The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy XII.

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Other charactersEdit

  • Terra - A kid from Nomad Village in the Giza Plains. Gives information about how to encounter the Cluckatrice.
  • Jinn - A kid from Nomad Village in the Giza Plains. He gives Vaan a shadestone, which Vaan can turn into a sunstone.
  • Wandering Viera - A viera residing by the chocobo rental outside the Southgate in Rabanastre. She is involved with the Viera Rendezvous sidequest.
  • Lord Vain - Not to be confused with Lord Vayne, is a seeq residing in Yamoora's Gambits in Rabanastre. He is one of the options (the other being Lovestruck Man) for the Wandering Viera.
  • Lovestruck Man - A man residing by the fountain in the Southern Plaza of Rabanastre. He is one of the options (the other being Lord Vain) for the Wandering Viera.
  • Dantro - A man found in the Outpost in the Dalmasca Estersand. He is the petitioner for the Flowering Cactoid hunt. Husband of Dantro's Wife.
  • Dantro's Wife - The wife of Dantro. Found in the South Bank Village in the Dalmasca Estersand. The player runs errands for the "Patient in the Desert" sidequest. She suggests that Vaan crossing to the North Bank with Tchigri after hearing of the Flowering Cactoid hunt.
  • Tchigri - His father is the one that owns the boat that allows the crossing of the Nebra River to the other village. He then tends to the boat when his father was stranded on the other side of the river.
  • Ma'kenroh, a nu mou who is a member of Clan Centurio.
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