea Levequest*(Lv.35 "Appetite for Abduction")
Jolly Green 33 Eastern La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.33 "Ho Ho Ho")
Jungle Goobbue 35 Eastern La Noscea Quest*(Lv.35 "Always the Last Place You Look")
Keeper of Halidom 50 Wanderer's Palace Boss
Longarm 30-34 Eastern La Noscea Levequest wanted target*(Lv.30 "Birds of a Feather", "Call Me Mating", "Clearing Steer", "Necrologos: Igneous Toil", "Out to Sea", "Sol Survivors")
Meltwater Goobbue 36-45 Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest*(Lv.35 "Have a Nice Trip", Lv.40 "We Can Dismember It for You Wholesale")
Mildewed Goobbue 34 Eastern La Noscea Standard
Mossless Goobbue 12-17 Lower La Noscea, Middle La Noscea Standard
Shezmu 33 Eastern La Noscea Quest*(Lv.33 "It Was a Very Good Year")
Siege Goobbue 60 Xelphatol Standard
Snowblown Goobbue 35-39 Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest*(Lv.35 "Pick Your Poison")
Snowcloak Goobbue 50 Snowcloak Standard
Snowstorm Goobbue 39 Coerthas Central Highlands Standard
Sweet-tooth Goobbue 20-29 Lower La Noscea Levequest*(Lv.20 "Don't Touch Our Stuff", "Victory Is Mine, Not Yours", Lv.25 "Double Dose of Impin'")


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Korpokkur 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard
Polis Korpokkur 60 Aquapolis Standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Bariaua 60 Diadem Rank IV
Barometz 10 Western La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.10 "Barometz Soup")
Chocobo Legtrap 57 Dravanian Forelands Quest*(Lv.57 "Getting a Legtrap Up")
Cloudtrap 60 Diadem Rank I
Dark Matter Roselet 50 Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1 Standard
Deep Palace Trap 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 191-200 Standard
Foxglove 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) Standard
Garden Cloudtrap 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Icetrap 50-51 Coerthas Western Highlands, Dusk Vigil Quest*(Lv.50 "At the End of Our Hope"), standard
Kedtrap 19-24 Eastern Thanalan, South Shroud FATE*(Lv.22 "Kickin' It with the Kedtraps", Lv.26 "Desert Rose"), standard*(in South Shroud only)
Leafbleed Roseling 7-23 Central Shroud, South Shroud Levequest*(Lv.10 "A Shroom with a View", "Going Green", "Scent of a Roselet", Lv.20 "It's Hard Being Moogle", "Killing Beasts Softly", "No Leaves Left Behind")
Lily of the Saint 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Boss minion*(Belladonna)
Lily of the Vale 47 Aurum Vale Standard
Matagaigai 13 Central Shroud FATE boss*(Lv.13 "Bleeding Green")
Milkroot Sapling 43-48 East Shroud FATE*(Lv.46 "Got Milkroot"), standard
Mitetrap 24 Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Standard
Mun-Tuy Sapling 24 Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Standard
Ocean Roseling 3-14 Lower La Noscea, Western La Noscea FATE*(Lv.5 "Fight the Flower"), levequest*(Lv.10 "At the Gates", "Shock Therapy")
Palace Roselet 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 91-100 Standard
Poisonous Flytrap 17-29 East Shroud, South Shroud Levequest*(Lv.20 "No Leaves Left Behind", "The Root of the Problem", Lv.25 "A Real Wingnut", "More than Meets the Eye", "Necrologos: Olidious Separation", "Sylph Strands")
Polis Roselet 60 Aquapolis Standard
Roselet 10-13 Central Shroud Standard
Roseling 10 Western La Noscea Standard
Sleet Trap 47-56 Coerthas Western Highlands FATE*(Lv.50 "Follow the Sleet"), standard
Sweettrap 11 Lower La Noscea Quest*(Lv.13 "Say It with Flowers")
Toxic Battrap 20 East Shroud Guildhest boss*(Lv.20 "Pulling Poison Posies")
Violet Flytrap 50 South Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "Where We Are Needed")
Wolfsbane 50 World of Darkness Boss minion*(Cerberus)
Yetitrap 50 Coerthas Western Highlands FATE boss*(Lv.50 "Apparent Trap")


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Coastal Mandragora 23-38 Eastern La Noscea Levequest*(Lv.30 "Necrologos: Igneous Toil", "Out to Sea", Lv.35 "Bud Bait", "Walk Like a Mandragora")
Eggplant Knight 45 Western La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.45 "The Mandragoras")
Garlic Jester 45 Western La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.45 "The Mandragoras")
Killer Korrigan 51-55 Sea of Clouds Levequest*(Lv.56 "Marl-ementary Procedure", "Nobody Can Farm Marl, But Marl")
Korrigan 56 Sea of Clouds Standard
Mandragora 13 East Shroud Standard
Mandragora Prince 13 Lower La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.13 "One Prince")
Mandragora Queen 45 Western La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.45 "The Mandragoras")
Marching Mandragora 4-10 Lower La Noscea Levequest*(Lv.5 "March of the Mandragoras", "The Cure")
Onion Prince 45 Western La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.45 "The Mandragoras")
Polis Eggplant 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Garlic 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Korrigan 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Mandragora 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Onion 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Queen 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Tomato 60 Aquapolis Standard
Ripe Rampager 5-9 Lower La Noscea Levequest wanted target*(Lv.5 "Far from the Vine", "March of the Mandragoras", "No Pain, No Grain", "Red Stead Redemption", "The Cure")
Shroud Mandragora 30 Eastern Thanalan Quest*(Lv.30 "The Voyage of the Goobbue")
Tiny Mandragora 5-9 Lower La Noscea, Middle La Noscea FATE*(Lv.5 "Overnight Migration"), guildhest*(Lv.10 "Basic Training: Enemy Parties"), standard
Tomato King 45 Western La Noscea FATE boss*(Lv.45 "The Mandragoras")


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Ark Morbol 60 Void Ark Standard
Capricious Cassie 43 East Shroud FATE boss*(Lv.43 "The Squirrel Trapper's Wife")
Deep Palace Morbol 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 111-120 Standard
Demonic Rose 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) Standard
Eccentric Eve 60 Diadem Rank IV
Goldvine 47 Aurum Vale Standard
Great Morbol 56-58 Dravanian Hinterlands FATE*(Lv.59 "Morbol Man"), standard
Greater Morbol 57-62 Dravanian Hinterlands Levequest*(Lv.58 "Bareback Riding", "Wither the Morbol Goeth")
Halitostroper 31 Central Shroud Standard
Jaded Jody 31 Central Shroud FATE boss*(Lv.31 "My Baby Green")
Leafbleed Morbol 27-32 South Shroud Levequest*(Lv.30 "Necrologos: Brand of the Impure", "Woodcross Busydeal")
Lush Morbol 30-34 South Shroud Levequest wanted target*(Lv.30 "A Feast in the Forest", "Adamantoise Tears", "Black Market Down", "Necrologos: Brand of the Impure", "Woodcross Busydeal")
Lunantishee 60 Diadem Rank II
Malboro Terra 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard
Malevolent Stroper 50 East Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "You Have Selected Regicide")
Malodorous Morbol 50 Mor Dhona Quest*(Lv.50 "Picking Up the Sledge")
Melancholic Moira 58 Dravanian Hinterlands FATE boss*(Lv.48 "On Melancholic Hill")
Milkroot Morbol 22 East Shroud Quest boss*(Lv.22 "Brotherly Love")
Miser's Mistress 47 Aurum Vale Boss
Morbol 43-44 East Shroud, Mor Dhona Standard
Morbolger 44 Mor Dhona Quest*(Lv.44 "Passing the Smell Test")
Palace Morbol 33 Palace of the Dead Floors 11-20 Standard
Polis Morbol 60 Aquapolis Standard
Rose Garden 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Boss
Stroper 28-34 Central Shroud FATE*(Lv.31 "Fate is a Fecal Mistress"), standard
Toxic Tamlyn 32 Upper La Noscea Guildhest boss*(Lv.30 "More than a Feeler")
Voluptuous Vivian 44 Mor Dhona FATE boss*(Lv.44 "V for Vinedetta")
Wild Morbol 45 Mor Dhona Quest*(Lv.45 "In the Image of the Ancients")

Morbol SeedlingEdit

 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Budding Morbol 41 Mor Dhona FATE*(Lv.44 "Good to Be Bud")
Deep Palace Seedling 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 111-120 Standard
Great Morbol Seedling 58 Dravanian Hinterlands Quest*(Lv.58 "Feltsmox Tackles the Morbols")
Lunantishee Seedling 60 Diadem Standard
Malevolent Seedling 50 East Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "You Have Selected Regicide")
Morbol Seedling 47 Aurum Vale Boss minion*(Miser's Mistress), standard
Palace Seedling 29 Palace of the Dead Floors 11-20 Standard
Polis Seedling 60 Aquapolis Standard
Wild Morbol Seedling 42 Mor Dhona Quest*(Lv.45 "In the Image of the Ancients")


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Temple Mossling 70 Temple of the Fist Standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Blooming Ochu 53-60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum, Sohm Al Standard
Coeurl O' Nine Tails 24 Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Boss
Curupira 8 North Shroud FATE boss*(Lv.8 "Micromanaging")
Deep Palace Ochu 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 111-120 Standard
Hedgerow Ochu 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) Standard
Jidra 60 Diadem Rank III
Lazy Laurence 20 East Shroud FATE boss*(Lv.20 "Lazy for You")
Leafbleed Ochu 14-24 East Shroud, South Shroud Levequest*(Lv.15 "A Guest for Supper", "Ochus Bite, Leaves Bleed", Lv.20 "Killing Beasts Softly", Lv.25 "A Real Wing Nut")
Leathervine Microchu 4-21 Central Shroud, East Shroud Levequest*(Lv.5 "A Vine Finer than Twine", "Compost with the Most", Lv.10 "A Shroom with a View", Lv.15 "Ochus Bite, Leaves Bleed")
Locksmith 47 Aurum Vale Boss
Microchu 6-8 Central Shroud, North Shroud Standard
Milkroot Cluster 48 East Shroud Standard
Neochu 60 Diadem Standard
Ochu 20-44 East Shroud Quest*(Lv.20 "First Impressions", Lv.44 "Idle Hands"), FATE*(Lv.40 "All Vine and No Popotoes"), standard
Overgrown Ivy 16-21 East Shroud FATE*(Lv.19 "Ivy League"), standard
Overgrown Offering 22 South Shroud Standard
Palace Ochu 28 Palace of the Dead Floors 11-20 Standard
Polis Ochu 60 Aquapolis Standard
Raveled Raincatcher 32-50 Brayflox's Longstop, Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) Standard
Strangling Ivy 50 Central Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "Heart of the Forest")
Thousand-cast Theda 50 North Shroud S-rank elite mark
Warden's Whip 24 Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Standard, boss minion*(Coeurl O' Nine Tails)


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Cactuar 3-4 Western Thanalan Standard
Cactuar Jack 9 Western Thanalan FATE boss*(Lv.9 "The Villain")
Cochineal Cactuar 3-11 Central Thanalan FATE*(Lv.5 "Let Them Eat Cactus"), standard
Flowering Sabotender 24-28 Southern Thanalan Levequest*(Lv.25 "Flower Power")
Polis Cactuar 60 Aquapolis Standard
Sabotender 25-27 Southern Thanalan Standard
Sabotender Bailarina 50 Central Thanalan A-rank elite mark
Sabotender Campeador 50 Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) Boss minion*(Sabotender Emperatriz)
Sabotender Corrido 25-29 Southern Thanalan Levequest wanted target*(Lv.25 "Dead Men Lie", "Drakes' Misfortune", "Flower Power", "Necrologos: Fluid Corruption", "Run, Run Away")
Sabotender Del Sol 35 Eastern Thanalan Quest*(Lv.35 "A Tall Drink of Aqua del Sol")
Sabotender Desertor 38 Cutter's Cry Standard
Sabotender Emperatriz 50 Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) Boss
Sabotender Guardia 50 Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) Boss minion*(Sabotender Emperatriz)
Sabotender Soldado 50 Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) Boss minion*(Sabotender Emperatriz)
Uncommon Cactuar 1-9 Western Thanalan Levequest*(Lv.1 "Berries Got Bucked", "Observe and Protect", Lv.5 "Needles to Say", "Procession of the Noble")


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Sawtooth 60 Void Ark Boss
Udumbara 70 Fringes S-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Ageless Sankchinni 60 Diadem Standard
Alert Sankchinni 58 Churning Mists Quest*(Lv.58 "A Saint of Song")
Garden Sankchinni 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Narbrooi 55-58 Dravanian Hinterlands FATE*(Lv.58 "Olympus Has Pollen"), standard
Polis Sankchinni 60 Aquapolis Standard
Ruginis 58 Dravanian Hinterlands FATE boss*(Lv.58 "Feed Me, See More")
Sankchinni 54 Churning Mists Standard
Tangled Narbrooi 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Ageless Melia 60 Diadem Rank IV
Ancient Oak 50 Central Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "Heart of the Forest")
Angered Elm 18-22 East Shroud, South Shroud Quest*(Lv.15 "A Dangerous Proposition"), levequest*(Lv.20 "Treevenge")
Balanos 50 South Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "On the Road Again")
Decaying Treant 25 South Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "Like Mother, Like Daughter")
Diseased Treant 17-21 East Shroud FATE*(Lv.20 "Protecting the Patch"), standard
Dryad 37 North Shroud Standard
Frenzied Elm 12 Central Shroud Quest boss*(Lv.5 "Chasing Shadows")
Frenzied Oak 10 Central Shroud Quest*(Lv.5 "Chasing Shadows")
Garden Melia 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Giant Treant 50 East Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "Scattered Scions")
Gnarled Melia 52-55 Churning Mists FATE*(Lv.55 "Treehouse of the Spirits"), standard
Gnarled Treant 21-30 East Shroud Quest*(Lv.25 "A Real Wingnut", "Blinded by the Wight")
Grandfather Treant 60 Neverreap Standard
Great Oak 37 North Shroud FATE boss*(Lv.37 "Smells Like Tree Spirit")
Knotty Treant 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) Standard
Melia 52 Dravanian Forelands Standard
Melia Matron 54 Churning Mists Quest*(Lv.54 "Waiting for the Wind to Change")
Oldgrowth Treant 41 East Shroud Standard
Polis Treant 60 Aquapolis Standard
Rotting Sentinel 5-9 Central Shroud Levequest wanted target*(Lv.5 "A Full Stomach", "A Vine Finer than Twine", "Compost with the Most", "River Raid", "Wrangling Raptors")
Royal Oak 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard
Snakemolt Treant 50 South Shroud Quest*(Lv.50 "Where We Are Needed")
Sylphlands Sentinel 48 East Shroud Standard
Treant 30-39 South Shroud Quest*(Lv.30 "Fortune Favors the Bole"), standard
Treant Sapling 12-17 Central Shroud, East Shroud, North Shroud Standard
Withered Melia 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard
Wrothful Melia 55 Churning Mists Quest*(Lv.55 "Walking the Walk")
Wulgaru 50 East Shroud S-rank elite mark


"-Kin" is a suffix which denotes close relation to the root word by characteristics and/or ancestry.