XIV Below are the patch notes for 2.00 Hotfixes, released on August 27, 2013.

  • We have adjusted the difficulty level on the following conjurer quests:

"Trial by Wind" / "Trial by Water" / "Like Mother, Like Daughter"

  • We have addressed the following issues:
    • An issue wherein the chocobo companion action "Choco Medica" would not properly recover HP.
  • The following quests were not able to be completed if a player’s inventory was full:
  • The cutscene for the "He Ain't Heavy" quest would be canceled when receiving damage.
  • When challenging a boss during a FATE, the reward received when the FATE was unsuccessful was incorrect.
  • There were cases where monsters in the Aurum Vale instanced raid would not use specific moves and the server would go down under certain circumstances.
  • Searching for items on the markets that are available in large quantities would cause the game client to shut down.
  • When stepping into an unknown land, players were able to obtain experience points repeatedly.
    • We will be correcting the data for players that were affected by this issue.

If you received experience points in regards to this issue, please contact a GM via the Support Desk, or wait for an official announcement regarding the situation.

  • We have implemented a solution to the following issue:
    • Monsters would occasionally not appear during quest battles, which would prevent progression in the quest.