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The following is a list of status effects found in Final Fantasy XII.


The character has vanished without a trace. The effect cannot be reversed.

X-Zone is a negative status effect appearing only in Final Fantasy XII. It is only inflicted through Telega, a magick that only Demon Wall has access to. It casts one character into the Void, making that character disappear and unable to be controlled. X-Zone lingers after battle but can only be cured by leaving the current area. Characters can inflict the X-Zone status effect on weaker enemies by casting Warp, or by using Warp Motes.



The character has been turned to stone and cannot move or act. Remove with a Gold Needle.

Stone is the "petrified" status. The character simply vanishes from the battlefield, but can be returned to battle using Stona or Gold Needle item. If all characters are turned to Stone, the game is over.

Unlike in most games, characters will not instantly turn to stone. Instead, a countdown (4.5 seconds per tick) starting from 10 will appear by the health bar above the unit, like the Doom status. In fact, Doom and Petrify can't co-exist on the same character; which ever status the character has first, they are immune to the other. The petrifying unit will move slower than usual.

This status is not entirely disadvantageous: as the petrifying countdown goes on, the physical damage both received and dealt by that unit will be gradually decreased:

normal physical damage received/dealt × (petrifying countdown tick ÷ 10).

The countdown can be halted by the status effect Stop, effectively sustaining the increased defense during petrifying if desired.

The player can petrify enemies via the Break spell or with the Ancient Sword, which randomly inflicts petrification. Enemies killed by petrification do not count toward the battle Chain and in some case will respawn endlessly.


The character is turned to stone and will be unable to move or act once the count reaches 0. Remove with a Gold Needle.

Petrify slowly turns a character to stone in 10 counts, similar to how Doom slowly kills them. Doom and Petrify can't co-exist on the same character; which ever status the character has first, they are immune to the other. The only exception is using Remedy with Nihopalaoa, which inflicts both Doom and Petrify.

As the timer runs down, the afflicted unit's resistance to physical attacks gradually increases, rendering them almost immune to such attacks when the countdown reaches 1. It can be cured with Esuna, but once the timer runs out and the character turns to Stone, they can only be cured by Stona, a Gold Needle, or a Remedy (once a character has acquired the appropriate Remedy Lore license). This trick can be used to survive against foes with powerful physical attacks, though one must be careful with timing the recovery, lest they fully petrify.

The player can inflict Petrify by casting the Break spell, requiring the Time Magic 3 license, costing the player 30 LP, or with the Ancient Sword or the Stone Shot.

The Petrify status can be exploited to trigger the Dead Character Glitch.

Zalera's and Gilgamesh's spell, Level 4 Break, can inflict Petrify if the target's level is a multiple of 4.


FFXII Stop Icon




FFXII Sleep Logo
The character has fallen into a deep sleep and cannot move or act. Remove with an Alarm Clock

Sleeping targets receive one-and-a-half times the normal damage. Sleeping characters can be used to trigger the Immobilize Glitch.

Game Element Type Effect
Sleep Green Magick Inflicts Sleep.
Sleepga Green Magick Inflicts Sleep to all targets in range.
Level 2 Sleep Enemy Magick Inflicts Sleep to targets whose levels are a multiple of 2.
Blaster Enemy Technick Inflicts percentage damage, as well as Sleep, Blind, Silence, and Slow.
Cloying Breath Enemy Technick Inflicts Sleep and Slow on all targets.
Hell Blaster Enemy Technick Inflicts percentage damage, as well as Sleep and other statuses.
Putrid Breath Enemy Technick Inflicts Sleep and a myriad of other statuses.
Sleep Touch Enemy Technick Inflicts non-elemental damage and Sleep.


The character's body festers with disease, preventing the healing of wounds. Remove with a Vaccine.

Disease prohibits the use of healing items and magicks on a character. It does this in an odd way, by turning a character's current HP into their new maximum HP after receiving damage. Enemies usually combine Disease with Poison and/or Sap which will eventually reduce character's hit-point to only 1/1 (in such state, character is not regarded as HP Critical).

Disease is cured with a Vaccine, the White Magicks Cleanse and Regen, or a Remedy, provided the character has the license, Remedy Lore 3. Characters who are currently in Bubble status will be immune to Disease. A KO'd character with Disease status will have only 1/1 HP if he/she was revived. A character can inflict Disease on enemies by using Vaccine or Remedy only if that character has the accessory Nihopalaoa equipped.

In the International Zodiac Job System edition, the Guriguri Banban can inflict Disease along with Sap while attacking with a 100% success rate. It is a vital weapon for the 100th stage of Trial Mode.


Reverse can be bestowed by the Arcane Magick spell of the same name that causes healing and damage to have the opposite effect. The spell has a 70% base success rate, which is also affected by the user's Magick Power and the target's Vitality. Reverse has shortest effect duration of all status effects.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Reverse can be used by the White Mage, Black Mage, Time Mage, and Red Mage.

One accessory, the Nihopalaoa, uses an effect similar to Reverse, causing all items used by the holder to do the opposite of their average effects.

Reverse affects all regular attacks, damaging and healing spells and most Esper attacks. Reverse does not affect Drain and Leech, Syphon, Poison, Sap, Regen, Phoenix Down, Knot of Rust, Dark Matter, Quickenings or Technicks. The following Esper skills are also exceptions: Zalera's Kill, Shemhazai's Exodus and Zodiark's Final Eclipse.

Although the status is classed as "negative", it can be beneficial in long battles by casting Reverse on one or all members of the party so all attacks from the enemy will heal them. Due to this advantage, the spell is considered "cheap" by some players. The only drawbacks to the status are that if any party members have an Esuna Gambit active, they will immediately attempt to remove the status due to its negative classification.

Also, if the player has a gambit set to heal using Cura or Curaja, in which the character would normally be healed, they would instead be hurt. If a character has Reverse status and they are stopped, Reverse will not wear off until Stop does. This can be used for strategic advantage against enemies that use the gambit Foe:nearest visible, by placing a stopped and reversed character near the foe, letting the character attract all of the enemy's attacks, while the other party members can attack from distance with ranged weapons.

The Esper Ultima uses Holyja which can inflict Reverse.

Zalera's spell Lv.5 Reverse can inflict reverse to an character.


Slow ffxii






Poison damages a character's HP at certain intervals, but wears off over time. It can be cured using the items Antidote and Remedy and the spells Poisona, Esuna, and Esunaga. Its area of effect form is Toxify. An enemy's death by Poison does not count toward Chain level. When inflicted on an enemy vulnerable to Poison, it allows the team to eliminate an enemy without breaking chains. The damage from Poison is also unaffected by Reverse.

Poison, the spell, can be used when its License, 'Green Magick 2' is learned for 30 LP and can be bought in Rabanastre or Nalbina for 500 gil.

Game Element Type Effect
Thorned Mace Weapon 15% of chance to inflict Poison on every hit.
Yakei Weapon 10% of chance to inflict Poison on every hit.
Bamboo Arrows Arrows 25% of chance to inflict Poison on every hit.
Poison Bombs Bombs 25% of chance to inflict Poison on every hit.
Poison Green Magick Inflicts Poison on one enemy.
Toxify Green Magick Inflicts Poison to all enemies in range.
Poisona White Magick Removes Poison from one ally.
Esuna White Magick Removes Poison as well as the other negative status effects on ally.
Esunaga White Magick Removes Poison as well as other negative status effects to all allies.
Antidote Item Cures Poison of an ally.
Remedy Item Removes Poison and other status ailments on one ally.
Bad Breath Enemy Attack Causes Slow, Poison, and Blind to all targets.
Bushfire Enemy Attack Fire-elemental damage, may inflict Poison.
Curse Enemy Attack Inflicts Poison, Confuse, Disease and Sap on all targets.
Hell Blaster Enemy Attack Percentage damage and may cause Petrify, Sleep, Slow, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, Poison and Sap.
Mythril Bubbles Enemy Attack Water-elemental damage, may cause Confuse and Poison.
Poison Breath Enemy Attack Area physical damage, inflicts Poison.
Poison Touch Enemy Attack Physical damage and Poison to one target.
Pollen Enemy Attack Causes Confuse, Poison, and Slow.
Putrid Breath Enemy Attack Inflicts Petrify, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Slow, Disable, Immobilize, Blind, Poison, Oil and Sap.
Snake Lash Enemy Attack Physical damage, inflicts Poison.
Sporefall Enemy Attack Inflicts Confuse, Slow, Silence, Blind, Poison, Oil, and Sap.



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