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Scions Anniversary

The following is a list of characters appear in Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.



Scions of the Seventh DawnEdit

  • Minfilia: A female hyur and leader of the Scions.
  • Y'shtola: Sharlayan female miqo'te conjurer Scion in charge of Limsa Lominsa.
  • Thancred: Sharlayan male hyur rogue Scion in charge of Ul'dah.
  • Yda: Sharlayan masked female hyur pugilist Scion in charge of Gridania with Papalymo.
  • Papalymo: Sharlayan male lalafell thaumaturge Scion in charge of Gridania with Yda.
  • Urianger: Sharlayan male elezen arcanist Scion.
  • Moenbryda: Sharlayan female roegadyn Scion.
  • Tataru: Clerk of the Scions.
  • F'lhaminn: Songstress and flower girl from Ul'dah.

Crystal BravesEdit

  • Alphinaud: Sharlayan male elezen arcanist Commander.
  • Ilberd of the Dull Blade: Male hyur gladiator Captain.
  • Golden Eye Yuyuhase
    • Riol
    • Laurentius: Lancer
    • Ephemie
    • Rhesh Polaali

Garlond IronworksEdit

Ancient AllagEdit

Crystal Tower Bosses FFXIV Art



Sons of Saint CoinachEdit

  • Rammbroes: Male roegadyn leader and member of NOAH.
  • G'raha Tia: Male miqo'te archer and member of NOAH.
  • Y'mhitra: Female miqo'te arcansit (Summoner Quest Giver).

Students of BaldesionEdit

  • Krile


  • Louisoix: Sharlayan male elezen powerful mage, previous leader of the Archons of the Circle of Knowledge who mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of the Seventh Umbral Era.
  • Alisaie: Sharlayan female elezen arcanist.

Mor DhonaEdit



  • Rowena: Owner of the House of Splendors.
  • Glaumunt
  • Sark Malark

Limsa LominsaEdit


Maelstrom and PiratesEdit


  • Baderon: Adventurer Guildmaster (The Drowning Wench).
  • Commodore Reiner: Leader of the YellowJackets.
  • Wyrnzoen: Marauder Guildmaster (Coral Tower).
    • Milala: Captain.
    • Ryssfloh Skarnfrusksyn
    • Sthalmann: Previous Commodore of the Knights of the Barracuda and uncle of Sisipu.
  • Thubyrgeim: Arcanist Acting Guildmaster (Mealvaan's Gate).
  • Jacke: Rogue Guildmaster (Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss).
    • V'kebbe: Active rogue helping Captain Jacke.
    • Perimu Haurimu: Active rogue helping Captain Jacke.
    • Bochard: Old rogue.
  • Brithael: Blacksmith Guildmaster (Naldiq & Vymelli's).
  • H'naanza: Armorer Guildmaster (Naldiq & Vymelli's).
  • Lyngsath: Culinarian Guildmaster (The Bismarck).
  • Sisipu: Fisherman Acting Guildmaster (The Wawalago's Pullers).
    • Wawalago: Fisherman True Guildmaster (The Wawalago's Pullers), an eccentric and lewd old man.


  • Alka Zolka: Marauder scholar (Scholar Quest Giver).
  • Staelwyrn: Summerford leader and farmer.
  • Curious Gorge: Traveling Warrior (Warrior Quest Giver).
  • Zanthael: gatekeeper of the Stateroom.
  • Trachtoum: Powerfull mercenary in La Noscea.
  • Gegeruju: Master of Casta del sol.
  • Wheiskaet: Body guard of Gegeruju and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Shamani Lohmani: Taster in Wineport and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Drest: Crazy guy in Raincatcher Gully.
  • Ceana: Professor Lamberteint's pupil in Limsa Lominsa.



Order of the Twin Adder and PadjalEdit


  • Mother Miounne: Adventurer Guildmaster (Carline Canopy)
  • E-Sumi-Yan: Conjurer Guildmaster (Stillglade Fane) and Padjal who is one of the most powerful conjurers.
    • Sylphie: Learning young Conjurer.
    • Wulfiue: Wind Hearer.
    • Nolanel: Earth Hearer.
    • Joacin: Water Hearer.
    • Silent Conjurer: Gatekeeper of the Lotus Stand.
  • First bow Lewin: Leader of the Gods' Quiver (Seat of the First Bow).
  • Luciane: Archer Guildmaster.
    • Galfrid Mossback: Archer in command The Banock in Central Shroud.
  • Swethyna: Leader of Wood Wailers (Wailing Barracks).
  • Ywain: Lancer Guildmaster (Wailing Barracks).
      • Landenel: Captain Wood Wailers in Camp Tranquil and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Beatin: Carpenter Guildmaster.
  • Geva: Leatherworker Guildmaster.
  • Fufucha: Botanist Guildmaster (Greatloam Growery).


  • Jehantel: Bard (Bard Quest Giver).
  • Buscarron: Owner of the famous tavern (Buscarron's Druthers) in South Shroud.
  • Hawthorne: Famous family of farmer in East Shroud.
    • Rolfe Hawthorne: Botanist.
  • Hedyn: Professor Lamberteint's pupil in Gridania.
  • Janremi Blackheart
  • Voyce
  • Khrimm: Mysterious boy
  • Marcette: Crazy Researcher in need of assistants.
  • Keitha: Ranch master of Bentbranch.
  • Luquelot: Chocobo caretaker in Bentbranch.
  • Parsemontret: The Master of the Markets in Gridania.
  • Aideen/Ivaurault/Medrod: Miners in Fallgourd Float.
  • Ursandel: Butler of Lady Amandine.



Immortal Flames and SyndicateEdit


  • Momodi: Adventurer Guildmaster (The Quicksand).
  • Jenlyns: Capitain of the Sultansworn (Paladin Quest Giver).
    • Papashan: Old Sultansworn.
    • Owyne: Young Sultansworn.
    • Barthomew: Twin Paladin Gatekeeper of the Fragrant Chamber.
  • Mylla: Gladiator Guildmaster.
  • Cocobuki: Thaumarturge Guildmaster.
    • Lalai: Thaumarturge (Black Mage Quest Giver).
    • Ququruka: Black Mage.
  • Hamon Holyfist: Old Pugilist Guildmaster.
    • Chuchuto Brightstar: Young Pugilist.
    • Rurukuta: Rogue Pugilist.
  • Severian: Alchemist Guildmaster.
  • Redolent Rose: Fabulous Weaver Guildmaster.
  • Serendipity: Goldsmith Guildmaster (Esthaime's Aesthetics).
    • Professor Erik: Goldsmith (Monk Quest Giver).
    • Niellefresne: Goldsmith.
  • Adalberta: Miner Guildmaster.
    • Popokkuli: Miner twin lalafell brother.
    • Seserukka: Miner twin lalafell brother.


  • Isembard: Merchant in Drybone.
  • Hihibaru (Highbridge)
  • Gundobald: Leader in Little Ala Mihgo.
  • U'odh Nunh: Nunh of the Miqo'te in Forgotten Springs and previous member of the Company of Heroes.
  • Professor Lamberteint
  • Hahasako: Professor Lamberteint's pupil in Ul'dah.
  • Iliud: Priest of the Church of Saint Adama Landama.
    • Sister Ourcen
    • Eaduuard
    • Eluned
  • Hunberct Longhaft: Famous captain of Brass Blades.
  • Widargelt the Watcher: Monk of Ala Mhigo.
  • Yellow Moon
  • Titinin: Polite and stern assistant at the Platinum Mirage casino.
  • Nenekko: Archeologist, sister of twin lalafell miner brothers, lovable daughter of the owner of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.
  • Memeriga
  • Deep Canyon
  • Ungust
  • Weggfarr Wideaxe
  • Corguevais: Garlean Spy in Ul'dah.
  • Ganelon: Ul'dah Reporter.


Ishgard Flag FFXIV Art


Order of KnightsEdit

  • Aymeric: Lord Commander of the Temple Knights.
  • Lucia: Second-in-command of the Temple Knights.
  • Alberic: Dragon Knight (Dragoon Quest Giver).

The Four High HousesEdit

  • Drillemont: Lord of House Durendaire (Bell) in command of Whitebrim Front.
    • Brunadier: Knight of House Durendaire near Whitebrim Front.
  • Francel: Lord of House Haillenarte (Rose).
  • Haurchefant: Lord of House Fortemps (Unicorn) presides over Camp Dragonhead.
  • Portelaine: Lord of House Durendaire (Bell) near Dzemael.
    • Carrilaut: Knight of House Durendaire near Dzemael.


  • Forlemort:Chief Astrologian
  • Ludovoix
  • Jocea


Beast TribesEdit

FFXIV Primal Promo Early



FFXIV Materia Artwork


  • Kuplo Kopp


  • Frixio: Elder one
  • Noraxia: Friend one
  • Chosen one
  • Komuxio: Responsible one
  • Silbexio





  • Tataramu


  • Teteroon (Memeroon's Trading Post)





Garlean EmpireEdit

FFXIV Imperial Legatus

The XIVth Legion of the Garlean Empire.






  • Brennan: Introduction old guy (Limsa Lominsa)
  • Bremondt: Introduction old guy (Gridania)
  • Brendt: Introduction old guy (Ul'dah)

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