The following is a list of PlayStation 4 trophies that can be unlocked in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. Many of them share their names and requirements with the original game's Sky Pirate's Den, which was initially missing from this version but was added back in patch 1.04.


Name Icon Description Value
Champion of Ivalice FFXII Champion of Ivalice trophy icon Collected all other trophies. PS Platinum Trophy
Assault Striker FFXII Assault Strike trophy icon Used attack 300 times. PS Bronze Trophy
Spellslinger FFXII Spellslinger trophy icon Cast Magicks 200 times. PS Bronze Trophy
Premier Prestidigitator FFXII Premier Prestidigitator trophy icon Used Technicks 100 times. PS Bronze Trophy
Master Thief FFXII Master Thief trophy icon Successfully stole 50 times. PS Bronze Trophy
Blood Dancer FFXII Blood Dancer trophy icon Defeated 500 foes. PS Bronze Trophy
The Unrelenting FFXII The Unrelenting trophy icon Completed a 50-chain in battle. PS Bronze Trophy
Wayfarer FFXII Wayfarer trophy icon Took 50,000 steps. PS Bronze Trophy
Plunderer FFXII Plunderer trophy icon Acquired 100,000 gil. PS Bronze Trophy
Record Breaker FFXII Record Breaker trophy icon Obtained 500,000 Clan Points. PS Bronze Trophy
Spendthrift FFXII Spendthrift trophy icon Spend 1,000,000 gil. PS Bronze Trophy
Privateer FFXII Privateer trophy icon Sold 1,000 pieces of loot. PS Bronze Trophy
Exemplar FFXII Exemplar trophy icon Raised your party's average level above 50. PS Bronze Trophy
Conqueror FFXII Conqueror trophy icon Earned 48,000 License Points. PS Bronze Trophy
Scrivener FFXII Scrivener trophy icon Completed the Bestiary. PS Silver Trophy
Runeweaver FFXII Runeweaver trophy icon Learned every Magick. PS Silver Trophy
Jack-of-All-Trades FFXII Jack-of-All-Trades trophy icon Learned every Technick. PS Silver Trophy
Collector FFXII Collector trophy icon Obtained a Morbid Urn. PS Bronze Trophy
Cartographer FFXII Cartographer trophy icon Fully explored every map. PS Silver Trophy
Mistwalker FFXII Mistwalker trophy icon Performed every Concurrence. PS Gold Trophy
Eagle Eye FFXII Eagle Eye trophy icon Defeated Deathgaze. PS Bronze Trophy
Wyrmslayer FFXII Wyrmslayer trophy icon Defeated Fafnir. PS Bronze Trophy
Sharpshooter FFXII Sharpshooter trophy icon Defeated the Trickster. PS Bronze Trophy
Freshmaker FFXII Freshmaker trophy icon Defeated Carrot. PS Bronze Trophy
Master Swordsman FFXII Master Swordsman trophy icon Defeated Gilgamesh. PS Silver Trophy
Lord of the Kings FFXII Lord of the Kings trophy icon Defeated the Behemoth King. PS Silver Trophy
Hunter Extraordinaire FFXII Hunter Extraordinaire trophy icon Defeated Yiazmat. PS Gold Trophy
Radiant Savior FFXII Radiant Savior trophy icon Defeated the Hell Wyrm. PS Silver Trophy
Fell Angel FFXII Fell Angel trophy icon Defeated Ultima. PS Silver Trophy
Zodiac Knight FFXII Zodiac Knight trophy icon Defeated Zodiark. PS Silver Trophy
High Summoner FFXII High Summoner trophy icon Obtained every Esper. PS Gold Trophy
For the Homeland FFXII For the Homeland trophy icon Faced the Archadian Empire as an initiate in the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca. PS Bronze Trophy
Galbana Bloom FFXII Galbana Bloom trophy icon Defeated your first mark. PS Bronze Trophy
A Traitor Redeemed FFXII A Traitor Redeemed trophy icon Escaped from the Nalbina Dungeons. PS Bronze Trophy
Fated Meeting FFXII Fated Meeting trophy icon Rescued the Princess of Dalmasca. PS Bronze Trophy
The Mist Seethes FFXII The Mist Seethes trophy icon Obtained the Dawn Shard. PS Bronze Trophy
Visions of the Dreamer FFXII Visions of the Dreamer trophy icon Set out from Mt Bur-Omisace. PS Bronze Trophy
Reins of History FFXII Reins of History trophy icon Faced Doctor Cid. PS Bronze Trophy
Wings of My Own FFXII Wings of My Own trophy icon Restored peace to Ivalice. PS Silver Trophy
Judge Magister FFXII Judge Magister trophy icon Completed the 50th trial. PS Bronze Trophy
Imperator FFXII Imperator trophy icon Completed the 100th trial. PS Gold Trophy