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Scions Anniversary

The following is a list of characters appear in Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.



Scions of the Seventh DawnEdit

  • Minfilia: Female hyur known as Antecedent and Leader of the Scions.
  • Alphinaud Leveilleur: Sharlayan male elezen arcanist Brave Commander and twin brother of Alisaie.
  • Y'shtola: Sharlayan female miqo'te conjurer Scion in charge of Limsa Lominsa.
  • Thancred: Sharlayan male hyur rogue Scion in charge of Ul'dah.
  • Yda: Sharlayan masked female hyur pugilist Scion in charge of Gridania with Papalymo.
  • Papalymo: Sharlayan male lalafell thaumaturge Scion in charge of Gridania with Yda.
  • Urianger Augurelt: Sharlayan male elezen arcanist Scion.
  • Tataru Taru: Clerk of the Scions.
  • F'lhaminn: Songstress and flower girl from Ul'dah.
  • Moenbryda: Sharlayan female roegadyn marauder Scion.
  • Louisoix Leveilleur: Sharlayan male elezen powerful mage, previous leader of the Archons of the Circle of Knowledge who mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of the Seventh Umbral Era.
  • Alisaie Leveilleur: Sharlayan female elezen twin sister of Alphinaud. While originally an Arcanist in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, she becomes a Red Mage in Stormblood (which was confirmed in Square Enix's "Revolutions" Stormblood Main Theme video).

Crystal BravesEdit

  • Ilberd: Ala Mihgan male hyur gladiator Captain, alias Ilberd of the Dull Blade.
  • Yuyuhase: Male lalafell Brave and former Brass Blade then Flame, alias Golden Eye Yuyuhase.
  • Laurentius: Male hyur Brave and former Wood Wailer, alias Legless Laurentius.
  • Wilred: Ala Mihgan male hyur Brave, alias Wilred Of The Falling Petal.
  • Riol: Male hyur Brave specialize in information and former member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Alianne: Female elezen mage Lieutnant and former adventurer.
    • Rhesh Polaali: Revenant's Toll Guard and former Crystal Brave.
    • Ephemie: Crystal Brave.

Garlond IronworksEdit

  • Cid nan Garlond: Leader of Garlond Ironworks working with the Eorzean city-states against his native land of Garlemald.
  • Biggs and Wedge: Engineers of Garlond Ironworks and friends to the Scions.
  • Jessie: Deputy President of Garlond Ironworks.

Allagan EmpireEdit

Crystal Tower Bosses FFXIV Art
  • Xande: Founding emperor of the Allagan Empire.
  • Amon: Skilled Allagan technologist and magician.
  • Phlegethon: Ancient heroic general of the Allagan Empire.
  • Doga: Ancient sage of the Allagan Empire.
  • Unei: Ancient sage of the Allagan Empire.
  • Noah: Ancient archmagus of the Allagan Empire.
  • Ultima Weapon: Ancient and powerful anti-primal biotechnological weapon of Allag.
  • Omega: Otherworldly powerful weapon used by ancient Allag.


  • Warriors of Darkness
  • Unukalhai
  • Gerolt: Legendary master blacksmith.
    • Drake: Gerolt's apprentice.
  • Jalzahn: Powerful and mysterious alchemist from a foreign land.
  • Ardashir
  • Wandering Minstrel: Mysterious Keeper of Knowledge.
    • Alys: Barmaid of the Seventh Heaven.
  • Roddard Ironheart: Famous cartographer who did the maps of Eorzea used even now.
    • Nedrick Ironheart: Grandson of Roddard, he continues his work as mapmaker.
    • Millith Ironheart: Sister of Nedrick and also cartographer ("Sightseeing: A Realm Reborn" quest giver).
    • Kester Ironheart: Uncle of Nedrick and Millith ("Sightseeing: Heavensward" quest giver).
  • Jandelaine: Famous Aesthetician.
  • Cait Sith


Sons of Saint CoinachEdit

  • Rammbroes: Anthropogeographer and leader, and later member of NOAH.
  • Y'mhitra: Mage researcher, alias Y'mhitra The Learned (Summoner Quest Giver).

Students of BaldesionEdit


  • Matoya: Famous Sharlayan researcher and old master of Y'shtola.
    • Saro Roggo: Humanoid toad and Matoya's assistant.
  • Leveva: Strong astrologian and granddaughter of the famous Professor Mace, alias Leveva Heavensreader.



  • Marcechamp: Leader of the hunting camp Tailfeather.
    • Loupard: Hunter trainer.
    • Q'yantaa: Young Hunter.

Sky PiratesEdit


  • Midnight Dew: Senior treasure hunter in Idyllshire.
  • Mide: Mysterious treasure hunter searching the Enigma Codex.
  • Goodly adventurer

Mor DhonaEdit


  • Yugiri: Leader of the surviving fleeing Domans, alias Yugiri Mistwalker.
    • Hozan
    • Higiri
    • Doware
  • Oboro: Ninja (Ninja Quest Giver).
  • Yozan: Young boy and leader of the Doman Adventurers' Guild.
    • Rokka
    • Shiun
    • Koharu


  • Rowena: Owner of the House of Splendors.
  • Talan: Expert toolsmith.
  • Slafborn: Member of the Guild of Adventurer.
    • Glaumunt
    • Sark Malark
  • Hoary Boulder
  • Coultenet

Limsa LominsaEdit


Maelstrom and PiratesEdit

  • Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn: Leader of Limsa Lominsa and Leader of the Grand Company Maelstrom (Stateroom).
  • Rhoswen: Pirate Captain of the Sanguine Sirens (The Missing Member), Carvallain's rival, hot-blooded and ruthless.
  • Carvallain de Gorgane: Pirate Captain of the Kraken's Arms (The Seventh Sage), cunning and cool-headed.
    • Hyllfyr: Pirate Captain of the Bloody Executioners, alias One-eyed Hyllfyr (The Astalicia).
    • Madison: Serpent Reaver captain (Sastasha).
    • Doesmaga Poisonheart: Infamous pirate captain.
    • Mistbeard: Legendary pirate.
  • Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: Marshall of the Maelstrom.
  • R'ashaht Rhiki: Commander of the Maelstrom, presides the Maelstrom Command in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Trachraet: Storm Lieutenant in the Maelstrom Command.
    • Falkbryda: Sahagin front Storm Commander (Camp Skull Valley).
    • Bloeidin: Kobold front Storm Commander (Camp Overlook).
    • Skaetswys: Storm Lieutenant.
    • Zanthael: Storm Sergeant Gatekeeper of the Stateroom.


  • Baderon Tenfingers: Adventurer Guildmaster (The Drowning Wench).
  • Reyner: Commodore of Limsa Lominsa and Leader of the Yellow Jackets.
  • Wyrnzoen: Axemaster/Marauder Guildmaster (Coral Tower).
    • Broenbhar: Marauders' Guild trainer, alias Broenbhar Rocksplitter.
    • Milala: Yellow Jackets Captain.
    • Ryssfloh Skarnfrusksyn: Yellow Jackets guard at The Octant.
    • Sthalmann: Previous Commodore of the Knights of the Barracuda and uncle of Sisipu.
  • Thubyrgeim: Arcanist Acting Guildmaster, alias Thubyrgeim The Transpicuous (Mealvaan's Gate).
    • K'rhid Tia: Arcanist True Guildmaster.
    • K'lyhia: Young Arcanist, alias Foreseer K'lyhia.
  • Jacke: Rogue Guildmaster (Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss).
    • V'kebbe: Active rogue helping Captain Jacke, alias V'kebbe the Stray.
    • Perimu Haurimu: Active rogue helping Captain Jacke, alias Underfoot.
    • Bochard: Old rogue.
  • Brithael: Blacksmith Guildmaster (Naldiq & Vymelli's).
  • H'naanza: Armorer Guildmaster (Naldiq & Vymelli's).
    • Mimidoa: Veteran shipwright.
  • Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn: Culinarian Guildmaster (The Bismarck).
  • Sisipu: Fisherman Acting Guildmaster (The Wawalago's Pullers).
    • Wawalago: Fisherman True Guildmaster, an eccentric and lewd old man.


  • Curious Gorge: Traveling Warrior (Warrior Quest Giver).
  • Trachtoum: Limsan powerfull mercenary, alias Trachtoum Parter Of Seas.
  • Wheiskaet: Body guard of Gegeruju and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Solkwyb: Limsan Conjurer and sister of Wyrnzoen, alias Solkwyb the Englightened.
  • Alka Zolka: Marauder scholar, alias Alka Zolka the Thinker (Scholar Quest Giver).
    • Eos: Yellow Fairy of Scholars.
    • Selene: Orange Fairy of Scholars.
  • Ceana: Professor Lamberteint's pupil in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Gegeruju: Master of Costa del sol.
  • Staelwyrn: Summerford leader and farmer.
  • Shamani Lohmani: Taster in Wineport and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Drest: Crazy guy in Raincatcher Gully.



Order of the Twin Adder and PadjalEdit


  • Mother Miounne: Adventurer Guildmaster (Carline Canopy).
  • E-Sumi-Yan: Conjurer Guildmaster (Stillglade Fane) and Padjal who is one of the most powerful conjurers.
    • Sylphie: Learning young Conjurer.
    • Wulfiue: Wind Hearer.
    • Nolanel: Earth Hearer.
    • Joacin: Water Hearer.
    • Silent Conjurer: Gatekeeper of the Lotus Stand.
    • Zhai'a Nelhah: Confuse Hearer, alias Zhai'a Nelhah The White Mind.
    • Waldeve: Former Conjurer, alias Waldeve The Recusant.
  • Lewin: Bowlord of Gridania and Leader of the Gods' Quiver (Seat of the First Bow).
  • Luciane: Archer Guildmaster (Quiver's Hold).
    • Galfrid Mossback: First bow of the Quiver's Centaurs in command of The Banock, alias Galfrid the Gallant.
    • Piralnaut: Sentry at Josselin's Spire.
    • Leih Aliapoh: Young archer.
    • Silvairre: Experimented archer, alias Silvairre The Virtuous.
  • Swethyna: Leader of the Wood Wailers.
  • Ywain: Lancer Guildmaster (Wailing Barracks).
    • Miraudont: Gridanian Commanding officer, alias Miraudont the Madder.
    • Landenel: Wood Wailers Captain in Camp Tranquil and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
    • Foulques: Rogue lancer, alias Foulques of the Mist.
  • Beatin: Carpenter Guildmaster (Oak Atrium).
  • Geva: Leatherworker Guildmaster (Atelier Fen-Yll).
  • Fuchacha: Botanist Guildmaster (Greatloam Growery).
    • Gabineaux: Master Botanist of the Central Shroud.


  • Eschiva: Lancer and Padjal Protector, alias Eschiva The Aetherial.
  • Jehantel: Bard, alias Jehantel The Godsbow (Bard Quest Giver).
  • Janremi Blackheart: Bandit.
  • Pawah Mujuuk: Archer Poacher in South Shroud, alias Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost.
  • Marcette: Crazy Researcher in need of assistants.
  • Voyce: Researcher on the Sylphs.
  • Hedyn: Professor Lamberteint's pupil in Gridania.
  • Buscarron: Buscarron's Druters Proprietor, alias Buscarron Strongarm.
  • Maisenta Hawke: Black Rabbit Traders consignor.
  • Hawthorne: Famous family of farmer in East Shroud (Hawthorne Hut).
    • Rolfe Hawthorne: Homestead Owner.
    • Rosa Hawthorne: Fullflower Comb Beekeeper.
    • Ysabel Hawthorne
  • Keitha: Moogle's Gift Mounts Ranch master in Bentbranch.
  • Luquelot: Moogle's Gift Mounts Chocobo caretaker in Bentbranch.
  • Parsemontret: Master of the Markets in Gridania.
  • Aideen/Ivaurault/Medrod: Miners in Fallgourd Float.
  • Ursandel: Lady Amandine's butler.
  • Khrimm: Mysterious boy.
  • Noes: Artist who lost all the people around him.



Immortal Flames and SyndicateEdit

  • Nanamo Ul Namo: Sultana of Ul'dah.
  • Raubahn Aldynn: Member of the Syndicate and Leader of the Immortal Flames, Nanamo's protector, alias the Bull of Ala Mhigo (The Fragrant Chamber).
  • Lolorito Nanarito: Lord Member of the Syndicate and Chairman of the East Aldenard Trading Company.
  • Teledji Adeledji: Prince Member of the Syndicate and Head of the Mirage Trust.
  • Godbert Manderville: Lord Member of the Syndicate, Master Goldsmith and owner of the Golden Saucer.
  • Dewlala Dewla: Member of the Syndicate and Director of the Milvaneth Sacrarium.
  • Fyrgeiss: Member of the Syndicate and Chief Foreman of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.
  • Eline Roaille: Marshall of the Immortal Flames, alias Eline The Razor.
  • Pipin Tarupin: Marshall of the Immortal Flames and adopted son of Raubahn, alias Pipin of the Steel Heart.
  • Swift: Commander of the Immortal Flames, presides the Hall of Flames in Ul'dah.
  • Mimio Mio: Flame Lieutenant in the Hall of Flames.
    • Gisilbehrt: Flame Commander of Little Ala Mihgo.
    • Dancing Wolf: Flame Captain.
    • Knerl: Flame Captain in Drybone.
    • Edelstein: Flame Lieutnant in Bluefog.


  • Momodi: Adventurer Guildmaster (The Quicksand).
  • Jenlyns Straightblade: Capitain of the Sultansworn (Paladin Quest Giver).
    • Papashan: Old Sultansworn.
    • Owyne: Young Sultansworn.
    • Bartholomew: Twin Paladin Gatekeeper of the Fragrant Chamber.
    • Solkzagyl: Former Captain, alias Solkzagyl The Loyal.
  • Mylla: Gladiator Guildmaster, alias Mylla Swordsong (The Coliseum).
    • Aldis: Wandering swordsman and former Gladiator, alias The Sword of Nald.
    • Leavold: Member of Alacran and former Gladiator, alias The Sword of Thal.
    • Franz: Famous Gladiator of the Coliseum, alias Franz the Fair.
    • Silent Moss: Conjurer and member of Franz's team, alias Silent Moss the Solemn.
    • U'linbho: Archer and member of Franz's team, alias U'linbho the Sand Devil.
    • Langloisiert: Lancer and member of Franz's team, alias Langloisiert the Lionheart.
  • Cocobuki: Thaumaturge Guildmaster (Arrzaneth Ossuary).
    • Cocobygo: Coco Brother Thaumaturge.
    • Cocobani: Coco Brother Thaumaturge.
    • Cocobezi: Coco Brother Thaumaturge.
    • Cocoboha: Coco Brother Thaumaturge.
    • Yayake: Suspicious prelate and guild receptionist.
    • Lalai: Thaumaturge, alias Lalai Darkeyes (Black Mage Quest Giver).
    • Ququruka: Black Mage.
    • Mumuepo: Former High Priest of the Order of Nald’thal and previous Guildmaster, alias Mumuepo the Beholden (Halatali HM final boss).
  • Hamon: Old Pugilist Guildmaster, alias Hamon Holyfist (Platinum Mirage).
    • Chuchuto: Guildmaster assistant, alias Chuchuto Brightstar.
    • Rurukuta: Rogue Pugilist, alias Rurukuta Tornstar.
  • Severian: Alchemist Guildmaster (Frondale's Phrontistery).
    • Cocobusi: Coco Brother Alchemist.
    • Hihira: Alchemist helping in Little Ala Mihgo, daughter of Hihibaru.
  • Redolent Rose: Fabulous Weaver Guildmaster (Sunsilk Tapestries).
  • Serendipity: Goldsmith Guildmaster (Esthaime's Aesthetics).
    • Erik: Professor and Goldsmith (Monk Quest Giver).
    • Niellefresne: Master Goldsmith.
  • Adalberta: Miner Guildmaster (Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern).
    • Popokkuli: Miner twin lalafell brother, son of the owner of the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.
    • Seserukka: Miner twin lalafell brother, son of the owner of the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.
    • Deep Canyon: Vice foreman of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.


  • Widargelt: Monk of Ala Mhigo, alias Widargelt the Watcher.
  • Tristan Nightflicker: Former Brass Blade.
  • U'odh Nunh: Nunh of the Miqo'te's U Tribe in Forgotten Springs and former member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Gundobald: Leader in Little Ala Mihgo, alias Gundobald The Resolute.
  • Milleuda: Leader of the Corpse Brigade, alias Milleuda the Slitter.
  • Hunberct Longhaft: Famous captain of Brass Blades of the Orchid at Highbridge.
    • E'tajha Sapphire-eyes
    • E'lahmui Ruby-eyes
  • Fufulupa: Lalafell Brass Blade of the Rose in Horizon, alias Fufulupa the Unbending.
  • Professor Lamberteint: A renowed professor with many pupils around Eorzea.
    • Hahasako: Professor Lamberteint's pupil in Ul'dah.
  • Nenekko: Archeologist, sister of twin lalafell miner brothers, daughter of the owner of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.
  • Iliud: Father of the Church of Saint Adama Landama.
    • Ourcen: Sister of the Church of Saint Adama Landama.
    • Eluned: Sister of the Church of Saint Adama Landama.
  • Roger: Owner of The Coffer & Coffin near Black Brush.
  • Isembard: Merchant and leader in Drybone.
  • Hihibaru: Merchant in Highbridge and father of Hihira.
  • Ungust: Rough Ul'dahn merchant.
  • Helmhart: Merchant of Highbrigde with a hair complex.
  • Titinin: Polite and stern assistant at the Platinum Mirage casino.
  • Eaduuard: Young boy living in Drybone who lost his sister recently.
  • Dour Meadow: Coordinator of the Mythril Cup in Ul'dah.
  • Corguevais: Garlean spy in Ul'dah.
  • Ellie: Reporter from the Mythril Eye, the newspaper of Ul'dah.
  • Ganelon: Ul'dah reporter.
  • Yellow Moon: Refined and fabulous wealthy lady in Ul'dah.
  • Qhota Nbolo
  • Memeriga: Wealthy patron in Ul'dah and leader of the Laughing Alchemists, known as the Deathmonger.
  • Weggfarr: Member of Alacran, alias Weggfarr Wideaxe.
  • Hab: Strange zombie.


Ishgard Flag FFXIV Art

Kings and Heavens' WardEdit

  • Archbishop Thordan VII: Leader of Ishgard.
  • Thordan I: Founding King of Ishgard.
  • Ser Zephirin: Commander of the Heavensward, alias Ser Zephirin the Just
  • Ser Vellguine: Heavensward Knight, alias Ser Vellguine of the Stone Spear
  • Ser Charibert: Heavensward Knight, alias Ser Charibert the Stern.
  • Ser Grinnaux: Heavensward Knight, alias Ser Grinnaux the Bull, trueborn son of House Dzemael
  • Ser Paulecrain: Heavensward Knight, alias Ser Paulecrain Coldfire.
  • Ser Adelphel: Heavensward Knight, alias Ser Adelphel Brightblade.
  • Ser Janlenoux: Heavensward Knight, alias Ser Janlenoux Strongblade.

Temple KnightsEdit

  • Aymeric de Borel: Lord Commander of the Temple Knights, alias Aymeric The Blue.
  • Lucia: First Commander of the Temple Knights, alias Lucia the Radiant.
    • Handeloup: Temple Knights Second Commander.
    • Marcelain: Temple Knight Keeper of the Gates of Judgement, alias Marcelain the Meek.

Dragon KnightsEdit

  • Alberic Bale: Former Azure Dragoon (Dragoon Quest Giver).
  • Estinien: Current Azure Dragoon, alias Estinien Wyrmblood.
    • Heustienne: Dragoon, alias Heustienne Truethrust.
    • Maenne
    • Brucemont
  • Haldrath: First Azure Dragoon and son of Thordan I.

Dark Knights Edit

  • Fray: Mysterious Dark Knight.
  • Sidurgu: Dark Knight, alias Sidurgu of the Obsidian Heart.

House Fortemps (Unicorn)Edit

House Durendaire (Bell)Edit

  • Lord Drillemont: Commander of Whitebrim Front, alias Drillemont the Honest.
    • Brunadier: Knight near Whitebrim Front.
    • Joellaut: Knight at Whitebrim.
  • Lord Portelaine: Lord Protector of the First Dicasterial Observatorium.
    • Ludovoix: Knight of the First Dicasterial Observatorium.
    • Carrilaut: Knight near Dzemael.
  • Quimperain: Veteran knight protector of Lord Jannequinard, alias Quimperain Evertrue.
  • Redwald: Knight Commander of Falcon's Nest.
  • Yuhelmeric: Late Knight Commander of the Dusk Vigil.

House Haillenarte (Rose)Edit

  • Count Baurendouin de Haillenarte: Leader of House Haillenarte.
  • Lady Laniaitte de Haillenarte: Daughter of House Haillenarte and Leader of Camp Cloudtoup.
    • Marielle: Knight Commander of Camp Cloudtoup.
  • Lord Francel de Haillenarte: Youngest son of House Haillenarte wrongly accused of heresy.
  • Lord Chlodebaimt de Haillenarte: Late son of House Haillenarte who died during the invasion of the Steel Vigil.

House Dzemael (Rook)Edit

  • Lord Guillefresne de Dzemael: Son of House Dzemael and brother of Jandelaine.
  • Lord Sylvestre de Dzemael: Founder of the House.
  • Tedalgrinche: Knight of House Dzemael.


  • Lord Jannequinard de Durendaire: Lord of House Durendaire and Astrologian promoting Sharlayan School, alias Jannequinard The Succedent.
  • Lord Forlemort de Durendaire: Chief Astrologian of the First Dicasterial Observatorium and lord of House Durendaire.
    • Jocea: Observatorium astrologian.

Skysteel ManufactoryEdit

  • Lord Stephanivien de Haillenarte: Lord of House Haillenarte and master of the Skysteel Manufactory.
  • Rostnsthal: Musketeer, alias Rostnthal the Reborn.
  • Joye: Machinist Maid of Stephanivien, alias Joye Of Nine Faces.


  • Guillaime: Strict inquisitor.
  • Cyr: Naive inquisitor.


  • Hilda: The Mongrel.
  • Gibrillont: Forgotten Knight Proprietor.
  • Ourdilic: Researcher of Snowcloak.
  • Sigan: Wise and old resident of the former village of Riversmeet.
  • Ystride de Caulignont: Countess of House Caulignont, alias Ystride Godhand.
  • Rielle de Caulignont: Daughter of House Caulignont, alias Rielle The Voiceless.

Beast TribesEdit

FFXIV Primal Promo Early



  • Midgardsormr: Father of The Dragons.
  • Nidhogg: One of the seven sons of Midgardsormr.
    • Tioman: Consort of Nidhogg.
    • Vishapp: One of Nidhogg's General.
    • Darkscale: One of Nidhogg's General.
  • Hraesvelgr: One of the seven sons of Midgardsormr.
    • Vidofnir: Elder in Hraesvelgr's Brood.
    • Vedrfolnir: One of Hraesvelgr's General.
  • Ratatoskr
  • Bahamut
  • Tiamat


FFXIV Materia Artwork


  • Kuplo Kopp
    • Kupcha Kupa
    • Pukno Poki
    • Pukni Pakk
  • Moglin: Chieftain Moogle of the Moghome in the churning mists.
    • Mogloo: Captain of the Pomguard at the churning mists.
    • Mogwin: Painter.
    • Mogmug: Beautifull and fabulous.
    • Moghan: Alchemist.
    • Mogmill: Treasure hunter.


  • Surito Carito: Scholar of ancient Nym, alias Surito Carito The Strategist.
  • Halga Tolga: Military instructor of ancient Nym, alias Battleseeker Halga Tolga.


  • Frixio: Elder one.
  • Noraxia: Friend one.
  • Chosen one
  • Komuxio: Responsible one.
    • Silbexio




  • Novv: Sahagin Clutchfather.



  • Memeroon: Owner of a Trading Post in Oakwood.
  • Teteroon: Junkmonger at Memeroon's Trading Post and Friend of Buscarron.


  • Tiggy: Friendly Sprigan.
  • Biggy



  • Zodiark: God of the Ascians.
  • Elidibus: White Lord Ascian.
  • Lahabrea: Pisces Lord Ascian manipulating Gaius's campaign for his agenda.
  • Igeyorhm: Sagittarius Lord Ascian manipulating Thordan for her agenda.
  • Nabriales: Scorpio Lord Ascian seeking Tupsimati for his agenda.
  • Pashtarot
  • Altima
  • Emmerololth

Garlean EmpireEdit

FFXIV Imperial Legatus

The XIVth Legion of the Garlean Empire.


  • Diabolos
  • Ferdiad
  • Cloud of Darkness: Powerfull voidsent of the first rank seeking destruction of Hydaelyn.
  • Angra Mainyu: Powerfull Eye Voidsend.
  • Byblos: Guard of the forbidden halls of the Great Gubal Library, summoned by Sharlayan magi.
  • Lady Amandine: Lady of House Dartancours and former owner of Haukke Manor, transformed into a fourth rank succubus voidsent.





Ala Mhigo Edit

  • King Theodoric: Last King of Ala Mhigo, alias the King of Ruin.



  • Songbirds
  • Gilgamesh
  • Ultros: Headliner for Coliseum-run venationes.
  • Typhon: Working at the Gold Saucer.
  • Brennan: Old helping merchant from the Adventurer's arrival in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Bremondt: Old helping merchant from the Adventurer's arrival in Gridania.
  • Brendt: Old helping merchant from the Adventurer's arrival in Ul'dah.