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XIV The following is a list of battle themes and boss themes used in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Normal battle themesEdit

  • "Nail of the Heavens" (天楔, Tenketsu?, lit. Wedge from the Heavens) - La Noscea.
  • "The Forest's Pulse" (鳴動, Meidō?, lit. Resonance) - The Black Shroud.
  • "Quicksand" (砂塵, Sajin?, lit. Sandstorm) - Thanalan.
  • "Pennons Aloft (槍旗, Sōki?, lit. Pennon) - Coerthas.
  • "Phantoms on the Lake" (幽境, Yūkyō?, lit. Solitude) - Mor Dhona.
  • "Beneath Bloodied Banners" (紅蓮の戦旗の下に, Guren no Senki no Shita ni?, lit. Beneath the Crimson Banner).
  • "Battle Drums" (蛮勇, Banyū?, lit. Savage) - Zahar'ak.

Guildleves battle themesEdit

  • "In the Shadow of the Colossus" (旭影を追いかけ, Kyokuei wo Oikakete?, lit. Chasing the Rising Sun) - La Noscea.
  • "Bathed in Woodsin" (草藪を掻きわけ, Kusayabu wo Kakiwake?, lit. Pushing aside the Brush) - The Black Shroud.
  • "Desert Moon Defied" (砂礫を踏みしめ, Sareki wo Fumishime?, lit. Stamping Out the Gravel) - Thanalan.

Dungeon battle themesEdit

Boss battle themesEdit


  • "The Seventh Gate" (試練の戦い, Shiren no Tatakai?, lit. Test of Battle) - Skirmish battle theme.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornEdit

Normal battle themesEdit

Guildhest battle themesEdit

  • "Tenacity" (不屈の闘志, Fukutsu no Tōshi?)
  • "Brothers in Arms" (戦友, Senyū?)

General FATE boss battle themesEdit

  • "Torn from the Heavens" (天より降りし力, Ten yori Furishi Chikara?)
  • "Hard to Miss" (宿命, Shukumei?, lit. Destiny)

Dungeon battle themesEdit

  • "The Promise of Plunder" (隠し財宝を求めて, Kakushi Zaihō wo Motomete?, lit. In Search of Hidden Treasures) - Lower level dungeons.
  • "A Fell Air Falleth" (戦士の直感, Senshi no Chokkan?, lit. Warrior's Intuition) - Mid-level dungeon.
  • "The Dark's Kiss" (闇の口付, Yami no Kuchizuke?, lit. The Dark's Kiss) - Hard mode dungeons.
  • "Ever Upwards" (天上へ, Tenjō e?, lit. To the Heavens) - Labyrinth of the Ancients.
  • "Shattered" - Syrcus Tower.
  • "Hamartomania" - World of Darkness.
  • "Spiral" (螺旋, Rasen?, lit. Spiral) - The Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Boss battle themesEdit


  • "Battle Theme 1.x" (戦闘シーン1.X, Sentō Shīn 1.X?, lit. battle theme 1.x) - A remix of the battle theme of Final Fantasy II. Plays in some instanced battles, FATES, and during battles against Rank B Elite Marks.
  • "Blood for Blood" (血で血を洗って, Chi de chi o aratte?) - Frontline battle theme.

Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

Normal battle themesEdit

  • "Melt" - All Heavensward zones except Azys Lla, which has no battle theme
  • "In Darkness, There Is One" - Void Ark
  • "Jewel" - Diadem

Boss battle themesEdit

  • "Ominous Prognisticks" - General final boss theme in Heavensward dungeons.
  • "Stone and Steel" - Heavensward hunts and certain quests
  • "The Hand that Gives the Rose" - Ravana phase 1
  • "Unbending Steel" - Ravana phase 2
  • "The Heavens' Ward" - Ser Charibert ("Fire and Blood" quest and The Vault), Ser Grinnaux the Bull and Ser Paulecrain Coldfire ("Divine Intervention" quest)
  • "Limitless Blue" - Bismarck (before Breach Blast)
  • "Woe That is Madness" - Bismarck (after Breach Blast)
  • "Heroes" - King Thordan (Singularity Reactor, The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign after Ultimate End)
  • "Heroes Never Die" - King Thordan (The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign before Ultimate End)
  • "Voidal Manifest" - Echidna, Calofisteri, Scathach
  • "Locus" - Alexander minor bosses
  • "Metal" - The Manipulator, Onslaughter, Refurbisher 0
  • "Battle to the Death" - Sephirot phase 1, Sophia phase 1
  • "Fiend" - Sephirot phase 2
  • "Dancing Doll Calcabrina" - Calcabrina phase 1
  • "Metal - Brute Justice" - Brute Justice
  • "Dragonsong" - Nidhogg (Final Steps of Faith) first phase
  • "Revenge of the Horde" - Nidhogg (Final Steps of Faith) final phase
  • "A Bloody Reunion" - Regula van Hydrus ("The Fate of Stars" quest)
  • "Revenge Twofold" - Late patch Dungeon final boss theme, Palace of the Dead floors 101-200 boss theme, Diabolos (at Dun Scaith)
  • "Equilibrium" - Sophia after passed 1st phase
  • "Exponential Entropy" - Cruise Chaser
  • "Moebius" - Alexander Prime (before Divine Judgment)
  • "Rise" - Alexander Prime (after Divine Judgment)
  • "Infinity" - Zurvan phase two
  • "Promises" - Deathgaze Hollow
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