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List of Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes/1.23b Hotfixes

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XIV Final Fantasy XIV patch update version 1.23b has been released on September 12th, 2012.

Event Edit

Battle Edit

  • [dev1487] New monsters have been added.

Item Edit

  • [dev1488] New items have been added.
Item Type Description
Over-aspected Cluster Remedy A large, crystalline manifestation of aetheric energy exhibiting an extreme elemental charge. When released, the energy has been known to restore the corporeal and spiritual state of those otherwise incapacitated.

System Edit

  • [dev1489] New weather conditions have been added.

Known Issues Edit

  • An issue wherein Return does not activate under certain circumstances.
    • This issue can be circumvented by logging out once.
  • An issue wherein the weather does not display correctly in certain cutscenes.

References Edit